March Madness: How Doug McDermott Would Fit On The Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The best player in college basketball this season won't be a top five pick in the NBA draft. Forward Doug McDermott Please enable Javascript to watch this video The best player in college basketball this season won't be a top five pick in the NBA draft. Forward Doug McDermott Rating: 0
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March Madness: How Doug McDermott Would Fit On The Lakers

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The best player in college basketball this season won’t be a top five pick in the NBA draft.

Forward Doug McDermott is a scoring machine who is currently in fifth place in NCAA history with over 3000 career points.

The Creighton star led his team to a three seed and the third round of March Madness.

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McDermott can flat out score the ball. He can shoot it from range, post you up or drive on you off the dribble.

When he isn’t shooting from distance, he uses his 6 foot 8, 225 frame to score in the paint where he is very crafty and has a variety of moves.

When shooting from the perimeter, McDermott doesn’t only need to come off a screen. He can shoot over defenders off the dribble, and while not ultra quick, is a threat to drive.

Although he is a great scorer, he also is a fantastic rebounder on both ends. He uses his body well and understands how to crash the glass.

Another plus has to be his basketball IQ and how he truly understands the game. For being such a prolific scorer, he doesn’t force the issue and take bad shots, but really lets the game come to him. He is a matchup problem for almost any team.

For all the positives about his offensive game, there are negatives about his defense.

He struggles to defend on the perimeter and in the paint. He isn’t quick enough to guard a 3 and not strong enough to guard a 4.

McDermott will never wow anyone with his athletic ability, and this may be a huge factor for him at the next level.

His lack of quickness may make him only a spot up shooter and not leave him with a whole lot of playing time.

If McDermott is doing to play on the outside he also needs to work on his ballhandling and individual one-on-one moves. He doesn’t have a ton of go to moves from the outside and will need to develop some.

For him to be a good fit on the Lakers, it would need to be in the 8-12 range. He would be a decent counter to the current athleticism they have at the 3, but is sort of in the same mold as Ryan Kelly.

He is a tough player and does have a fit and role in the league, but with what the Lakers have right now, it wouldn’t make much sense to even take him at all due to the team having greater needs.

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  • jeremy

    He a nice player but wouldn’t fit the lakers if he can’t play d. I would get him only if young didn’t come back. He seem similar to young good on offense and not the best on defense

    • cyborgspider

      If Antoni is still here, the fact he can’t play D won’t be a problem. Don’t you know that the point of basketball is to outscore the other team and the best defense is a great offense and the ball finds energy and blah blah lol? :)

      Hope Mr. McDermott finds success in the league, it’s rare to have a four-year player be a star anymore (Duncan was the last one?)

  • Daryl Peek

    McDermott’s pros and cons are almost identical to Jabari Parker? Telling when it comes to the hype of this coming draft.

    • Zimmeredge

      except Jabari is a freshman and McBucket is on his fourth year at creighton. so age for age Jabari is well over Dougie. he is more athletic already, more quick, can attack the rim, has a better ballhandling and he can play 2 maybe 3 position.
      if Doug McDermott ends up as a role player taht’s a shame… he should definitely be a starter.
      a lot of people are trying to compare them to current players and that’s, for me, pure bs. those guys will have their own career, their own type of game etc etc. just let’em grow and fulfil their potential without the lberon-kobe-jordan-melo comparison. (not tellin you this to you dp just to regular LN read because i’ve heard and read a lot bs on those young kids)

      • Daryl Peek

        I’m just not sold on the hype of the 2014 draft. Parker and Wiggins have the goods it seems but I don’t see it manifesting for another three to four years from now, if it does at all? I say all of this simply because the tankers play a dangerous immediate future of the team in thinking these kids are the saviors of the franchise.

        • Zimmeredge

          they might not be as good as predicted but this year’s draft will be very deep.
          i think they disappointed a lot of people with their prematurated elimination from the MM but we ‘ve only seen glimpses of their true potentiel. Wiggins is a very good defender. i’ll bet on him over Parker because we won’t lack offensive talent. Wiggins can bring us both. we will only know if they have succeed in maybe a decade when you’ll look at the 2022-3-4 and say “here is the new wiggins” for example. but their future is bright as long as they are not drafted by scumbag franchise.

        • Joseph Apohen

          Parker and Wiggins don’t impress me. There are two or three at UCLA that look real good. We’ll see.

  • MambaMentality24

    You guys keep posting players the Lakers don’t need lol

  • Ashton

    I said before i’ll say again the lakers should draft the Harrison twins from Kentucky. This is not possible most likely but it would be nice because they play really good together. Plus they can play PG and SG thats good and their decent on defense. Also, their outstanding on fast break situations

  • Stan

    Kyle Anderson is the next Magic Johnson.Doug is crap.Kyle>Doug

    • independentbynature

      Go Bruins !!!

  • independentbynature

    McDermott looks like another Ryan Kelly to me,a spot up stretch forward with no defense and no athleticism,better at rebounding only.Lakers need interior defense and rebounding,along with a new coach,more than any thing else.Both Wiggins and Parker flamed out this week.I think Embiid’s absence,considering Jayhawks loss,sheds more light on just how valuable he is.They were nothing without him.Embiid is the only player in this draft that fits the Lakers need.Now,here come the doomsayers about his back injury,I’m sure.

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