Magic Johnson: “You’ve Got To Have Someone Helping Jim”

Magic Johnson: “You’ve Got To Have Someone Helping Jim”


Magic Johnson is arguably the best Laker of all-time and that has given him the right to voice his opinion. Johnson is not content with the current state of the Lakers and has voiced his displeasure numerous times about owner, Jim Buss. The Lakers are currently 14-24 and one of the worst teams in the NBA, but injuries have been a major problem this season.

Johnson is concerned the Lakers are not attracting high-level talent to Los Angeles and the Lakers need someone like Jerry West to be the face of the franchise according to Mike James of the LA Times:

“You’ve got to have someone helping Jim. He’s got to quit trying to prove a point to everybody that he can do it on his own, get his ego out of it, and just say, ‘Let me get someone beside me to help achieve the goals I want.’ “

Johnson has been very critical of the decisions Buss has made in the past, including the hiring of Mike D’Antoni and the Steve Nash deal. Johnson believes Buss needs someone by his side to help him achieve those championship aspirations and used the Miami Heat as a prime example with Pat Riley running their basketball operations.

Johnson likes the job general manager Mitch Kupchak has done so far, but understands that he is not the only one who makes basketball decisions. In order to be successful, Magic ultimately feels that Buss needs to find someone who can help him win more championships moving forward.
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  • kobe24

    Thank you Magic!!!! I don’t care if Jim Buss continues his decision but if he can let his ego out and get people like Phil Jackson to help him (after all they are “family”) Lakers would be in a much better position

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Magic finally voices what I’ve been trying to say all season – Jim Buss forced Magic out of the organization and now he’s building a winning franchise with the Dodgers. This whole scenario is no coincidence.

    • Daryl Peek

      “Jim Buss forced Magic out of the organization” ?!? Really man? LMAO SMH

      It’s unbelievable the stuff some of y’all say? Magic absolutely chose to sell his shares in the Lakers so he could become a minority owner of the Dodgers. He did this with the blessing & help of Dr. Buss and everyone in the Lakers organization. Magic wanted to be a figurehead owner of a team. Dr. Buss made it clear the Lakers were only gonna be in the control of his kids. This is part of the reason why West left and what Phil wanted but was never gonna get.

      Come on man? You gotta be better than that. That statement is outlandish.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        I happen to know people very close to Magic my friend.

        • Daryl Peek

          As do I my man.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            I was at Don Sterling son’s funeral – I’m probably a bit more connected than you think. Most of what you say relating to basketball is very sound – but much of what you muse on is pure conjecture.

          • Daryl Peek

            Don’t want to make this a back and forth pissing contest. I just know Magic is hurting with every Laker loss and has wanted to be part of the FO dealing well before Dr. Buss took ill when Dr. Buss began to close the circle to the three headed collective of himself Jimmy and Mitch back in 2004.

    • Dragon7s

      Having read your comments below, I still have to disagree with your assessment.
      Magic wanted more say in how the team operated and Dr. Buss made it clear who was going to be running the show going forward so Magic sold his shares in the team.
      As for the Dodgers, do you honestly think Magic has much say in the actual baseball decisions?
      His job is strictly PR. After the McCourt debacle, the Dodgers needed a friendly face that would appeal to Angelinos to draw them back to the stadium and who better than Lakers hero Magic to be that face?

      • Daryl Peek

        Well said.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Thank you Magic Johnson please save the Lakers from any impending doom.

  • Daryl Peek

    Magic is my favorite Laker of all but I’m really getting tired of his emotional outburst. We all understand he bleeds purple and gold and dies a little bit inside with every loss but he’s on the outside looking in and has been so for several years now.

    Magic knows Kupchak. Mitch is far from a yes man. If Jimmy was doing it like that Mitch would be out! Magic needs to stop it and talk to Jimmy directly with his grievances. IMO Magic is disrespecting the Final wishes of Dr. Buss that had been in place from long ago, and Magic as well as everyone else knew the plan.

    It’s really sad to see so many pilling on less than a full calendar year of Dr. Buss’s passing. This season is a total disaster just as 93-94 was for Dr. Buss and West, following the end of the Randy Pfund era when Magic took his miserably failed attempt at coaching a sorry Lakers roster that was actually more talented and much healthier than this one. I call hypocrisy on Magic in this instance! Shame on him!!

    • Dragon7s

      I greatly admire Magic as a player but like nearly every ‘great’ player that has tried his hand at coaching/FO, he lacks the acumen to judge player talent (MJ or Isaiah Thomas anyone?) and in turn, to judge the effectiveness of FO decisions
      Of course there are exceptions like Bird and McHale but even they took several years before they gained the experience necessary to be effective in their post-player roles.

      With all due respect, Magic needs to stick with what he does best, PR for his business interests, including the Dodgers.
      Despite his business success, he’s not all that smart (just listen to him for 5 minutes) and his comments are not very well thought out..

      • Daryl Peek

        You went too far man? I can’t condone questioning his intelligence?!? That’s just flat out disrespectful! I don’t approve of Magic feeding the hype machine like he is but come on man?

        • Dragon7s

          Ok, didn’t mean it that way.
          When I said ‘smart’ I meant as far as basketball matters are concerned.

          Magic is my favorite player but that doesn’t mean I can condone some of the inane BASKETBALL-related things he has said over the years.


          Stick to your guns… No one is beyond questioning… When something is wrong, its WRONG… Excuses need not apply to anyone… Magic has a lot of money… Intelligence? …C’mon man

          • Daryl Peek

            SMH I did not sway in my disagreement of Magic’s public outburst on the team. I cannot take it to a level of personal questioning of a man’s intelligence. That’s outta bounds in this and any instance.

            Magic has the right to an opinion but as a Lakers legend I think its beneath him to go there in the way he has. That’s my opinion, and again it’s one that isn’t and should not be a personal judgement of his intelligence.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Magic, I really admire you for telling the truth.

  • JohnSmith00

    Enough of this Jim Buss bashing BS while Jim isn’t the greatest owner in the league, he’s not as incompetent many make him out to be. Under his management he made sure the Lakers drafted Bynum and had Bynum not been so injury prone he’d probably be one of, if not the best center in the league. He also spearheaded the re-hiring of PJ’s second go around. And let us not forget he approved the trades for CP3 and Howard. Had that piece of sh!t stern not veto’d the trade they’d both be on the team.

    The Lakers current state has nothing to do with Jim Buss and all to do with the league; Stern by screwing us over with CP3 and the new CBA severely limiting teams with overwhelming spending power like the Lakers. The true test for Jim Buss is this summer’s draft and free agency as well as next summer’s free agency. Of which I believe the Lakers will use to create a team that will dominate for years to come, it’s about having faith in the organization rather than b!tch!ng and moaning over a lost season.

    • Sylvia Ross

      What has jim done lately?

      • JohnSmith00

        Oh let me see Jordan Hill; Xavier Henry and Nick Young, by signing them and making sure to re-sign them the Lakers assuring integral pieces for years to come. Plus what more could he do In the draft they only had was a second round pick. And in free agency all they could do was sign players to minimum contracts, because they were once again a luxury tax team.

        Not to mention he’s made sure to try to get the very best trade value for Gasol, and with the ever changing scenery in the league who knows what could happen. As the Lakers could very well end up getting exactly that.

        It’s a game of patience and luck much like the other game, poker, the late Dr Buss enjoyed. All we can do is wait and see how the cards play out and making the right moves to ensure total victory.

        • Daryl Peek

          Well said. But you know the hindsight Jimmy haters don’t wanna hear this. They need a scapegoat and Jimmy is the whipping boy.

        • Geoff

          You leave out one glaring mistake by Jim Buss. Choosing D’Antoni over PJ. No excuse for that.

    • Marty Susman

      Wrong.. The front office brought in a crippled Nash. They traded Drew & got ZERO & then lost the ZERO and got nothing again. Now we will watch Pau walk and guess what, we get zero again. Sorry but someone has t be fired for this level of stupidity. (Malone & Peyton didn’t teach them a lesson)


    Magic is wrong wrong wrong… The comment about Kupchak is the only thing he got right.
    …Johnson is like a kid/Lakers fan seeing the team lose, hearing a bunch of BS, and letting it influence his opinion… Always reacting in hindsight is a feeble way of thinking, just as ignoring or not taking ALL factors into account, is just plain ignorant and weak to the core.
    …When it comes to the managerial aspect of the game, Johnson should just fade into the sunset, as he did when he was a part of it, back in the day… Failing UNEQUIVOCALLY, as The Lakers’ Head Coach!

  • dandy

    Thats it!!!!!!

  • Bryan Walker

    Magic is right. Buss does not want to surround himself with basketball people that really know the game and can evaluate the talent.

  • Marty Susman

    The only thing that matters now for the Lakers is getting a top three (3) pick in the upcoming draft. As of today there are only three or four players the Lakers should try & get ahold of.

    A. Greg Monroe. The Pistons are willing to let him go, the question for the Lakers is how to get him.
    B. Kevin Love. Here is a player that has made it clear he wants to play in purple & gold.
    C. Dion Waitors. The Cav’s want him gone, the Lakers could use him big time.
    D. Harrison Barnes. He is a bench guy now but could start as a Laker.

    Added to above is a #1 pick in the upcoming draft. As of now they are going to get a 10th pick BUT if they keep up this losing that can translate into a top three (3) pick. Nothing is more important now then that pick. They could get a super point, center or wing player. That depends on who they can get for Pau Gasol & Steve Blake. Both of these men can be packaged along with players like Johnson, Henry, Young, in fat anyone on the team other then Kobe. If they can land Monroe, they pick a point in the draft & so on. They NEED to be talking to the GM about Love. He will become more difficult to trade next year since he has said he wants to play here, so maybe Gasol going to play with his brother, them sending Zack Randolph for Love so he can go to the Lakers is the way to go. (Same deal except Zack goes to the Pistons for Monroe. Rubio is a free agent soon & giving him Gasol could be the only thing that keeps him on the team, so maybe Gasol & say Blake or Johnson or ??? now for Love could happen.

    2015 will see players like Irving, Westbrook, Thompson & so on becoming free agents meaning 2015 season is the season the Lakers NEED to prepare for. (They also NEED to have a coach in place that will be a drew to great players, this guy is NOT the one. We do have a really good coach in Byron Scott, he along with D. Fish as an asst. would be a GREAT combination to attract players.

    • Jim Buss

      We traded the pick to the suns for nash last year. So 1st rd pick is outta the question.

      • Marty Susman

        Wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yunginmac

    No matter Buss isn’t the one dogging it on the floor, Gasol is lazy, Meeks can only do certain things not a complete player, Hill is out of shape, Sacre has no talent at all, Henry no grit, this is the reason I’m a Lakers fan not a players only fan. Keyword No GRIT

  • Monky

    Jim Buss, Magic is polite and im not. Get your head out of your arse. You are driving this team straight to being the 90’s clippers.

  • Lakefanz

    thank you for saying this Magic I’ve been screaming this 4 months

  • Lakers4Life

    It’s not only Jim, but his stupid little jimmy ego for that stupid coach Dumbtoni. Look at our Lakers under Dumbtoni’s reigns…can’t even contemplate how bad this team has become, it’s almost plain funny lol.