Magic Johnson Responds To LeBron James Ranking His Top 3 Players

Magic Johnson Responds To LeBron James Ranking His Top 3 Players


Earlier this week, LeBron James named his top three basketball players of all time — and Magic Johnson was not included. James listed Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Julius Erving. James then asked to add a fourth player, and listed Johnson as his fourth.

Today, Johnson took to twitter and responded with the rings argument.

Johnson clearly respects James, but seems a bit offended that he wasn’t included in his top three players of all time, especially considering how great and accomplished Magic was during his career with the Lakers.

On top of his five titles in the 80s, Johnson was the winner of three MVP awards and three Finals MVP awards. Johnson was named to 12 all star games and won the MVP in two of them. He was named to nine All-NBA First team selections and led the NBA in assists four times during his career.

Johnson has a case to be in anyone’s top three players of all time, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in James’ opinion, Johnson is fourth. Check the video of James ranking his top three below.


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  • Robert Wright

    Wow! Name one player that could play all positions . Magic did and in the playoffs against two seven footers! Had over In Game 6, Magic Johnson
    played what may have been the greatest game of his career. Playing on
    the road in Philadelphia, Magic (a 6’9″ point guard) started the game at
    center and eventually played all 5 positions in a dominating
    performance. Scoring a game-high 42 points and grabbing a game-high 15
    rebounds—and handing out 7 assists—Magic Johnson led the Lakers to the NBA crown SIMPLY THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!

    • Robert Wright

      Magic did not have to score like others ,but could at anytime when needed and rebound and assist ! Awesome player

    • Kevin Medina


    • Paytc

      True to your name “you are right” !

      Magic also retired while still in his prime…. so he didn’t complete nearly what he was capable of doing.Magic changed the game as did Dr.J

      A 6-9 point guard was unthinkable until Magic.
      Floating from the top of the key was like the 4 minute mile before Dr. J

      So Lebron may have gotten 2 of the 3 right ….? but leaving Magic out showed just how young and uninformed Lebron is.

      • Paytc

        Or how PC he was trying to be?

      • Robert Wright

        Well said ! Thank you for your great insight!

    • Greg Williams

      and magic played that finals, starting at center going 42-15-7 AS A ROOKIE!!!!

      • Robert Wright

        So true ! And back then a foul was a real foul


    It was something in this interview. I think he wanted to give a message to magic because he aint going to bark at jordan or kobe believe that.

    • Doug

      No way LeBrick has a clue. He will never compare to any of the. Heck he went pro because he probably couldn’t get into college. And Bird ahead of Magic. Give me a break. As a rookie Magic beat the 76’s on his own. dr. J was a great player but never carried a team. laBron will always have a big ego and make sure he has great players with him. He doesn’t have the basketball intelligence to carry a team when it counts.

    • Paytc

      True.But Lebron loses respect because of his disrespect of a all-time great player in Magic Johnson.

  • Kevin Medina

    fuk the queen

  • Jim213

    Like mentioned before just his view but Magic is correct rings are hard to come by. Kobe = 5, but what will they blab about next, Magic not bringing up KB24 into his championship comparison or them saying Magic’s so called top 5 doesn’t include KB24?

    • Paytc

      Magic doesn’t have to include Kobe or any present day player until they retire.
      You have to let great players complete their legacy before presenting them into positions of NBA greats in history.Let Kobe complete the chapters in his NBA legacy book.Then ask a player as great as Magic where he would rank Kobe.

      You must then take into account the public answer and his private answer may be different.
      Some things are said to be PC.

      • Jim213

        Should’ve left LJ out, but know this as the media finds whatever way to reel in the readers or fan base though blah blah speculation.

        • Paytc

          exactly :)

  • Zimmeredge

    listenning first take on espn and i use to not agree will ALL they are saying (because they are pros and cons to everything they’re talking about) but Skyp Bayless is a hundred percent right when he said that Lebron is weak mentaly.

    • Paytc

      That is why he teamed up with the highly driven strong heart/ mind of D.Wade.

      Kobe,Magic,and MJ have/had more heart and stronger minds than Lebron.That is what separates the levels in greatness? If there is a common thread to find that separates greatness…..

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Lebron is on top, of his SHIT!

  • ra

    Again, what LBJ thnks? Don’t try to think LBJ, just keep on playing.

  • Sti1lmatic

    What about Barkley or Stockton? No rings but good players.

    • Paytc

      You already called it.They were good not great players.

      • Paytc

        But don’t get me wrong they both were very good players.
        Stockton the all time assist and steals leader wasn’t shabby by any means.And Barkley used his body well and was a relentless motor on the floor.But we are talking about all time top 3.I don’t think either qualify for top 10 of all time unless we break it down by their respective positions.Stockton being such a good floor general would have a better chance than Barkley of cracking into the top 5 by position.There are so many for Barkley to beat out it would be tough.

  • Clarkkent113

    Plus, the reason he hesitated so long is because he already puts himself at #2 all time behind Jordan. Ridiculous.

    • Paytc

      Good point !

  • Jody Wall

    Ah leave him be. He’s entitled to an opinion. He’s a great player, and might one day be considered in this company. I think Magic deserved to be there, and hope he’s not too put out by LBJ’s choices.

  • Robert Wright

    Until you show me a player that played all positions in a playoff game and could put up 42 points, 15 rebounds 7 assist and 2 steal ! Magic is the best behind or in front of Oscar!

    • Paytc

      I respect your mentioning Mr. Triple double before they kept stats on them” Robinson” :)
      Again that is further support on why I don’t like to rank or separate great players.

  • jamnee

    Kobe Bryant?