Magic Johnson on Kobe Bryant: ‘He Is On My Mount Rushmore’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="281"] Five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson is about as opinionated as any former Los Angeles Laker. Magic always chimes in on what is going [new_royalslider id="281"] Five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson is about as opinionated as any former Los Angeles Laker. Magic always chimes in on what is going Rating: 0
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Magic Johnson on Kobe Bryant: ‘He Is On My Mount Rushmore’

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Five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson is about as opinionated as any former Los Angeles Laker. Magic always chimes in on what is going on with the franchise as he’s remained passionate about his former team ever since walking away from the game in 1996.

Ironically enough, immediately after Magic retired, a new era began with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant leading the way. Ultimately, the pair went on to win three straight NBA titles and two more followed with Kobe playing alongside Pau Gasol a few years later.

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Recently, Magic made an appearance at Long Beach State University and talked about a little about the current state of the franchise and their superstar. Magic said the following about Kobe according to Chris Trevino of the L.A. Daily News:

“I hope that (Kobe) is healthy so he can lead out Lakers back,” said Johnson. “He’s on my Mount Rushmore. He is unreal. Think about his mindset and attitude and how he can just do it night in and night out, that’s one thing great about Kobe. I love him.”

Magic didn’t disclose who else is on his Mount Rushmore of NBA greats, but it’d probably be a safe bet to assume he’d have at least one more Laker on his list. In fact, Magic’s Mount Rushmore could be identical to Kobe’s.

Kobe named the four players he’d put on his Mount Rushmore back in February. Magic was on the list along with Magic’s former rival Larry Bird, six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan and Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell.
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  • God CHRI$$$

    mount rushmore:
    Jerry west

    • ffdasf

      you mean “lakers rushmore”

    • Tyrone Von Gilyard

      Mount Rushmore

    • TeaCupofDoom

      Thats 5 players…

      • God CHRI$$$

        my mount rushmore has 5 people on it

  • Adam

    Kobe Bryant needs rings #6 and #7 before he retires.The way that happens is the greatest Laker ever Kobe needs help and that means trade the Lakers 2014 lottery pick and Steve Nash for Kevin Love he makes $15,719,063 in 2014-2015.Then sign LeBron James for $20,590,000 a 4 year deal plus a fifth year player option.Then you got Kobe Bryant making $23,500,000.

    Lets just say the truth,star players attract other star players well in this case superstar players attract other superstar players.Lets be honest Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are close friends and they have played on the USA Olympic team together winning gold medals that’s how you get LeBron to join the Lakers also seeing Kevin Love on the Lakers will automatically make LeBron salivate to join the Lakers so he can win more rings.

    The whole Miami Heat thing is played out and they are no longer championship material after this season.Dwayne Wade is always injured and he is getting old and Bosh sometimes brings it and other times he is terrible.Their bench is old and unreliable they already had their day in the sun that’s over.Also once 2016 comes Kobe Bryant will retire leaving the Lakers with a bunch of salary cap space just when a good friend of LeBron James becomes a free agent that’s Kevin Durant.

    The Lakers will have enough money to keep LeBron and Kevin Love also to sign Kevin Durant that’s a great future for the Lakers and LeBron,Love,Durant after Kobe retires.Love would then move over to center and LeBron to power forward and Durant would keep playing small forward yeah that’s a great unstoppable force.

    Lebron James and Kevin Love would be the best forward duo ever in NBA history.Kobe and LeBron teaming up would be legendary and historic.It’s all making perfect sense.Lakers can hire any coach they want and the players can help decide who they want.Kevin Ollie seems like the smart choice to me.

    Do the math the numbers work out within the salary cap to do this new big 3.

    Kobe $23,500,000
    Love $15,719,063
    $59,809,063 Total Amount Of Kobe,LeBron,Love

    The salary cap is set at $63.5 million dollars this gives the Lakers enough salary cap space to sign a additional player to the full mid level exception of $5 million dollars and another player for about $3.2 million dollars.Then the rest of the players after that will have to sign for the veteran minimum and we all know a few veteran players will be chasing a ring and sign up for below market value to join a team this special.Lakers can do it financially and they have the asset to get Kevin Love.It’s just a matter of it happening now.Count on it.

    • 周明

      as a chinese fans I apprecieate your ideal

    • TRACE

      As a LA24 fans/I appreciate Ur prediction.

    • ndndndndndn

      I doubt rings 6 and 7


      Mathematicaly its possible, a healthy Kobe and motivated Pau, can do wonders.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Nice pipe dream there. Lebron would have to take a small pay cut because of cap holds the Lakers will have.

      Kobe $23.5
      LeBron $19.1
      Love $15.7
      Sacre $0.9
      Total: $63.2 million (includes $4 million in incomplete roster cap holds)

      That’s assuming Minnesota is willing to trade Love for Nash and a pick. If we have to sign-and-trade anyone to include in that deal, we won’t be able to use Steve Blake’s trade exception in the deal, which means less money to offer LeBron. There would be no additional space available, and no mid-level exception, which means the other 8+ players would all be minimum contract guys. And none of the current free agents could come back because they would all have to be renounced.

  • Adam

    Kobe Bryant is the greatest Lakers player ever on Mount Rushmore.#24 best ever.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      I don’t know how you can pick the greatest. How do you determine who is best. Maybe you start with the Lakers-lifers, but how do you differentiate between Kobe, Magic, and Jerry West? Next tier of Kareem, Shaq, and Wilt. So many all-time great players…just let them all be #1 best ever.

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    They can’t have identical “Mount Rushmores” if Magic put Kobe up. I wish everyone would stop with all this Mount Rushmore nonsense. If you want to create a basketball Mount Rushmore, it has to be founders of basketball/NBA like the actual Mt. Rushmore is American founding fathers. Try this Mount Rushmore:

    James Naismith
    Walter Brown

    Ossie Schectman
    Joe Fulks

    Try that on for a history lesson.

    • ra

      remember that 2 of the founding fathers were slave owners, and the ‘real’ Mount Rushmore was placed in a land where Native Americans were killed, and ousted (so that, what, they could build a monument in their face ??), i.e., Black Hills, So Dak.

      And remember that Donald Sterling has shown that the ‘ownership’ brand of racism is still alive.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        So I guess you think I should replace one of my four with Donald Sterling? Might consider it if he were part of the founding of basketball and the NBA. There’s a pretty good chance the four I named were all racists, too…

  • ra

    Magic has Kobe on his Mt. Rushmore, and he just commented that he picks MJ over Kobe. So that makes Kobe, and Jordan, for 2 on his Mount Rushmore. That leaves 2 for ‘his’ Mount Rushmore. I’m guessing that he won’t put himself there, although he should. I’m guessing he would have Larry Bird there (his nemesis all these years). He would probably have the Captain as #4, Kareem.

    That leaves out a lot of people that I know Magic would think are the best in basketball.

    But …. glad he has Kobe there. There is no player like Kobe (except for Wilt Chamberlain, who should def. be on Mt. Rushmore).

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