Magic Johnson on Donald Sterling: He Is Trying To ‘Save His Team’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="280"] Donald Sterling's interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, which aired last night, is something that had the entire country talking. It [new_royalslider id="280"] Donald Sterling's interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, which aired last night, is something that had the entire country talking. It Rating: 0
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Magic Johnson on Donald Sterling: He Is Trying To ‘Save His Team’

Donald Sterling’s interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, which aired last night, is something that had the entire country talking. It was Sterling’s first public words since his comments surfaced, which led to him being banned for life from the NBA.

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Sterling did attempt to apologize and claim that he wasn’t a racist the majority of the focus went to his tirade against Lakers legend Magic Johnson, but also took a shot at the current Los Angeles Dodgers owner. Sterling said that Magic isn’t a good example for the L.A children, and continually harped on Magic contracting the HIV virus.

Today Johnson has his own interview with Cooper, and according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, he gave his response on why he believes Sterling attacked him:

It is obvious that Sterling does not want to sell the team, and will try to do everything in his power to remain as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. What is unclear is how his words on Magic will help in that fight.

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued an apology to Magic on behalf of the NBA. Moves are being made to remove Sterling from ownership and it will come to a vote by the NBA Board of Governors. According to Shelburne, Johnson believes that Sterling has no chance:

It is unfortunate that this scandal has taken so much attention away from what has been an amazing NBA playoffs so far. The NBA looks as if they are trying to get Sterling out as quick as possible, despite his beliefs to the contrary.
VIDEO: Magic Johnson, Are You Interested In Buying The Clippers?

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  • Monte

    Donald Sterling can’t save the sorry ass whack ass Uncle Tom Clippers.Nah Nah.

  • Horace

    See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya.Bye bye Donald Sterling you racist fuck.

  • ra

    The interview w / Mr. Anderson (Neo) helped cement the ‘racist’ views. Donald Sterling is “Smith” (from the Matrix). His purpose is to infect the NBA with negative views. He attacks all cultures and races, and wants everyone to think otherwise.

    It’s time to root it out, and to take it away forever. He’ll get billions from the sale, so he can live off that (and his shame) for the rest of his life. Take the money & run Mr. Smith.

  • Reggie

    Clippers are about get exposed tonight.OKC Thunder play that strong defense and Scott Brooks is one of the best at making adjustments as he is a master at X and O while Doc Rivers is just a motivator and screamer.MVP Kevinb Durant and Russell Westbrook and Big Serge Ibaka are going to embarrass the Clippers bitch asses so bad that Donald Sterling is going to be ashamed to be known as the Clippers owner so he will just sell the team and walk away from the biggest laughingstock in the NBA Clippers.No need to save this sinking ship known as the Clippers just jump ship and hop back on the Lakers bandwagon.Clippers are getting exposed badly.

  • Reggie

    STFU Donald Sterling leave Magic Johnson alone jerk.

    • Concerned

      WHY??? Magic is no better than Sterling. It is just that he WAS a big Laker star and I DID respect him. But, now? He is no better than Sterling and a bunch of people DO not respect him any more.
      Magic does all of his business in the Black community with the false face of HELPING HIS people. Since when are black people “HIS” people? Anyway, he is making a ton of money HELPING HIS people.
      Wake up, Reggie, because I think you are a blackman…if not, why do you care so much about Sterling???

  • Joe Mc Geehand

    Magic should have kept his lips off of other mens junk & he might be AIDS free today

    • Concerned

      Great post…its a splintered shaft without grease going up his sewer pipe!!!

  • Concerned

    @Monte…you are no better than Sterling…a racist!!! Calling a whiteman Uncle Tom????? Also, Magic, the black community leader racist, would do the same in trying to save “his” team if he is expelled and forced to sell his team because of moral issue. Magic’s moral is him catching HIV and bedding all those girls WHILE he is married to Cookie.

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