Magic Johnson: Lakers Need a Trade to Compete in Western Conference

Magic Johnson: Lakers Need a Trade to Compete in Western Conference


Magic Johnson has had some choice words for members of the Lakers organization over the past 24 hours. After declaring his belief that Kobe Bryant, Jim Buss and other members of management sit down and hash out their differences, he made another startling comment during a conference call on Wednesday.

According to Kevin Ding of the O.C. Register, Johnson stated his personal belief that the Lakers need to make a trade if they’re going to compete for the Western Conference crown this season.

“If they can make a trade, they’ll be right there competing for the Western Conference championship,” Johnson said. “But if they don’t, I don’t think they’ll compete.”

Johnson’s comments may not be news to anyone since that has been the lingering feeling around this team all season. Still, when someone who has as much influence on the organization as Johnson does makes these comments odds are his comments will be heeded.

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With the trade deadline set for March 15 there is still plenty of time for the front office to wait and see what they can put together. Still, the growing consensus is that the team as currently constructed will be unable to win a championship.

  • mad1

    Yes, the coach needs to go. Did Magic really need to state the obvious? 

  • Loretta

    Magic shows no support, he talks about the Lakers bad sometimes, now he wants them to listen to him. The coach traded a good player for nothing. Now 2 good players are gone. So bow what are they gonna have to lose another good player in order to make a trade. I see a problem with the coach & jim.

  • Jian

    Sign Arenas for cheap, use the trade exception on Beasely. Trade or amnesty Mwp together with Walton. Try to acquire Aaron Brooks or Dj Augustin. Start the new point guard, let Beasely be the new small forward and keep both Gasol and Bynum. Problem solved at least for this season.