Luke Walton On Kobe Bryant: ‘He Wants To Win At All Costs’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="281"] Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is heading into the twilight of his career in the NBA with a lot of uncertainty after consecutive [new_royalslider id="281"] Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is heading into the twilight of his career in the NBA with a lot of uncertainty after consecutive Rating: 0
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Luke Walton On Kobe Bryant: ‘He Wants To Win At All Costs’

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Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is heading into the twilight of his career in the NBA with a lot of uncertainty after consecutive season-ending injuries. Kobe signed a two-year contract extension this past November and has secured his immediate future with the Los Angeles Lakers as a result.

Even though Kobe is under contract for the next two years, it’s impossible to know if he’ll maintain his elite status as a player. The future Hall of Famer is as resilient as ever with no indication of giving up on his quest for a sixth ring heading into an uncertain future, but many remain skeptical about whether he’ll be the same dominant force on the basketball floor.

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Two-time NBA champion Luke Walton talked about Kobe fighting to come back stronger than ever on The Herd with Colin Cowherd:

Father time catches up with everybody, but for him, in his mind I don’t think he thinks that, I still think he feels he can score 30 points a night, I think he’s going to be able to come back from injury and get 30 points maybe once a week, but I don’t think his body will allow him to do it every single night like he’s done it his entire life.

Walton also talked about Kobe’s mentality and the pros and cons of being his teammate in Los Angeles via Cowherd:

He expects and demands so much, out of himself and out of his teammates, he’s so competitive, that at times, it’s not the easiest thing to be out there playing with him, but I’d rather take that and be playing with Kobe, than not have him on my side.

He has no problem yelling at people, he has no problem pointing his finger, but he’s a great teammate, he wants to win at all costs.

Despite locking up potentially his final two seasons with the Lakers for $48.5 million, only time will tell if Kobe can get back to form as an elite player in this league. Kobe played in only six games this season after coming back from a torn Achilles and suffering a fractured knee.

It remains to be seen what Kobe will be able to contribute to the team after battling through severe injuries the past two years. It could easily go either way for the superstar heading into next season with the Lakers faithful hoping for the Kobe of old and the critics ready to say he’s washed up.

(H/T Kobe Bryant – Our Legend)
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  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    No body in their right mind can say they don’t want to go into battle with Kobe. YOu always want to go to battle with someone like Kobe, because you are sure, he will give it his all every single time and he will demand the same of his team mates.

    • LegendInMyMind

      I agree with that, and I think they can be competitive going forward, but the “dynasty” is done. He had a shot at another 3-peat/6th ring and they lost it with their first series against the Celtics. And they lost one to the Pistons, else he’d already have it. He’s been to 7 Finals. Things change. There’s a new guard in the NBA. The best players have the best teams and they get their and win it. Kobe’s not that guy anymore. He’s just not. He’s not going to beat Durant or Lebron at this stage in his career. But they can retake the division and regain their playoff competitiveness, which is all I’m asking in his final 2 seasons. And that, itself, is A LOT to ask.

      • KingEmperor


        • Rex

          Wow.. And this is why Laker fans get a bad rap elsewhere. A guy gives his honest opinion and it’s fine to disagree na getvin a debate and discussion, yet you get this kind of retort.

          • KingEmperor

            FUCK U 2 REX!!!!

  • LegendInMyMind

    I hate to say it, but Kobe’s chances at a 6th ring went out the window when they lost to the Pistons and/or Celtics. I’d love for them to be competitive in the conference, but anyone thinking the Lakers are winning another one with Kobe as the alpha dog in his last 2 seasons are deluding themselves. And I say that as a Laker fan. It’s just unrealistic to think that he’s going to top the current best players in the league. Maybe the Lakers get another dynasty going, but it’s going to take a rebuild. And patience. It’s not happening in 2 years. Not without Lebron or something, but that ain’t happening either.

    • Terrell

      Nice to see there are still some rational open-minded fans out there. We are a minority though since most are delusional and myopic thinking that this team is a “quick fix” when it is really a full rebuild. Sorry, but the Kobe and Pau combo has no more finals or even west Conf finals run left in them unless the unthinkable happens and they get LBJ to take over as the alpha dog, At best, that Kobe/Pau core with all their mileage, age, and injuries is a first round elimination and ass kicking.

    • Daryl Peek

      Reality is a cold hard pill to swallow. Even I don’t want to doubt Kobe’s abilities in perseverance but father time is undefeated. His Achilles injury often times ends a players career. As I stated last off-season his challenge is not championship contention going forward… it’s recovery. I caught so much flak for stating this as most perceived that truth as me doubting the Mamba. Time has shown this to be true but I still hold out hope Kobe can pull one more defiant rabbit out of his hat in a final show of excellence, in overcoming. Next season will be a reality check either way in individual results for Kobe. Look no further than the struggles of much younger Derrick Rose as example of the mountain Kobe has to climb.

      His will is still inspiration for this franchise but he must embrace a team leader role VS. his standoffish disassociation mode from this past season. MJ had to do that at the age of 38 with the Wizards as his body told him. Magic had to do the same in 96 when he tried to comeback. Neither Magic or MJ had the 17 years of uninterrupted miles logged on them. This is yet another factor we must come to grips with in the father time plight.

      • Heath

        In 3..2..1..here come the “SHUT UP, THIS IS KOBE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. PAST PRECEDENCE AND HISTORY OF THAT INJURY WILL NOT APPLY TO HIM. HE WILL BE BACK ON OPENIN DAY AND WILL HIT THE GROUND RUNNING”. Then Kobe misses the start of the season and it became “HE’S JUST BEING CAUTIOUS, NO NEED TO RUSH BLAH BLAH”. Kobe then comes back and goes on his kneecap caves in on him after 6 games, and it circles back to “LAUGH ALL YOU WANT, THIS IS KOBE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU KNOW, KOBE! HE’LL BE BACK STRONGER THAN EVER ON OPENING DAY NEXT SEASON ETC ETC..”. The cycle never ends.

      • nlruizjr

        DP, I agree but I still think Kobe will have a chance if they get the right personnel around him and Kobe becomes a distributor. I won’t doubt Kobe until I finally see it, his last performance (not the 6 game debacle) he was a beast and I think he can still be a beast but on a limited basis, if he has the right material to work with and he has confidence in those pieces, Kobe has a chance to pull it off, but yes the reality is very slim.

        • Daryl Peek

          That is our hope. Time will tell…

  • hoperhetoric

    Well It starts with the health of Kobe first… No matter whos players Lakers get, melo/love etc they won’t win a ring if Kobe is not healthy.
    Lebron/Cp3/Durant/Harden/ Damian are all clutch as kobe & they are better than Love or Melo!

    The only way kobe can get a ring again is a roster of defensive players!
    No doubt that kobe can dominate & be elite in offense again. He can score with less athletism & explosiveness.The problem is his limitation in defense.
    He should move to small forward to avoid guarding quick elite guards. Farmar & Bazemore should be the backcourt.

    Kobe & deng & Gasol are frontcourts.

    2nd unit Nash, draftee, young, kelly, hill.
    Reserves kendall,manny harris, metta, sacre, xavier.

    Lakers should focus in defensive roster than offense!

    I can just imagine Gasol in playoffs already, he will suck as hibbert against fast tempo offense, making lots of turnovers.

    For Lakers to be elite, they need twin towers again for great rebounding, but better mobility than Gasol/bynum or suffer the swept like Dallas beat them.
    I suggest Gasol & Hill twin towers + deng. Then farmar & Kobe.

    2nd unit
    Nash, bazemore, draftee, young, sacre.
    Kendall, harris, metta,kelly.

    Metta is a must so he can mentor kelly, draftee, etc.

    • Jurdy

      Gasol is a defensive player?

    • nlruizjr

      I wish Nash could have won a ring but the truth is that the time has come and gone and it’s time for him to move on, hopefully he will look himself in the mirror and see the truth and No on Metta (same story).

  • TheTruthKills

    No on questions Kobe’s desire, but his chances at a sixth ring over unless the FO finds a way to assemble a super team. And with a third if the salary tied up to Kobe it’s no happening.

  • purp& goldpride

    It’s all about the CHANCE to compete. Kobe isn’t dumb, no team is ever guaranteed a championship. Ask the spurs, who despite regular season greatness, they haven’t won in 7 years. Kobe isn’t chasing rings, he already has 5, in a league where there are great players that have never played in a finals game.

    No player if his stature wants to end a magnificent career on a 30 win team. If the Lakers wanted to truly “rebuild”, they should have let kobe walk. Can’t keep him for the purposes of selling tickets, then get mad when he ask to play on a competitive team. The Lakers are one of only 3 trend valued over a billion. I understandcap rrestrictions, but they have to much $$ floating around to put out a horrid product.

  • randolph

    I know its not realistic to expect Kobe to win again, with his age going against him at this point of his career. I know that odds are that he will not win a championship again, at least with him as the leader. But that’s why the games are actually played. That’s why we go through the 82 game season. That’s why we go through the playoffs until one team has won 16 games. Kobe has proven everything throughout his career, and he has a chance to prove everyone wrong again. Knowing Kobe’s history, I wouldn’t want to bet against him. We’ll see how things turn out. If he doesn’t end up winning another ring, I’ll know for sure that he gave it his all and that’s all we can ask for. I’m optimistic and realistic at the same time. I really hope he and the Lakers win at least one more time before he hangs it up.

    • Kobe Will Get 6

      Have hope, Kobe Will Get 6

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      Agree with you there!

  • Michael Paul Perdue

    Hey is anyone forgetting mj played when he was 40 and effective at that

    • TheTruthKills

      MJ didn’t tear his achilles and break his knee cap within a 10 month period.

      • oneiopen

        Did he break his kneecap or was it a fracture to the bone that connects to the knee? Im sure it was the latter.

    • chandler

      Yeah this is bs Jordan and Kobe can’t be put on the same slate, MJ didn’t have so many years of NBA mileage because he played for so long in college and took a break in the middle. If MJ started in the NBA at 18 he wouldnt have lasted so long.

  • Super Girl

    Does Kobe look Good now compared to Looser Dwight!!! Bwahahaha!!! Dwight thought he can win a CHAMPIONSHIP hahaha!!! it’s a JOKE!!!

  • Vi5ion

    Yea his age is against him, and he is coming off two injuries. He said himself his only worry was whether his Achilles would hold up, and even with a couple games, he knew it would. But what people are looking over, Kobe has never been this rested in his career. I don’t believe his knee injury kept him out from playing, I do believe Mitch sat him down, and said wait till next season. Everyone in the world knew this season was lost from the beginning, why come back?? It wouldn’t be worth it. I expect Kobe to start next season a little off, but in the end average at least 20PPG.

  • Robert Sprayberry

    At all cost? Including giving up some of the 48 million to help get better players? Just wondering what “all costs” is limited to.

    • nlruizjr

      If Kobe is serious, he should consider restructuring his contract !!!!

  • Superman

    Theres only ONE Michael Jordan who won 3 rings at the age of 33, 34 and 35! Now thats defeating father time!

    • nlruizjr

      I believe the word is “Delay”, you don’t Defeat Father Time !!!!!

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