Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Responds To Adam Silver’s Ruling

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Responds To Adam Silver’s Ruling


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After investigating the racist remarks made on a recording by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that Sterling will be banned for life, fined $2.5 million, and the NBA will attempt to force a sale of the Clippers.

After the huge announcement, a press conference was held in Los Angeles led by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and featuring a host of former and current NBA players including Tyson Chandler, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Steve Nash. (For the full video, click here)

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also spoke to the media about how huge of a deal this was, as was heard on NBA TV:

The issue at hand is something that transcends basketball and the Los Angeles Clippers. The whole league was united behind this cause. Before their game last night, the Miami Heat participated in the same sign of protest that the Clippers did on Sunday.

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Players and owners alike also voiced their support of the ban after the announcement was made.

The Lakers and Clippers engaged in some heated games and have one of the biggest rivalries going in the NBA at this time, but they all came together through this issue.

In order to force the sale of the Clippers, the Board of Governors must bring it to a vote, with a 75 percent majority of the owners needed to force the sale.
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  • GetBack2Business

    LN better get back to business and fired D’unephoni!

  • Leroy

    No matter what the NBA says or does as of right now the Clippers and Donald Sterling all directly connected as one.Donald Sterling/Clippers they are one.So if people support the Clippers in Los Angeles or anywhere else they are directly supporting racist bigot Donald Sterling.That just the facts.Sterling is still the Clippers owner and i hope the Warriors whoop the Clippers ass this night and the next game also.Fuck Donald Sterling/Clippers No Place For Racism In The NBA.

  • Leroy

    The city must forget about profit revenue and think about the culture of the city.Time to be real about this racism stuff Donald Sterling is practicing in the work place it’s has no place in any business.

  • Geoff

    Now they need to ban Spike Lee from the NBA for saying he hates black and white couples.

  • Shaq

    Sure I think it’s great Sterling is basically done. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna root for the Clips. There’s only room for one champion in LA.

  • The Poet

    Racism is not dead and continues to grow especially in the political party we all know and wish they would join the American public in destroying this kind of insanity with psychologically disturbed minds, lack of morals and compassion for people.
    The down side is that he will make about one billion dollars from the sale. How sweet is that?