Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Utah Jazz NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Utah Jazz NBA Highlights


With a week before the start of the regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers look to continue building chemistry on the court as they host the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. Without Chris Kaman, Shawne Williams gets the opportunity to start alongside Pau Gasol and continue his strong play in the preseason. Follow along below with all of the highlights for tonight’s game.























  • Jim213

    Aside of J Hill the Lakers got out hustled on the boards. Have to improve their rebounding on both sides of the court.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I am not too concerned about the rebounding… it you look closely… we were good on the boards as far as getting the defensive board that we wanted… but I agree with you that we need to improve on that.

      • Jim213

        IMO, it has to improve all around. Thanks to J Hill we managed to put up some decent rebounding stats. I also don’t believe that the team’s shown they can shoot at a consistent basis yet.

        Thus, offensive rebounds or 2nd chance opportunities will be important given the team still needs to further develop chemistry wise which will come as the season progresses.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          This is preseason… a lot of guys that should not be in the rotation are playing substantial minutes… so naturally, the consistency we are looking for will not be there…same with all the 30 teams. It will all come into place when the season starts…. so, with that said, I am not worried about the rebounding … good chemistry is already existing, as noticed by every person who are able to watch the game.

          I think, watching this game, that MDA’s 10 man rotation is somewhat made up already…. sans Kobe, it would be Gasol, Nash, Young, Kaman, Blake, Hill,Williams, Johnson, Henry, and Farmar …Meeks will be the and 11th. I don’t see Meeks gaining traction moving forward. Henry has outplayed him in practices, and is way above him in games specially on defense. Not to mention that Henry is still only 22.

          I think the next game would be very interesting for the rest of the roster, namely Kelly, Harris, and Landry.

          • Jim213

            This is preseason, however, the top and mediocre teams are searching for minor pickups to help the starters. The Lakers have had to focus on acquiring bang for your buck players given their current financial situation.

            Thankfully, management has found some solid players that can also partake as starters. Defense which includes rebounding will be important given the team still has to build upon their chemistry.

            Can’t keep giving other teams second or third hand looks and expect to outscore them especially when the team doesn’t have KB24. We still don’t know the team’s starting lineup too until 10/28/13. However, good chemistry will help both sides of the court as long as everyone accepts and knows their roles.