Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Sacramento Kings NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Sacramento Kings NBA Highlights


Without Jordan Farmar and Wesley Johnson, the Los Angeles Lakers will look to build on Tuesday’s victory as they face the Sacramento Kings in Las Vegas. Coach Mike D’Antoni has started Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman for the second consecutive game as the two big men look to continue building chemistry on the court. Follow along below with all of the highlights for tonight’s game.










  • The Rock

    The Rock Says kick their Candy Asses!Go Lakers Go!

  • sudi

    I’m excited for this season. We never looked better

  • Lakers Guy

    Steve Nash is injured the Lakers should sign B.J. Young or Josh Selby.Jodie Meeks is no PG!Sign a damn Point Guard please.A PG for insurance.Put things in perspective.

    • Joe

      We have Blake and Farmar. Farmar is injured right now as well.

      • Jim213

        Nah, it’s just a preventative measure to heal his calf completely being something minor given they want him at 100% for the regular season.

        Might as well call ‘the machine up’ for a short cameo.

        • Paytc

          They need Famar at 100 % because he is the youngest and most athletic of the 3 PG’s .

          • Jim213

            Farmar will end up being the biggest acquisition this off season if Nash gets less than 25 minutes a game. We should be thankful for his return given that he took a huge pay cut to return.

  • Jim213

    The first half was mediocre but inconsistent play and inefficient shooting showed in the second half. Although, the Kings played an NBA type of game with some starters during the 4 qtr (efficient play/shooting).

    I believe the Kings shot over 50% for the game. One thing I noticed (IMO) was that when Kaman and Gasol where on the bench the team struggled offensively as the squad on the floor (during those times) was more suited to the coach’s style of play (run and gun).

    The Kings looked better for the run and gun than the Lakers who couldn’t hit shots aside of open shots. Hopefully the coach figures out a winning formula soon that may have to include both Kaman and Gasol on the floor. Although I’d prefer Gasol at the 5, otherwise it may prove to be a long year if he intends to fully implement his style.