Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Orlando Magic NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Orlando Magic NBA Highlights


The Los Angeles Lakers are back on the court Friday night following a tough loss to the Miami Heat.  Friday’s matchup is the sixth game of the seven-game road trip.  The Lakers are currently 2-3 on the trip.

Check out tonight’s highlights:

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am watching the game and Kendall Marshall has been impressive and Jodie Meeks has lit it up tonight looking good Jodie.If The Lakers win this game that will be nice.Orlando looks like they are ready to challenge the Lakers tonight.Long term Point Guard for Lakers might just turn out to be Kendall he has 7 points and 10 assists at halftime.But only time will tell what actually happens.I am impatient.

    If the Lakers can add a big time player like Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker in the draft only if we win the lottery we will be building towards the future also Marcus Smart can be a shooting guard with Kendall Marshall at Point Guard maybe the Lakers can run a small guard system similar to what the Suns do with Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe back court.

    Remember Zeke Thomas and Joe Dumars back in the day,they were both small and Joe Dumars was a lockdown defender and Zeke was a bad defender so maybe Marcus Smart can be the another Joe Dumars type defender and Kendall can benefit from that.But whatever i am just speaking on what i am watching.Lakers still suck this season and i hate it.

  • Daryl Peek

    Watching the game right now and this is just disgusting! No defense and no attempt to crash the boards. Pitiful display!!