Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic NBA Highlights


The Lakers were back in action Sunday night to take on the Orlando Magic. After making a return Friday, Steve Nash was ruled out for Sunday’s game. Nick Young and Jordan Hill also came back against the Wizards and were avaliable against the Magic. Hill was given the start for the Lakers, who entered the game with a record of 22-46. For all of our Lakers post-game videos, click here! Check out the highlights below:

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter


  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    This Bazemore guy accounts himself well at the point… his handle is not bad at all, and his passes are above average for a shooting guard… he can be a serviceable combo guard next year.IF Lakers cannot get a starting PG… we may see a starting lineup next year with him along side Kobe and Meeks in the perimeter.

    • Sam Saab

      i see a bright future for bazemore, hopefully they keep him…he’ll develope a lil more by the offseason and help the lakers a lot next year

    • GodlyRebel

      ive said before and im going to say it again Bazemore for Point Guard
      (new trend) #Bazemore4PG …….. spread it around the net

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        Yeah, I somewhat agree with that… plus he can really defend quick point guards with his length….