Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Highlights


The Lakers are wrapping up their two-game road trip as they face the Kevin Love and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Lakers are looking to even out their wins with a 1-2 record against Kevin Love and the T-Wolves. Xavier Henry will not play due to a sore knee, Steve Nash will come off the bench and Wesley Johnson was replaced by Kent Bazemore in the starting lineup.

First Quarter

Game Score: Lakers- 24 Timberwolves- 41

Second Quarter

Game Score: Lakers- 43 Timberwolves- 74

Third Quarter

Game Score: Lakers- 77 Timberwolves- 111

Fourth Quarter

Final Score: Lakers- 107 Timberwolves- 143

  • 3339

    just saw the halftime score,,,,,,wow. Why would Kevin Love want to join this mess? Big changes are needed

    • Jim213

      • 3339

  • Daryl Peek

    Turned the game on and turned it off after about 5 minutes. All I can do is SMH

    • Zimmeredge

      according to Mark Medina we are better on D with Sacre and Kelly… smfh!!! oh boy. we really have to keep that lottery pick because i’m afraid nobody will have the will to come in LA next summer

  • Sylvia Ross

    No defense, time for Pringles to exit !!

    • LBJ

      You seem to be a nice basketball fan. Check out LBJ tonight. Triple double.

  • MDAism

    Way to go. Way too Nashism and MDAism worshipers with the Lakers. No Defense.

    Go. Go. Go.

    Go. Go..Go………

  • Kay Carter

    lmao but ppl still want us to trade our 1st round for Love to this mess and expect him to stay with MDA as coach?????

  • purp& goldpride

    The Lakers need major changes if they want to appeal to FA…between thks coach and roster we have no shot. With the exception of maybe 3-4 guys, everyone needs to be let go, including gasol

  • truth24

    Tank or no tank, lakers suck either way. This loss means nothing even if they did try they would still lose. Lakers are doomed thanks to Jim buss. Oh yah I told you all marshall was over hyped. He sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truth24

    Oh yah one more thing! That win against the Knicks was fixed. Phil told his guys to throw the game that way all the dumb ass laker fans could be fooled and try to move on without him and not hate on Jimmy or mda. laker fans are so gullible

    • stfu sob

      dumb shit

      • truth24


  • The Lakers Tank Commander

    Lakers lost.Record is 24-58.Lose the rest of them..All that is left to do is TANK!

    • vdogg

      actually, it’s 24-48. at least right now.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Woeful performance.Mitch can’t just wave a magic wand and end up with LeBron and Wiggins in one off season.No this will take a while to fix because the holes in the lineup and the atrocious defense are apparent.Mike D’Antoni should get fired.Lakers are far from a playoffs team,they need Kobe,LeBron,Wiggins just for starters and a new tough minded coach that stresses defense and rebounding.Lakers FO will not get a quick fix unless a big free agent is acquired.