Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Highlights


After receiving news that Kobe Bryant will miss at least six weeks with a fracture of the lateral tibial plateau of his left knee, the Los Angeles Lakers face off against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Without their superstar, the Lakers will look to exceed expectations once again as they have an opportunity to get back to the .500 mark. Check out the highlights below and click here for our post-game interviews.

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  • kobe24

    I doubt MDA will play Marshall today :/ Maybe if Lakers are down by 20 with like 4 minutes left in 4th then perhaps..

    The reason I say this is because Marshall doesn’t have any training with MDA’s system yet so I guess thats the reason we haven’t seen him so far + don’t want to break the chemistry with a new player that the team is having this game … stil would love to see him play haha

    • Dragon7s

      He played in Phoenix under former MDA assistant Gentry who basically runs the same offense so I don’t anticipate much of an adjustment to adapt to the Laker offense.
      The thing that will hold him back initially is learning his teammates.

  • Dragon7s

    You have to admit, these guys are fun to watch!

  • Allan

    Paul gasol comes in and turns the ball over….

    • kobe24

      Yeah thats true quite alot of turnovers but I liked his effort. I thought his effiency would drop today once Kobe stopped feeding him but…he went 21 points 8 assist and 13 rebounds with 1 block? seems like a good effort

    • JohnC

      Yeah. Last week, when Kobe lost the ball 8 times people explained ‘the ball goes through him more’… with all the guards + Kobe on the bench, he delivered 8 assists. No other big can play so many roles in a team.

      Pau scored 10 of 15 shots + 8 assists… did the ball withno point guard go through Gasol?

      Tired of hearing so much against Pau just for the sake of attacking the guy: 21 points + 13 rebounds + 8 assists in 33 minutes…

      So: he did what the team most needed… and your comment is ‘his turnovers’…

      • Paytc

        JohnC ,
        You,I,and Kobe knows the value Gasol can add to the team if and when he decides to bring it. That was why Kobe’s number one priority was getting Gasol focused on returning his game to a high level. Together they were moving in that direction. I am glad Gasol “STEPPED UP ” and hope he continues to do so for his own sake as well as the Lakers ! Pau Gasol did have a good game, almost a triple double.

        Go Gasol ! Go Lakers !

  • http://perksofastudent.blogspot.com/?m=0 Renz Carl Supnet


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers just hushed up all the doubter and naysayers tonight.For the umpteenth time the Lakers don’t ever tank never ever do they tank.Lakers won tonight and i knew they would play like well tonight to win the game.

    They all tried like hell to win and that’s encouraging to see all the young players we have playing with so much heart and pride.Kendall Marshall didn’t play that’s fine he needs time to read the playbook and i think the Lakers are giving Xavier Henry a major push on the team as the Point Guard they want to test him out and see if he can handle all this pressure at Point Guard.

    So far so good.Nick Young is my favorite newbie and he was awesome tonight.Pau Gasol got a near triple double nice string of games here lately for Pau.Lakers played defense holding the Lakers defensive team.

    Go Lakers!

    • Paytc

      The theme remains the same. We can’t get to high after a few wins or too low after a loss. The goal is to have a healthy roster,make the playoffs,and play our best ball when it counts most.

      One game at a time. Cheers to Kobe’s return to the top and a few more NBA titles in the process. Go Lakers !

  • Daryl Peek

    This sure looks like a team that is thinking tank?

  • joe23

    This team is more fun to watch without kobe, the ball movement is so much better and faster…

    • Paytc

      I personally like the whole team. I see no benefit in dividing or separating the team just to attack a player one may not like. Kobe is the team’s leader regardless to anyones preferences.

      Is it fun to watch without Nash,Farmar,Blake,and other injured players as well. Perhaps you like many other haters meant to keep that comment to yourselves? But I doubt it ! You great player haters are funny :-)

      But regardless to what you like… Kobe will force you to suffer when he returns to lead the team into the playoffs. Cheers to Kobe’s successful return to the top.

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • Jim213

    Seriously believe Wes can dunk from the free throw line. #allstardunkcontest