Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors NBA Highlights


The Lakers are taking on the Golden State Warriors on the road in their second game of a back to back. After an impressive game from Pau Gasol in a win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, he will not be available for tonight’s game due to an upper respiratory infection. The Warriors are coming off a loss to the San Antonio Spurs who were without their stars Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli. With a win tonight the Lakers can get back over the .500 mark.

Here are the highlights:

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

  • kobe24

    This game is such a mess. I’m surprised Lakers are only 4 points down..with 12 turnovers they should be down by 10 or so but thank goodness warriors aren’t playing well.

    Really can’t help it though because there we don’t have a PG(And no for now I am not counting Kendall marshal because he hasn’t had training with he team yet) to run the offense therefore turnovers are resulting

  • Jim213

    Bad first half from both sides but Kaman and Hill are playing good though Bogut has 10+ rebounds at half. The Lakers should be leading but TO’s again by way of bad passes, ball rotation, and play execution.

    Pic header? Didn’t realize Blake was back. SMH

  • Daryl Peek

    This is the ugliest game I’ve ever seen! No rhythm no heart no nothing

    • Jim213

      SMH, some may make excuses that it’s b/c of the PG depletion but aside of the Center(s) everyone else should have good fundamentals when it comes to handling and dribbling the ball. This is one of those things that will need to be analyzed when resigning players being all around consistency at the position(s).

      They hustled on defense but forgot their offense however no excuses to playing this bad. Yes, the PG position is hurting the team but it’s been bad play execution and ball rotation that’s made this an ugly game. Aside of all around inconsistency by many…SMH.

      • Daryl Peek

        We just sucked tonight! Nobody was making shots. Free throws kept us in early. Delete this game…

        • Jim213

          Kaman played good defense but took too many shots rather than play more of an inside out game but given that the Lakers shot 32.5% FG% it’s somewhat understandable though criticism results when many are missed as 20% = 3P% too.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed on Kaman, he was a monster on on the boards and protecting the rim. Johnson is in an unbelievable slump. Williams is playing great D but is not being aggressive at all offensively. X seem to only get going at home? That third quarter was painful to watch

    • Gregory Choa

      I thought the effort was there, but the execution was not. Things broke down in a hurry in that horrific 3rd quarter.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers are 29th in the NBA in rebounding i am sick and tired of the blame going on the point guard it’s the rebounding that is destroying the Lakers.We need to get some bangers that are willing and able to rebound.Otherwise the Lakers just couldn’t score after the first quarter.Lakers lose by 19,yes no effort no heart and no real reason to watch this product for most fans.Blowout loss to the Warriors.

  • Mitch

    The Lakers are not only 29th in defense to the poster in this thread talking about rebounding well the Lakers are also 28th in points allowed and now factor in their are only 30 teams and you know it’s bad news for the Lakers.

    Mike D’Antoni is the reason the Lakers can’t rebound and can’t defend up to regular standards.Mike D’Antoni is the biggest reason why the Lakers are struggling so bad this last couple seasons.His way of coaching is a one way ticket to disaster,this is the reason you are seeing the Lakers struggle to make the playoffs and also they get blown out more than they ever have before.

    Mike D’Antoni has our team sitting at 29th in rebounding and 28th on defense,those two categories are very important for the teams success so far it’s been a huge problem for the Lakers.Small ball is not operating properly in Los Angeles.The pace he wants to play at is a joke we are not able to do it.Too many inconsistent lineups and rotations are imploding the team.

    Lakers are also a bad shooting team the team FG% is one of the worst in the NBA,i can guarantee you ladies and gentleman one thing Mike D’Antoni won’t coaching the Lakers much longer.This is a short term fix that we thought would work out but obviously we have been proven wrong it won’t work out here in Los Angeles.Mike D’Antoni is a lame duck coach at this point he is just waiting to be called into the office for his firing.

    Well i hope he knows he got a chance and failed miserably.Just look at how Jeff is coaching the Suns this season they have hardly any talent outside of Bledsoe and Dragic yet they are in the playoffs mix and then you have Portland and Terry is doing a great job coaching them.Our Lakers are not being coached right and it’s time for a coachingchange.

  • nicolas el atieh

    Jordan hill having a good night
    He got no playing time