Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets NBA Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets NBA Highlights


The Lakers were back in action Friday night after Thursday’s loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers had to get over the worst loss in franchise history quickly as they took on the Denver Nuggets in the Pepsi Center. Coming into the matchup, the Lakers had a record of 21-41. Check out the highlights below:

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    same ol same ol… can’t get a stop when we need to… half hearted rotation on defense….

  • truth24

    Yesss another loss!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha lakers suck.
    Marshall is so fing slow and can’t play d like everyone else on this Jim bust rister!!! And Kelly shouldn’t be scoring this much. Shoot around report: lakers look to rebound from embarrassing loss!!!!!!

    • Guest

      What do you mean “Kelly shouldn’t be scoring this much”? It’s good that our rookie this good. For PF he is is doing better than average. And also get the fuck out of here with yay Lakers lost. No matter what the situation, a team should never, EVER lose on purpose.