Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Denver Nuggets NBA Highlights Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers will once again take on the Denver Nuggets in their third preseason game of the season. After losing their previous game to the Nuggets, Mike D'Anton The Lakers will once again take on the Denver Nuggets in their third preseason game of the season. After losing their previous game to the Nuggets, Mike D'Anton Rating:
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Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Denver Nuggets NBA Highlights

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The Lakers will once again take on the Denver Nuggets in their third preseason game of the season. After losing their previous game to the Nuggets, Mike D’Antoni will be looking to try a different starting line-up which will include both big men Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman. It will be the first time the two take the floor together and it will be interesting to see how well the two play along side each other.











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  • http://visigraph.com/ barry brown

    keep pushing it lakers! You’re going to need these preseason games to tune up before the season begins. So far so good…

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Can’t watch the game but monitoring the play-by-play from espn.. seems like the lakers are humming beautifully… the tandem of Gasol and Kaman is really doing great both on both side of the floor.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Nick Young has 3 assist! in the first half….

  • CharlieMurphy!

    Pau and Kaman’s gonna be somethin’. =D

  • cj

    landry looks like a freshmen trying to play varsity. you can tell he can shoot but the nba is so fast hes rushing his shots. wes seams to be doing the same thing you can tell they can shoot but they are chunking their shots because the game is so fast they are being rushed. hopefully mike can help hem speed up their shots.

    • Henock G

      Or rather, Mike should help them find the right pace..?

      • cj

        no its not our pace its the nbas pace. if you ever played in school ball you would no how much faster sr’s are the softmore or freshman but the pace of the game does not change it the speed of the d and how you need to react. they look like they are rooks playing for the first time.

  • Henock G

    This is very encouraging. Steve Blake is picking up on Nash’s game, Nick Young is already showing why he’s putting “Swaggy P” on his back, Kaman and Pau are showing synergy… Lots of good things going on here.

  • AmericanMarcos

    Tres Assist-man : Nash to Gasol to Kaman !!!

  • LAL

    The moment Kobe returns, everything will fall apart. Why? Because ball-hogger’s ego is bigger than the team. I’m not saying Kobe is a bad player but he’s ruining the team rhythm whenever he got the ball. Look at tonight’s game, the flow is smooth but when Kobe returns, he’ll be asking the ball all the time and slowing down the game. The Lakers are predictable when Kobe playing. Not only that, the team’s morale also drop because they feel like they are doing all the hard work but Kobe took the credits because he’s the leading scorer. Often times people forget that Kobe jacking too many shots. Anyone with that kind of attempts can score that much. Nash probably score 30+ points if he’s attempting the same number of shots like Kobe.

    I hope MDA grew some balls and tell Kobe that Nash going to facilitate this year and put limits on the number of shots that Kobe can attempt/game. Be like Spurs, no need for personal glory. Win the championship!

    • Jim213

      CM, we’ll find out how the team plays until Kobe’s return. The team played good the first half but giving up a two digit lead in the 4th qtr shouldn’t have taken place if the game was managed correctly on the court. Of course this is pre-season but it would’ve been bad if the team lost especially since they outplayed the Nuggs during most of the game.

      Looks like Brian Shaw wanted to beat the Lakers badly given that he had starters playing serious minutes which included the final minutes of the game. But Jordan Hill stood out today given his hustle which helped to bring over 10+ rebounds which just shows that the coach should keep him as is and not try to redefine his role as a possible stretch 4.

      • Eddie Lazaro

        I love the chemistry this team has been showing so far, esp the bigs. Tho the rebounding part and defense inside the paint is something that needs to be addressed, same with the transition defense where they always get beat on fastbreaks. Too bad Farmar did not (injured?) play, but Steve Blake held his own with flashes of the end of last seasons. Hill is showing what he can do when healthy and love his aggressiveness and energy in protecting the paint. It can only get better boys, keep the good practice going until the #Vino gets ready to suit up and join. All the way Lakers!

        • Jim213

          Rebounding is a work in process but J Hill and possibly E Harris can help the team in the long run with this task. On both sides of the court the team seems to get beat to the punch (so far) for those rebounds.

          Within defense it seems like one person is within the paint to get the rebound? Same goes offensively too which may be due in part bad positioning.

          A few players today struggled but given that it’s pre-season critiques will be saved for a later time though the vets shouldn’t have issues with their execution.

    • Terrence

      And some people forget why he was jacking up so many shots. Nash out, Pau out sometimes, Howard very limited, Blake out a good chunk of the season, Jamison with the bad wrist at the end of the year. Having to rely on Chris Duhon and Darius Morris for major contribution, it is surprising they didn’t finish below .500.

    • Daryl Peek

      I will wait and see how Kobe integrates upon return. It’s ridiculous to say Kobe has hindered the team! Again, Kobe has taken less shots than LeBron per game average over his career. I do agree Kobe needs to let Nash and the other PG’s run the offense most of the time. The offense is being set that way therefore it would be an interruption to stray away from that.

      Last season was a bad reference of that as expectation for this season. The Princeton offense coupled with all the injuries put the ball in Kobe’s hands as facilitator. By the time Nash got back from his broken leg it was too late to install the D’Antoni PG centered system, we needed wins anyway we could get them!

      The success of the team without Kobe will determine his role coming back IMO. If Kobe tries to change things that are working at said time then I’ll agree with your assessment of me over team.

  • Daryl Peek

    Both Henry and Young have that knack for getting to the rack. I want to see them work on passing the ball to a man diving to the front of the rim when the double comes. Henry made that shot but Sacre was wide open for the pass. Young made a good pass to Hill on a drive to the hoop. The more both do that, the more dangerous they become offensively. It will help increase their shooting percentages also. Defenders will be hesitant in how hard they show in challenging their shots giving them more space to get the shot off due to the threat of the dump off pass.

  • Average Joe

    Go Lakers!

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