Los Angeles Lakers Long Shots To Win 2015 NBA Title Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="312"] The consensus heading into the 2014-15 NBA season is the Los Angeles Lakers will not make the playoffs for a second consecutive seaso [new_royalslider id="312"] The consensus heading into the 2014-15 NBA season is the Los Angeles Lakers will not make the playoffs for a second consecutive seaso Rating: 0
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Los Angeles Lakers Long Shots To Win 2015 NBA Title

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The consensus heading into the 2014-15 NBA season is the Los Angeles Lakers will not make the playoffs for a second consecutive season. With the Lakers only missing the postseason five times since moving to Los Angeles in 1960, the storied franchise is in unfamiliar territory with uncertain future ahead.

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Although Kobe Bryant is expected to be 100 percent healthy heading into next season, the Lakers aren’t expected to be a major threat in the Western Conference. As a result, Los Angeles has long odds to win a title.

According to Sportsbook.com, the Lakers have 90/1 odds to win the NBA championship next season.

As of right now, LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers are favored to win the title in 2015. The Cavs have 16/5 odds to come out on top followed by the San Antonio Spurs (4/1), Oklahoma City Thunder (13/2) and Chicago Bulls (9/1).

The Lakers have brought back the majority of the roster from last season that won a franchise-low 27 games. Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson and Ryan Kelly will return along with Kobe, Steve Nash and Robert Sacre.

Fortunately, the Lakers were able to bring in a few veterans to help improve the roster with the additions of Jeremy Lin, Ed Davis, and Carlos Boozer. Even though none of these players are game-changers like LeBron or Carmelo Anthony would’ve been, the Lakers could defy the odds this season while trying to put the pieces back together in the twilight of Kobe’s career in Los Angeles.

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  • Ray-Marcus

    Lets be honest…we as fans are all banking on the players we have to really improve on what they did last season to give as a shot for the playoffs. The odds are a reflection of what the players did last season and sadly its looking rather accurate. The Lakers most likely need a Most Improved Player candidate to be a playoff team. Teams like the Pelicans and the Wolves also have very deep rosters. I will support the team to the end but the FO are made a huge gamble by not gambling on second tier guys like Lance and Parsons

    • Realistic Laker Fan

      I agree with everything expect for the Wolves part they are a really young team who probably won’t make the playoffs for another 2-4 years.

      • Ray-Marcus

        Well, they have Pekovic, Thad Young, Kevin Martin who have all proved to be offensive studs who can average 15-21 a game…they have a stud young pg in Rubio and good rookies in Wiggins, Lavine and a resurgent Anthony Bennet….that’s a really deep team

        • Chris Park

          You have mentioned 7 players none of which are all-star calibers don’t see how that is a good nor deep team. (Although assuming that Lavine, Wiggins are not bust wolves will look damn good in 2~3 years)

        • ThatGuy

          no thats a tank machine. pek and martin had love and went no where. thad had spencer hawes and evan turner and went no where. Lets talk about reality. The Lakers have proven talent on the team. We have Kobe – If he is healthy he can do his thing on offense. We have Jeremy Lin – Improving every season defensively and offensively shooting a high percentage in the paint and behind the arch, Nick Young is a great offensive player one of the most efficient guards in the league. Great catch and shoot player can get his shot whenever. Carlos Boozer is a great big that wasnt utilized properly in chicago during D.Rose’ absense both he and Jordan Hill are double Double machines. Our bench has alot of high ceiling players as well. Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, Randle, Clarkson, blah blah blah. people forget our team was playing 500 ball last season in D’antoni’s offense that played no defense. Then the injury bug came. The only team that had an excuse for its poor showing besides the lakers were the pelicans. Both were injured. The wolves just did what the wolves do…..Miss the playoffs. This season we will actually play basketball. Offense + Defense

          • joshhh

            obviously the odds r against the lakers but u never know when it come kobe bryant so im not guarenteeing anyhting

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            That’s assuiming Kobe can be Kobe, no 36 year old has averaged 20+ ppg in the NBA. Outside of his 3 point shot Lin didn’t really improve much most of his career highs (PPG,APG,RPG, FG%) are from 2-3 years ago in NYK, Boozer is coming off his worst year in his career so hopefully he can bounce back, Johnson is barely in the NBA, Henry is inconsistent and kind of injury prone, and I wouldn’t rely to heavily on two rookies they need time to adjust to the NBA and add to their game. Kobe and Scott’s defense is going to either make or break the Lakers this season

          • ThatGuy

            Guy dirk just dropped 21 last season at 35. Mj averaged 20+ with the wizards. Johnson has been a wreck in the nba because of bad coaches and lack of mental focus. But if he has kobe in his ears he will be a new ariza. A guy like him we just need him to be a utility. We need role players not superstars. He just needs to defend, rebound, catch and shoot. Stick to the team game plan. The team can totally play the crash the boards game. Every player on our team has the ability to go and get boards that should be the focus. I dont expect us to be getting a bunch of steals or blocking a ton of shots. Defense is all about rotations and keeping the opponents fg% down. the plan should be Top 10 Offensive Efficiency. 5 Rebounding. 20 Defensive efficiency.

            If that can happen the team is a sure playoff team.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            MJ’s stats with the Wizards are inflated only 3 players on that team averaged double digit numbers in points (MJ,Hamilton, and Whitney), I doubt Dirk averages more then 20+ ppg next season with their all around team. Johnson isn’t a good player, he still doesn’t have an offensive game at 27 years old, his defense and athleticism is his only saving grace at this point. Scott isn’t known for having an effecient offensive system but who knows what can happen next year, defense is going to make or break the team next year.

          • ThatGuy

            during the 2000-2001 season only 3 players averaged double figures. Kobe shaq and fisher. Does that means that shaq or kobe’s numbers were inflated………… Either u score or u dont. Cant downplay a players stats based on what his team mates fail to do. Jordan averaged 22, 5&5. and the team was pretty balanced in scoring if u ask me.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            No it means his stats were inflated, Jordan averaged about 23ppg on 21FGA that year plus they were one of the worst teams in the league that’s how they got Kwame Brown. The 2000-2001 Lakers and the 2000-2001 Wizards were complete opposites the Lakers where a quality team with depth, the Wizards were not.

          • nlruizjr

            I don’t think offense will be a problem with this Laker team and if BScott can bring this team around on defense that could make the difference between a playoff team and a bottom dweller, the Lakers have alot of youth this time around, youth with experience and also some youth with talent, this could be a formula for surprising alot of teams, the Lakers will be a big sleeper this season with alot of upside.

          • kb24

            how bout MJ23?

        • Realistic Laker Fan

          They aren’t going to make the playoffs Rubio can’t shoot the ball and needs to improve his defense, Martin is inconsistent, Young’s stats might be inflated playing on a terrible team last year, Bennet coming off a historically bad year for a #1 draft pick, and two rookies who need to add weight,get use to the NBA,and develop their games.

    • Robert Knowles

      screw lance and parsons who said nick young or xavier henry cant become great role players for the lakers this season coming up???? i believe in those players on the lakers and i definitely believe in kobe!!!

    • kb24

      dont worry bro, LAKERS HAS A BLOCKBUSTER TRADE INCOMING, depends on adam if it will be vetoed due to BASKETBALL REASONS

  • Zach

    We knew when Bryant signed the ridiculously ovepaying contract the team would have its hands tied and miss the playoffs for at least 2-3 years. Ah well, when Kobe heads off into the sunset the team can try to start fresh. But no other star wants to play with a me-first gunner who’s only sticking around to chase the points record.

    • TheReal

      Actually their are plenty of fools around here that still think the team will still compete for a title in Kobe’s last years. Other than that you’re spot on. Kobe can get his money and gun for the records. His ring winning days are over.

    • Kishan

      since u have given the shittiest statement…. now explain who do u think lakers could of got if kobe took lets say 16 million per year ????

      • Zach

        Well for starters, maybe LBJ or ‘Melo considers them? But neither would play making less than Kobe when they’re both considerably better than him. And on a lesser level, maybe go after a Bledsoe or a Drummond. Can you explain why paying a washed-up gunner is worth so much?

        • TheReal

          Because in his eyes Kobe is God. Kobe’s barely worth half of his current salary.

          • Ray-Marcus

            C’mon guys! It was a gamble but we will only know for certain once the season starts. MJ won the finals in 98 and I believe he averaged 28 for the season at 35. I’m not saying KB will score 28 but 35-36 for a great player like that could still be very productive

        • Kishan

          NO chance James… he was always going cleveland and we offered him more money than what he’s getting in cleveland…… lakers offered 24 million per year for Melo…. and if we went more Knicks would still match. Bledsoe is not worth max…. and if we did offer a max we still gotta give Suns something coz he’s restricted same goes to Monroe…… so its best to get them by sign n trade ( glad ZACH ur not a ZM) and too ur last question i agree Kobe is over paid and he’s not worth 24mill….. BUT thats not the point coz even if he did take a less money it wouldn’t make any difference on free agency……. any thing else to say ???

          • Robert Knowles


          • Kishan

            u don’t pay someone by what they did in the past…. if MJ came out of retirement would you pay him 30million???? Im sure u wouldn’t kobe is not the same but tbh i don’t care I’m happy Kobe is getting 48million he’s earned it all

        • Robert Knowles


          • Ryan Tooker

            The lakers wouldn’t have gotten Melo or Lebron, BUT Kyle Lowry was looking at the Lakers before resigning. If Kobe took 16, Kyle Lowry would have been offered a relatively higher salary (the remaining 8) and the Lakers would have a true Point Guard that can both pass and score. With that the Lakers would be nearly guaranteed a playoff spot with the refs on their side.

          • vdogg

            wrong. lowry jumped on the raptors’ first offer, which was very generous. unlikely that the lakers would have swayed him had they had more cap room.

        • gmoney

          Melo could’ve came to the lakers for about max with kobe’s deal so idk wat ur talking about…

          • Zach

            Yes, but that would have used up all the money and ‘Melo knew they’d need another guy still. Kobe plus ‘Melo equals maybe 35 wins in the West right now. Bryant should have been classy like Duncan, but now he’s got no shot at another ring.

  • Mike

    90/1 odds…..sooooo you’re saying theres a chance….

    • david

      unfortunately with that odd twenty nine other teams have a higher chance.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I never thought i would see the day that a Lakers team with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash would be 90/1 to win the NBA Championship.Wow reality is a motherfucker.

  • The Neptunes

    We just signed Clarkson!!

  • TheReal

    Obvious odds are obvious.

  • Kyle

    The Lakers will make the playoffs maybe but no title.

  • jelldog

    10 bucks on the Lakers

  • tehabz

    I like our chances

  • Kerran Culmer

    To me the Lakers are a a very good team right now we have a bunch off Pf all we need is another good center who could block shots and play different and I think that nick young should imporve his game more cause last year he played really well and he was averaging like 25 a game and xavier henry,and wesley johnson are very good players and score on fast break and very quick the can score points like 15 to we then have 3 point guards lin can average 15 a game so as steve nash or maybe 20 and the young point guard thats coming up Jordan clarkson his quickness and I sure he will be able to play defense very well because we have a defense minded coach Bryon Scott and Julius Randle a very good Pf plays defense he actually gets boards and can block shots he reminds me off Zach Randle very creative with the boards carlos bozer and ed davis are very good players I dont know why everyone is doubting them but they didnt get to play as much minutes as they would like last year to show everyone there skill set but now with the lakers they can play the minutes they would like and average about 15 a game am very sure off that ed davis can get rebounds to and Jordan Hill jordan hill he is a player he dont call for the ball he just like to play defense and get rebounds he can score as well to he just needs to improve his foot works and his 15 jump shots game and Kobe is coming back still can average 25 a game might not be quick but still can play defense still got his fade away game his jump shots and can score at will the message he sent Lebron James means to me that when he comes back he will be better than ever he said go ahead and win Mvp’s and finals Mvp’ but am going to win Championships Kobe bryant words to Lebron james everyone have to realize that for the last three years kobe havent really played ball like that because they always got bounce out the first round and last year he playe like 6 games .? and for the first time in his career he sat out a hold season everyone should know that aint kobe right so Bryon Scoot needs to change the mind set of everyone in the locker room he them know what kobe is capable off doing he just need to get the other players mind set on championships and for the people that said Bryon Scoot doesnt have no team to work with and Bryon said he self the lakers team will surprise everyone this year thumps up to that and Bryon didnt got to coach a superstar someone like kobe tell now chris paul was a rookie when he coach them got them to the playoffs kyrie irviing good point guard but he needed help but now Bryon got someone like kobe a superstar and someone who knows about winning he got chris paul to the playoffs so what do you think he can do wit kobe ? come on lets look at the facts

  • Kerran Culmer

    Kobe Bryant said to Lebron James “Go ahead and win Mvp’s amd Finals Mvp’s but am going to win Championships” Lakers will make playoffs this year no matter what kobe bryant ios 100% a healthy kobe is a playoffs lakers team and we got some good pick up this season young and talented.

  • swagmeister

    Kobe=Comeback play of the Year. (2-1 odds)
    Swaggy-P = 6th Man of the year. (10-1 odds)
    J. Randle = Rookie of the Year. (9-1 odds)
    Lakers make the playoffs. (12-1 odds)

  • Zach

    Let’s keep it real, this team has no chance at a title until Kobe quits. He got greedy with that fat contract and now the Lakers are done for at least two years…watching him fervently chase the points title at the expense of the team is just lame…

  • 1mtoldman

    the vegas odds ive seen (follow the money) have lakers better at 66/1 and in a sort of 3rd tier above at least a think 6 teams. something like that. in a group with pelicans and nets maybe?

  • wangkon936

    This is somehow news?

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