Longtime Laker Fan Flea Calls For Mike D’Antoni To Be Fired Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have a long list of famous fans from Jack Nicholson to Dyan Cannon to David Beckham, but one famous fan stands out amongst the rest in te The Los Angeles Lakers have a long list of famous fans from Jack Nicholson to Dyan Cannon to David Beckham, but one famous fan stands out amongst the rest in te Rating: 0
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Longtime Laker Fan Flea Calls For Mike D’Antoni To Be Fired

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FleaThe Los Angeles Lakers have a long list of famous fans from Jack Nicholson to Dyan Cannon to David Beckham, but one famous fan stands out amongst the rest in terms of expressing his opinions publicly.

Red Hot Cilli Peppers bassist Flea is finally fed up of head coach Mike D’Antoni. After the being destroyed by the division rival Phoenix Suns by 27 points and one day before taking on arguably the best team in the league in the Miami Heat, Flea let it be known that he wants D’Antoni fired via Twitter:

With the Lakers sitting at 13-15 heading into the Christmas Day showdown with LeBron James and company, the storied franchise is currently in 10th place in the Western Conference. The Denver Nuggets (14-13) and Golden State Warriors (16-13) stand in the team’s way of making the playoffs at this point in time and that may continue to be the case for the rest of the way.

The Lakers haven’t missed the playoffs since 2005 and have only been on the outside looking in on the postseason five times in franchise history. Obviously, with a tradition of being a perennial playoff contender, avid fans like Flea aren’t happy and want to see something done immediately.

Unfortunately for Flea, and fans that have been calling for D’Antoni’s firing since last season, the team has made any indication that they’re considering making a change. The Lakers’ front office has stuck by D’Antoni and will likely continue to moving forward.
The Lakers Wish Lakers Nation A Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

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  • jeremy

    what does flea know when did the lakers ever have a loaded roster. last year besides the starters they only had like one decent bench player and this year lakers never had a full roster. at least one player always been hurt

    • Martin

      D’Antoni has done a good job. His style of play is the style of the future. Every year in the NBA there are more 3 point shots attempted and more made than in the previous year. Aside from Gasol (who is vastly overpaid), the Laker team on the floor is largely made up of players earning about a million a year and yet, that team has been competitive with teams with much higher priced players. Night in and night out, the team is playing with incredible hustle and desire. If anyone is to be faulted, it is management. The Nash deal has turned out to be a disaster and it is likely that the Bryant extension will turn out the same way.

  • Gregory Choa

    Oh, well, if Flea is calling for Mike D’Antoni’s firing then maybe he should really be fired! …not! I’m with Jeremy, let’s reserve final judgement until MDA has had his full roster available for…oh, I don’t know…how about two weeks worth of games just to give it some sort of real sample size, before we render real judgement on the guy.

    • 3339

      ya let’s just waste Kobe’s final years to give dantoni more chances then he deserves.

  • e3bonz

    Flea is just expressing the same sentiments as many fans have, some will agree some won’t. It’s been mentioned that winning this all go away.

  • Paytc

    I did not think firing Mike Brown after only 4 or 5 games into the season was a good idea. I think it’s better to let players and coaches play the season out. Winning cures all ills. If we win there will still be some on both sides of the fence on firing or keeping MDA. As a fan I will leave his fate up to the teams performance this season, and the F.O. decision.The coach will still be the coach whoever we get. We may or not get a better replacement for MDA if we decide to fire him?

    I understand the fans frustration with MDA . We Laker’s have high expectations and have had better coaching. However……..

    The players need to keep “stepping up ” regardless.

    And to the fans…..We can’t get too high after a couple of wins or too low with several losses.
    The goal remains the same. Get a healthy roster,make the playoffs,and play our best ball when it counts most. Welcome back Farmar.

    Go Lakers !

    • hookedonnews

      The Lakers prior season under Brown was disappointing, and they lost all of their preseason games plus the games in the regular season. They saw that the Princeton offense was a non-starter and a waste of a player like Nash. That’s why the change was made. It was a combination of what had gone on the year before plus the disastrous start to last season. Kobe’s death stare was probably another factor (kidding, but maybe). Nice start to the game with the Heat. Hope they can sustain it the whole game. These guys are beatable. Good to see Farmar back.

      • Paytc

        I didn’t have a problem with letting Mike Brown go. And I would not have a problem letting MDA go. It’s the timing that I take issue with. When a team develops chemistry and rhythm under a coaches guidance in both training camp and preseason it’s a step backwards to lose that by firing the coach during the season IMO. You have to develop things all over again. The new coach has to develop repore and respect,and players have to learn and buy into a system. That takes time under the duress of competitive regular season games.

        I firmly believe the Lakers under Mike Brown were gonna make the playoffs last season. There was no doubt in my mind about that. I think everyone who was not part of the plan to bring in MDA all along could agree with that.

        The move to get MDA together with Steve Nash was why Brown was fired IMO. I am not sure that worked out as planned?

        Tonight we saw why you need to be in rhythm in the NBA .
        Jordan Farmar time away was evident IMO. Farmar was a bit out of sink from what I saw.And we could have rebounded better on the defensive end. It was however good to have Farmar return, but not great timing playing the back to back champs while a bit rusty.

        Swaggy P showed everyone what confidence looks like.
        I can’t wait till we can spread him and Kobe on opposite sides of the floor and post up Gasol. Or spread Meeks and Swaggy on opposite sides and post up both Gasol and Kobe. We would score just about at will. But defense and rebounds would still require more attention.

        The next 4 or so games are all very winnable. Hopefully we can take advantage of the soft parts in our schedule and pull off an occasional upset.

        The goal remains the same. Get a healthy roster,make the playoffs,and play our best ball when it counts most.

        Go Lakers !

        • hookedonnews

          I think most fans were happy to see Mike Brown go. I’m still trying to figure out why he was hired in the first place. I don’t believe the Lakers would have gone any farther under Brown than they did MDA last season. No one could have overcome those injuries, and the Princeton offense was a horrible idea. I really don’t see a reason to fire D’Antoni now unless things go south. You’re right that it’s rarely a good idea to change coaches during the season. If Popovich was available I would say fire him tomorrow, but he’s not. I hope we can make the playoffs and get everyone healthy for a late run. Loved the effort today, especially by Jordan Hill and Young. Farmar will get in sync eventually, but he is prone to turnovers. He’ll need to get that under control because this team can’t afford TOs.

          • Paytc

            Good post ! I can agree with everything you said.

            I think Farmar will definitely play better once he gets re-conditioned to play at a high level. He was playing a pretty good Miami Heat team on his 1st game back still testing his hamstring.

            You have to think about the level of challenge your taking on when returning from injuries. That is why I had Dec 20th as Kobe’s return date,and was a little concerned he came back about 5 games sooner. I didn’t think Kobe was ready to play PG at OKC so soon, or all the road games leading up to the Miami Heat game(especially without a PG).

            I think both Kobe and MDA need to ease Kobe back into things strategically. They need to be sure he has a good supporting cast, because Kobe plays to win and will give max effort to do it with or without help.

            Yes they gave a spirited effort against the Heat. Hopefully they will take away lots of positives and work to improve the weak areas of concern.

            Go Lakers !

  • ersliva


    • hookedonnews

      No FO listens to fans about personnel decisions. Dr. Buss approved the hiring of D’Antoni. Why don’t you read Jerry West’s comments about the job D’Antoni is doing. Dr. Buss didn’t want Phil Jackson running the Lakers FO. As much as fans would like input about these things, it’s not our job. If you want to have that kind of input, buy a team or get a job as a GM.

      • 3339

        dantoni sucks. Miami is basically toying with the Lakers right now.

        • hookedonnews

          That’s disrespectful to the players and BS. Like I said, Jerry West thinks MDA has done a great job with these players. Maybe you think you know more than Jerry. The fact that they are not being blown off the court without Kobe, Nash & Blake should tell you something. Oh, wait. Miami isn’t trying. Right.

          • 3339

            What Jerry West says has no influence on my opinion. The Lakers will have 1 good game followed by many bad ones. The Lakers aren’t winning. Thats all that matters. When Kobe was back dantoni was complaining about him. He can’t coach. When the Lakers add better players he will struggle to use them right, just like Dwight.

          • hookedonnews

            It’s not just West who’s praising D’Antoni. You don’t seem to realize who’s on the floor. D’Antoni wasn’t complaining about Kobe. You just appear to have a negative attitude about D’Antoni no matter what the team does. Nobody expected this team to do anything without Kobe. Whether you want to admit it or not, he’s done a good job coaching these guys and most people recognize it.

          • 3339

            What are they doing exactly? 13-15 10th in the west and no threat to any teams in the playoffs? They’re doing exactly what people expected so stop acting like dantoni is a miracle worker.
            The heat are sleepwalking through this just like the Lakers did when we went for 3 in a row.

          • hookedonnews

            No, they are not doing what people expected. They expected a record more like the Knicks or the Nets. Look. Anybody who is an impartial observer would recognize a good coaching job when they see it. Your hatred for MDA is clouding your judgment. I don’t know why you find it necessary to downplay what these players are doing today. They are playing the World Champions, and they are giving them a good game. No one is saying D’Antoni is the second coming of Phil Jackson or Red Auerbach. But if you can’t see he’s done a good job something is wrong. When you’re playing without 3 of your best players and still being competitive someone is doing something right.

          • 3339

            Nobody worries about playing us; they’re doing exactly what people expected.

          • hookedonnews

            That is not an honest appraisal and provably false. If no one worries about playing us it’s because Kobe, Nash, and Blake are out not because of the coach. You act like we haven’t beaten any good teams.

          • 3339

            You love this coach for some reason even though the team is not winning and just like every other average team, capable of winning some games because they have a roster of pros. I don’t get you man. 13-16 is nothing to praise or call a success. right now we are only ahead of memphis, sacramento, and utah in the west and should throw a damn parade according to you.
            I don’t get you man, I really don’t. We aren’t winning or playing consistently good basketball yet you are acting like we are because we get random wins over the clippers and rockets.

          • hookedonnews

            I didn’t say I loved the guy. I just recognize that he’s done a good job with not a lot to work with. I don’t know what you think another coach could have done with this roster. Of course we’re not going to be burning down the league with the injuries we’ve had. We were on a good run before Kobe came back. That disrupted the rhythm and they were just getting it back when he got hurt again. Until today they had no PG since Blake & Kobe (not a real PG) went down. Every NBA pundit that I’ve heard comment on the team has said good things about what D’Antoni has managed to do with a bunch of guys who couldn’t make it with other teams and have been together such a short time. You have to be realistic about what can be done under those circumstances. No one thinks we should have a parade, but there’s no reason not to appreciate what these guys have done. They have played hard and deserve a little credit. Teams with a lot more talent on the floor who have played together a lot longer have worse records. I’m sure you’re going to tell me that we expect championships not below .500 records. That’s right, but you have to have the players to get those championships. Right now we don’t have that many elite players on the court.

          • 3339

            they should not be credited for playing hard. Playing hard is expected for pro athletes.

          • hookedonnews

            Man! Are you a fan or a critic? Yes, they’re pros, but pros don’t always play hard. To play this well against the Heat without Kobe, Nash, and Blake and with Farmar clearly not yet in sync says something about these guys and their coach. Just be glad you don’t live in NY. Then you’d really have something to complain about.

  • hookedonnews

    Yes, let’s put a guy who plays the guitar in his underwear in public in charge of making decisions on who should coach the Lakers. Right.

    • Trek Life

      It’s odd how 2 people actually disliked the most accurate comment.

      I hope people don’t seriously think that Flea would know how to run an NBA team

  • 3339

    Completely agree with everything this guy said. Why can’t the front office see this about dantoni?

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    I don’t care who says fire D’Antoni,I agree.

  • GM Jack

    Which other coach do you think can do better with this group?

    • Trek Life

      There aren’t many out there at all. Most of the other coaches that people are saying have losing records and Phil would’ve bailed on this team before summer

  • Purpleloft

    Well what do u expect from a guy with the basketbal iq of a euh,..flea…

  • Matt Williams

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but next year is D’Antoni’s last year right? Cut him loose!! Call Lionel Hollins. We need to get back to basics. Pure basketball, plus defense defense defense!!!

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