Longtime Fan Attempts To Recruit LeBron To L.A. On Christmas Reviewed by Momizat on . On Christmas Day, the Los Angeles Lakers had to face off against the reigning two-time NBA champion Miami Heat in front of the Lakers faithful at the Staples Ce On Christmas Day, the Los Angeles Lakers had to face off against the reigning two-time NBA champion Miami Heat in front of the Lakers faithful at the Staples Ce Rating: 0
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Longtime Fan Attempts To Recruit LeBron To L.A. On Christmas

LeBron JamesOn Christmas Day, the Los Angeles Lakers had to face off against the reigning two-time NBA champion Miami Heat in front of the Lakers faithful at the Staples Center without Kobe Bryant in the lineup.

Ultimately, the Lakers put up a much better effort against the Heat than anticipated. Many believe the Heat would wipe the floor with the Lakers and embarrass Mike D’Antoni’s squad at home, but that didn’t turn out to be the case with the Lakers making things competitive.

One avid Lakers fan, and longtime courtside season ticket holder, tried to make a pitch to LeBron James on Christmas Day. The fan was wearing a custom No. 6 Lakers jersey with James name on the back via Dave McMenammin of ESPN Los Angeles via Twitter:

James will be the one superstar that every team with cap space will be targeting in July. Although many believe James will simply re-sign with the Heat, the four-time NBA MVP may shock the world once again and head elsewhere. One possibility is James signing with the Lakers. The storied franchise would love to bring in arguably the best player in the game to help turn the team around alongside Kobe Bryant, but it’s a stretch to say the least that Mitch Kupchak and company could convince him to come to Los Angeles.

LeBron James Says Christmas Game Isn’t As Special Without Kobe Bryant

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  • Namdi

    It can’t hurt to try. Whether Kobe and a good number of laker fans admit it or not, Kobe’s chances of winning another title the next 2 yrs is him easing into the sidekick/robin role, and let a Lebron-like superstar or somewhat take the reins. It might even prolong Kobe’s career since it’s not all on him. But I think ego and pride will keep it from happening.

    • GM Jack

      Are Lakers fans dreaming. Why would Lebron come to a franchise that is in a rebuilding process. He is going to be 29, by the time the Lakers rebuild, he will be 35.

      Also, Lakers should have signed DH last year, and this year they could have added Melo. They would have been in the hunt for the next 4 years. But, Kobe would have never accepted a 2 years $20 million extension to make it all work.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    2014 Top Free Agents In Order According To Me.

    1.LeBron James
    2.Carmelo Anthony
    3.Luol Deng
    4.Danny Granger

    LeBron James is the only one Lakers should target.Carmelo is awesome also.

    • Jose

      The Lakers should not target Carmelo he is a repeat of Kobe minus the ability to make assists. James or Deng would be better but I don’t think that they will land in LA and if Lakers don’t land Lebron they should keep the cap space for the 2015 off season when they can get at Aldridge or Love.

    • Sega

      I would scratch off Melo and Deng.

  • http://YoureInMyDreamsNow.tumblr.com/ Roy Hanks

    As much as I hate to admit this, luring LeBron to L.A. is the only way Kobe is going to get that 6th championship ring.

    • kobe24

      Agreed, but if I were Lebron there is no way that I am leaving Miami for LA unless Melo and Kobe comes up and says to form another super team (which obviously is never going to happen)

  • GM Jack

    Honestly, Lakers could have planed to recruit him. As a fan of the Lakers and NBA, Lebron will not come to the Lakers. He has rings in Miami, he as a team, and He is gunning for more rings in Miami, even if they do not win this year. Bosh is still prime, Lebron is still prime.

    With Pat Riley gunning the show, there is big rumor that DeMarcus Cousin will go to Miami, If Wad decides to retire and defer he salary. Which could be the case, if Wade wins this year, with his ailing knees, that is a great option. With 4 rings, there is not much for Wad to proof. He will never be considered Jordan or Magic, even if he wins more.

    • vdogg

      how would they get cousins? SAC just extended him and they are not dumb enough to trade him.

      • GM Jack

        Just like other players demand trade. Sacto is a small market. I do not see Cousins finishing up his career there. He is big time like Love and Durant. If he was playing in NY or Los Angeles all the papers would be writing about him as the next “Moses Malone”.

  • Kenneth C. Taitt

    LeBron is going to resign in Miami,,, lets stop all the bullsh*t what if’s…

    • Gekko

      I don’t see it as a lock. Wade is on the way out. So, if you are James, do you want to marry yourself to Miami and Bosh? Bosh by himself is not big enough to do it. So, I am sure James is going to be looking at management and say who else are you going to bring in to make another championship happen.

      I agree with you that he will probably resign in Miami, but I do not see it as a lock until Miami brings another player in during the offseason.

      • GM Jack

        Lebron will stay in Miami. If Miami can come to terms with Wade to retire, and defer his contract, they might do that to create room under the Cap to get Melo. Or trade Wade, and Miami will try to get Melo.

        Melo would go to Miami.

        Bosh, is still Bosh. Miami is coasting right now. Wade has sat out 8 out of 29 games for Miam, and they are 22-7. That is very good! And Bosh has not pushed him self at all. Miami seems to be cruising at ease. Did you see them play against the Lakers, they did not break a sweat.

  • Gekko

    Man, I would love to see Lebron in a Laker uniform. However, it just does not seem realistic. The Lakers are not contenders right now, He would be taking less money and Kobe has a reputation for being hard to deal with. I would rather see them go after MELO this year (still a long shot) and try to go after Aldrige and Love next year.
    A Kobeless team in two years of of Melo, Aldridge and Love would be sweet.
    Oh, make that D’Antoniless too

    • GM Jack

      Just go for Durant, Love and Cousins….Check out Cousins this year. He has moved up to be the top 5 forward/center.

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