Let’s All Stop Blaming Mike D’Antoni For the Lakers’ Woes Reviewed by Momizat on . The headline here is going to draw some vitriol. I already know it. So before we dive into this whole situation I ask for nothing more than an open mind going f The headline here is going to draw some vitriol. I already know it. So before we dive into this whole situation I ask for nothing more than an open mind going f Rating: 0
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Let’s All Stop Blaming Mike D’Antoni For the Lakers’ Woes

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NBA: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers

The headline here is going to draw some vitriol. I already know it. So before we dive into this whole situation I ask for nothing more than an open mind going forward. Leave your preconceived conceptions of Mike D’Antoni and his coaching schemes and philosophies at the door. If you’re able to do this, we might have a strong, legitimate conversation. If not, the comment section is always below and you’re welcome to tell me why I’m an idiot.

I would expect nothing less.

Anyways, let’s get started.

The Lakers are a team that’s, well, struggling. Even with two wins over the Celtics and Raptors on their road trip, and a hard-fought loss to the Bulls, they’re still struggling. The team is third to last in the Western Conference, with just the Sacramento Kings and the Utah Jazz below them. And, let’s be honest, the Jazz would likely be struggling just as much if they were in the Pac-12.

So, needless to say, two pretty lousy teams are at the bottom of the standings, followed closely by the Lakers.

Struggling is not too harsh a word, I would say.

Now there are plenty of theories as to why the Lakers are struggling. One of those theories is the head coach, Mike D’Antoni. Who has had Laker fans rallying against him before he ever even coached a minute for this team. Sounds like a sweet gig, right?

D’Antoni, whose biggest crime is not being Phil Jackson, has been beaten, battered and lambasted by Laker fans since his arrival early last season. In defense of the fans, he hasn’t exactly done a lot to win them over in terms of public relations, but anybody who knows Mike knows that’s not his strongest asset. Just ask the New York media.

As things continue to spiral downhill, fans are getting so venomous they won’t even call him by his actual name anymore. Instead, it’s tired, played out nicknames that really aren’t very clever, but everybody thinks their joke is the original joke, and therefore somehow funny.

Clever, right? I bet you’ve never heard that one. But wait, there’s more!

  Oh, because he looks like the Pringles guy! I get it, now. Man, what a clever and degrading (is it, though?) jab at the team’s coach. I guess. And, to be honest, those are the nicer things you’ll see about D’Antoni on Twitter. Most of the (PG-rated stuff) looks more like this.



And, just for good measure…

Yeah. Phil. You want Phil. We all know. So all these people want D’Antoni gone and fired because the team is struggling. But, the reality of the entire situation looks a little more like this.

Bingo. Mike D’Antoni is the easiest man to blame for the Laker losses because Mike D’Antoni is someone that Laker fans don’t like, relate to, or want. So what does it hurt to make him the scapegoat? Couple that with his less-than-embracing interviews and some of the comments he’s made regarding certain players and rotations, and you have the perfect storm of venom and vitriol. But does that mean these opinions are closer to fact than fiction? Is the anti-D’Antoni movement validated? Think about a few things for a minute. Mike D’Antoni has taken a team full of D-League players and NBA castoffs and put together a fairly reasonable squad. I’m going to get a little narcissistic here and post something I tweeted a few weeks back so you have some idea as to what Mike is dealing with.

You expect a coach to be successful with that riding on the pine? And, spoiler alert, that’s not even counting some of the other guys that are hurt. That doesn’t take into account Xavier Henry, Jordan Farmar or Steve Blake. But, in the mind of most fans, it’s still Mike D’Antoni’s fault. You could put a coaching staff of Phil Jackson, John Wooden, Tom Cruise and Bono together and they’re not contending in the Western Conference with this roster. It’s not coaching, it’s personnel.

In fact, I would argue that Mike D’Antoni has actually exceeded expectations this season. I would argue that he’s not only done a better job than most other coaches would in this situation, but that he’s been one of the main reasons the team isn’t in complete shambles.

This is a team that has had locker room unrest and excessive losing. Those are two quick recipes for nuclear disaster in the NBA, but D’Antoni has navigated the Laker ship around it. He’s managed to keep his locker room (relatively) happy while still producing a (relatively) watchable product on the court.

Los Angeles is currently 16-26, and fourth in the Pacific Division. But of those 26 losses, 14 of them were by less than 10, meaning the Lakers contended and had a chance to win. An additional four were less than 12, which likely means it was close and the opposing team made some free throws down the stretch.

So of their 26 losses, you could argue that the Lakers were competitive in 18 of them. Given the roster and the state of flux the team has been in all season long, is that really that bad? Especially when you consider that their worst losses, the ones of 15 or more points came against Golden State (twice), Dallas (twice), Oklahoma City, Denver, Phoenix, Milwaukee, and the Clippers. Other than the Bucks, which even I’ll admit was a bit of an embarrassment for Los Angeles, all of those teams are either guaranteed to make the playoffs or won’t finish more than a few games out of them.

I might be looking to unfairly credit D’Antoni where others feel he doesn’t deserve it, but when I look at this team I see things differently. I see a team that can’t stay healthy. I see a team that hasn’t had its best players for the majority of the season. I see a team with a bunch of guys that haven’t ever fit in during their NBA career but are somehow working together – as a team – in Los Angeles.

To me, that’s coaching.

So while I’ll be the first to agree that the decision to hire Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson might not have been the best idea, I’m not going to hold it against Mike. I’m not going to condemn him because he can’t win a championship with a group of wandering vagabonds. Maybe when the team is fully loaded and still under-performing I’ll be a little more receptive to the criticism and the venom. But not yet.

And remember what I said about the main reason for the anti-D’Antoni rhetoric being because he’s not Phil Jackson, and actually has very little to do with D’Antoni himself.

Boy, I hate being right all the time.
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Daniel is the former Editor-in-Chief of LakersNation. He has also written for SLAM, ESPN and other various publications. Follow Daniel on Twitter @danielbuergeLA

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  • Nalin Shukla

    It’s not all his fault…Jim was the one who hired him and he doesn’t get any of the blame

  • Angus

    Not targeting D’Antoni here, but did you noticed the defense we played over the last 10 before Kelly inserted into the lineup and the improved defense vs. Bulls? I will say lack of foot speed is the problem, I agree it is personnel

  • Jim213

    The inept FO gets most of the blame for the product that’s on the floor. However, the coach’s rotations have cost them a few games but at this point the only place they’re heading is to the lottery draft.

    • The Little General

      Yeah it’s time for MDA to exit stage left.The coaching fraternity hates him.

    • Daryl Peek

      The team that scores the most points has a 100% success rate of wins in all competitive sports.

      • Jim213


        • kobe24

          @daryl_peek:disqus’s statement isn’t wrong. Obviously if you have more points than ur opponent gonna win 100% but in order to attain more points like you mentioned, there has to be defense.

          • Jim213

            SMH, we understand this but sounds like there’s more to this being his approval of things seeing as they’re one of the worst with regards to TO’s and defense. Hasn’t been addressed by the coach and we shouldn’t expect it to be… halfway point.

          • Daryl Peek

            Injuries, that’s all. Go back to when the team had better health and you’ll clearly see the turnovers and defense was much better. And this was with a new cast of players learning each other. Gotta stop expecting players that have never been in lead positions like this to instantly be good. No team in the NBA has 5 primary ball handlers out, and no team no matter who they were coached by or who was running the FO could survive this and win.

          • Jim213

            Brought that up too awhile ago, but TO’s have been abundant as well as the defense though not as bad as today.

          • Daryl Peek

            LMAO Of course. That was sarcasm. I love it!

            But on another note, the Showtime Lakers allowed a minimum of 109 points per game at best in their hey day. Outscoring opposition running and gunning worked just fine for them. Kevin Ding has an excellent article on Bleacher Report about D’antoni that most Lakers fans will cringe at but it’s absolute truth and speaks to the Lakers present quandary. It’s absolutely a matter of change and the refusal to adapt, and D’Antoni is not the one whose being stubborn. Check it out if y’all have time.

          • Jim213

            lol… not complaining about firing the coach now just his lack of going with the flow an not adapting to an extent to the current roster of players aside of FUNDAMENTALS. I don’t see the coach here in the long run (another year? possibility) but long term very doubtful especially if a good chunk of the masses gets put off = loss of revenue. Which may/will possibly happen down the line. Still a business which correlates to attracting the masses and having them spend on the brand.
            IMO, 5 or 6 players should return which includes Kobe, and Hill aside of a few more FAs b/c this roster won’t win or compete for rings in the long run. But just keep believing that Pau, and Nash are going to have some sort of success like in the past. Results speak for themselves and with another year of injuries best to drop the dead weight whoever they are b/c things are looking very bright for the competition.

          • Daryl Peek

            You just went back to MDA not adapting? He’s done nothing but try to adapt the whole time he been the Lakers coach. We never saw his system last season. Pau has started with Hill, Sacre and Kaman at times this season. That’s adaptation. Kelly’s insertion into the starting line up, an eventual plan from the jump as I told you over the summer, has sparked the team to play better on offensively and defensively.

            We’ve already talked about who may or may not make it past the trade deadline and I agree MDA may not be the long term solution but I highly doubt he gets fired before his contract is up. The FO is dug in on allowing him to develop the next group of Lakers.

            Now as for living in the past? Every Laker fan that’s calling D’Antoni to be fired is stuck in the past. We want Phil is their ultimate solution. Phil is no doubt the greatest HC of all-time in the NBA but this team and franchise is trying to turn the page and Phil is pretty much done coaching.

            The quandary for the FO and MDA lies in Gasol and Kobe’s unwillingness to adapt their games to change. This is in part why team chemistry blew up on a few occasions early on. 1-12 had all brought into the D’Antoni system. Even Kaman gave it a go early on. Gasol although begrudgingly had decided to go with the flow… This is why his numbers are the best of all centers in the NBA in 2014. Gasol and MDA have found a happy medium, one that MDA had proposed all along for the most part but stuck on stubbornness past triangle principles kept a wedge between them. Don’t get me wrong, MDA is not blameless in this but he’s been more than willing to adapt.

            The one glaring problem with fans and pundits bashing D’Antoni and his coaching principles is the reality of where the game of basketball is right now in general. On every level of the game; AAU, college and the NBA his system is being used and taught by almost all. This even puts the think tank Lakers fans in a conflict of interest. They still would rather see Phil brought back but the players they covet are D’Antoni groomed products from childhood up. Wiggins Parker, ETC… are all better fits for the D’Antoni system. The traditional low post big man game is a thing of the past. The banger theme you keep mentioning is no more for the most part. Look at Roy Hibbert? He’s one of the best centers in the NBA but is not a great banger/rebounder. The Rockets have two of the best defensive big men in the NBA on their roster that like to bang in the post but the team has benched one for the D’Antoni system of play. The Spurs and Heat are using the system and are dominating the NBA with it. Eric Spoelstra openly admitted he was completely blown away by the MDA system when he was an assistant with the Spurs. He also said it is what he coaches and that Pop assimilated after getting blown out by the Suns on several occasions in games.

            MDA has not been able to break through in winning a championship but it’s not because of his system. Elite level players on other teams have knocked him off when he had the Suns clicking.

            I’m an old school Laker fan so I’m not all warm and fuzzy about the small ball theme but I’m a fan of basketball and always will be so I’ll roll with the flow… and that flow is an MDA Euro team ball construct in systemic evolution.

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    Ok, maybe injuries aren’t MDA’s fault (although as many as they’d had since he’s been here you got to wonder), but besides that ever-changing lineups, predictable offense, lack of defense, questionable rotations & lack of in-game adjustments (especially at halftime) ALL falls under coaching. Jim Buss is the moron who hired him over Phil. Jim also picked Mike Brown before that. I will say Jim Buss is as much, if not more to blame, but MDA deserves all the criticism he gets. He hasn’t warmed up to the media, hasn’t sold his best players (Kobe, Pau, etc.) on his system and doesn’t make changes to win (vs. sticking to his way). Even if you get past that, look at the record. The NBA doesn’t give you mercy if you have injuries and neither do fans.

    • hookedonnews

      Did you read the article? Maybe injuries aren’t his fault? That’s not the point. The point is that you’ve got 5 of your best players out, a team made up of cast-offs and players fresh from the D-League, and you’re wondering why we’re losing games. The line-ups keep changing because of the injuries and because you’re having to use players in situations they are not qualified to be in because of the injuries. People sit back and talk about rotations when they don’t have a clue what’s going on and why decisions are made. Pau & Kobe don’t have to be sold on his system. All they have to do is do the job they’re supposed to do. This isn’t a democracy, and plenty of tweaking has been done to the system to accommodate Kobe.. Do you think Greg Popovich is taking votes on who likes his system? Fans that don’t recognize the effect of these kind of devastating injuries on a team are just delusional. The Heat aren’t playing like they did last year because of Wade’s knees. You think fans don’t recognize that? Take LeBron off that team and see how many games they win. No one is asking for mercy, but some common sense would help.

      • MyNameIsMyName

        You seem like an intelligent person, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but comparing the validity of Pop’s system to D’Antoni’s is laughable. Pop doesn’t take “votes” on who doesn’t like his system because he doesn’t have to. The four championships do all the talking. The numbers don’t lie. As a coach, Mike D’antoni is 26-33 in the playoffs. He has never made it beyond the Conference Finals. He has coached plenty of talent. He had Steve Nash in his prime, as well as a wealth of both offensive and defensive talent during his Phoenix years. There are no excuses.

        • hookedonnews

          I wasn’t comparing the two systems or the two coaches. My point was that no coach takes a vote on the system they run because that’s not the way things work in the NBA or any other sport for that matter. It is widely known (and I’ve seen this quote repeatedly) that D’Antoni’s system transformed the NBA. I never said MDA was the equal of Popovich as a coach because I believe Popovich is the best coach in the league. I used him as an example because he doesn’t take any guff from anybody. If he came to LA he wouldn’t be consulting with Kobe or Pau about what offense they wanted to run. The truth is that MDA was brought to LA because of his system. A lot of teams in the league run some form of his system, so I don’t think there’s any doubt about whether it’s a good system. As for D’Antoni’s years in Phoenix, they came very close to getting to the Finals and probably would have if it had not been for some crooked officiating (Tim Donaghy) and for the suspensions of Diaw and Stoudemire when Phoenix clearly had the momentum in that series. After those first two seasons Phoenix management began to systematically dismantle the team, eventually bringing in Shaq near the end of his career without MDA’s approval–a move that totally messed with the team chemistry.There are excuses if you want to call them that because losing key players and having a lot of your best players shipped out and replaced by lesser players has an effect on your ability to win a championship, and sometimes you just don’t get the breaks.

      • lawski

        right on! people were hush when we were winning games at the start of the season which NOBODY expected considering the roster. look at the player nick young has become, meeks has improved, farmar, steve blake, Xavier henry, wes Johnson…this man took a team of people nobody has really heard of and put them in a position to make u go what?! we had the best bench in the nba prior to injury outplaying the nba’s top starting lineup’s. mda has somehow improved the locker room chemistry and u can see it on their faces. I said the same thing about him being a scapegoat months ago. laker fans are spoiled sorry to say. as far as defense is concerned…I wish people would shut up! the man went and got kurt rambis who was in charge of d during the phil era. and when all of our players were healthy the team was actually pretty scrappy on defense. I don’t know what the heck some u guys are thinking…the rotations change b/c of schemes and once again u guys weren’t saying shit when the lineups were changing and we were winning. give this man a healthly top tier loaded team. and if they stink it up then…there is room for more discussion.

    • roseducanna

      Last year LAKERS have KOBE,GASOL,HOWARD what coach Dumtoni did?Next year who sign with LAKERS when have M.D?

  • Mitch+Jim+Phil=Rings


  • Kobe Lover


  • Fred

    great article. could not have said it better. i have always said if the team were to be healthy and we had all our superstars healthy from training camp all throughout the season and we were playing like this then ok then mike has to get some blame. but with the team he is coaching he is doing a great job. The guy (mike d’antoni) has not gotten a break since becoming the coach. he hasnt had a full healthy training with all his players and not even gone through 1/4 of a season with a full healthy roster. Give the guy a break

  • Far East Jam

    Mike D’Antoni is getting fired soon.I just know he is a goner.Celebrate it.

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  • Mitch

    Firing his ass is the only solution!

  • Anonymization

    I think one thing is overlooked about D’Antoni –
    Run&Gun and 7SOL are playstyles that can wear down players easily.
    running around = getting more shots = more injuries are possible.

    • lawski

      u do realize there are teams that run a lot more than la and don’t have the injury bug right? and most of those injuries our players are having don’t have anything to do with the pace of game.

    • hookedonnews

      That might have some validity if the injuries on this team had anything to do with the style of play. Kobe & Nash’s injuries stem from collisions that resulted in broken bones. Blake has an elbow injury. Henry has had knee problems, and I think we all know how many knee injuries there have been the last couple of seasons. Farmar has a hamstring injury–practically every team in the NBA will have someone out with a hamstring at some point this season. This is a theory without facts to back it up. And there has never been any intention to run a 7SOL offense. Where were all the injuries on the Phoenix Suns when they were running the 7SOL offense? If you can’t run up and down the court you don’t belong in the NBA. Before the injuries starting piling up this team was using an 11-man rotation, and no one was playing that many minutes. I’m not sure why getting more shots would lead to injuries either.

      • Justposting

        Well, of course it is conjecture and hard to prove this with ‘facts’ that D’Antoni systems cause their respective players injuries. It is just something that seems to be a trend with him especially with his tendency to make players put in almost 40min a game. Amar’e got injured on the Suns, same with Lin on the Knicks. Now there’s Kobe and Nash.

        • hookedonnews

          I don’t think you can tie knee injuries to the pace of the game. They aren’t playing D’Antoni’s system in Chicago, and Derrick Rose has missed 2 seasons with knee injuries. Jeremy Lin suffered his knee injury after D’Antoni left the Knicks. Nash broke his leg before D’Antoni arrived in LA while they were playing the Princeton offense, and all his problems since have stemmed from that injury. Kobe’s Achilles was the result of 17 seasons and a ton of games, and the minutes he played at the end of last season were his choice not D’Antoni’s. Even Mitch Kupchak said something to Kobe, and he told him he was going to play as many minutes as he wanted and no one could do anything about it. The Lakers had a short rotation last season because of the injuries and the dismal bench. This season they started with an 11-man rotation. No one was playing 40 minutes a game or even close to that. Kobe’s out now because he collided with another player in a half-court situation and broke his knee. You are not the first person to try to blame MDA for the injuries, but the facts just don’t back that up.

        • Daryl Peek

          Cousins went down last night, Rudy Gay may have blown out his Achilles last night. Players are coming up injured all around the NBA this season. Injures are just part of the game. Are the other coaches being blamed for their teams injuries?

  • Adrian Hunter

    I have an ultimate team for dantoni if we keep him and it goes like this:
    Trade gasol this year to 76ers to help them tank and get spencer hawes and Evan turner ( turner is a long shot but they don’t see him in their future anyway). Spencer hawes is better interior defense with his 1.5 block per game and he stretches the floor much farther like dantoni wants. Turner can be used as trade bait or as a solid sf/sg starter definite upgrade over johnson. Then next year we should sign kyle Lowry and hopefully kb24 is healthy and starting. Also if possible sign dirk to play stretch 4 which would be arguably dantoni best he ever had ( mentor to ryan Kelly) depending on what we did with turner we would sign Ariza to fill the sf hole. Now our is ok but it’s not over the nest year we sign kevin love and if kobe will stay play he can play sg if not then sign aaron affalo who be free agent too. Dirk will need to be convinced to play off the bench as 6th or 7th man in rotation and he can mentor love and Kelly at the same time. With remaining money there should be signing of key role players off bench. Team would consist of
    Pg: kyle Lowr
    Sg: kb24 or affalo
    Sf: trevor Ariza
    Pf: klove
    C: spencer hawes

    • Sobad

      Oh god this is horrible

  • Danny E. Pagan

    thanks for writing this article, i been saying this for the longest time this season. It’s not the coaching is the roster. It’s a bad roster plus on top of that the best players are injured! I mean wtf? The noise the fans should be making should be about pressuring the front office to make trades, get draft picks, make some moves, make the correct choices in the draft, bring in the best players in through FA. That’s whats going to make this team better. Firing the coach will accomplish nothing. Sometimes i just wish they fire him just to see wtf people are going to say once the team keeps on losing.

    All these people with their dumbtoni jokes are just ignorant basketball fans. Look D’antoni and milano in youtube the guy won european championships as player and as a coach, Kobe grew up idolizing the guy and you can google kobe and D’antoni and you will find interviews where he speaks very highly of him. Guy is an assistant coach on USA basketball all the stars in the league always say hi and chat a little when they play the Lakers. Guy won coach of the year, guy had multiple consecutive seasons in PHX winning 50+ games. The whole league has changed because of his philosophy of play and even George Karl said they (Denver) ripped off some stuff from his playbook.

    People also forget D’antoni beat Phil in the playoffs a number of times and is why Kobe has that deep hatred for Phoenix. So all this Dumbtoni stuff is just ridiculous, let’s all pressure Jim and Mitch to get better players! Play out D’antoni’s contract and don’t fire the guy cuz your gonna have to pay him plus another coach who won’t be cheap cuz i doubt they gonna want some unknown guy to follow him. Spend the money on players!!!

    • lawski

      claps!!!! also fans want to blame jim, but it wasn’t jim who said bring mda in. his father is the one who wanted him. phil also said though he was surprised at the last minute change…he probably still would not have taken the job. I love phil but the man’s time is up let it go he can’t coach forever. and I think the front office did a great job in picking up the players they have considering those bs cba rules and cap space. I’ve always liked mda and he was a choice of mine on the list after jerry sloan. if we had the healthy team we had in the early part of the season that was winning games that we weren’t suppose to our record would be better and people wouldn’t be bitchin so bad. I say mda is doing great job with what he has.

  • Dragon7s

    All I can say is, “Daniel, thank you.”
    A reasonable voice in a maelstrom of ignorance and/or delusion.

    Is MDA a championship-caliber coach? I have no idea (and neither does anyone else) since he’s not yet had a championship-caliber roster while with the Lakers.
    Hell, he’s not had a playoff-caliber roster to work with yet this season.

    And despite what many claim, MDA has been very flexible on offense since his early insistence on the team running his style exclusively last season.

    People need to understand just how undermanned that Lakers have been over the last two seasons (and in particular this season) before they jump on the ‘Fire ‘Atoni’ bandwagon.

    It’s like hiring a carpenter to frame your house but tell him he has to do it without a hammer, saw, level, or tape measure.

  • hookedonnews

    I agree with 99% of what you said. However, don’t expect this kind of common sense to penetrate the brains of people who blame everything but global warming on Mike D’Antoni. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such disrespect and irrational hatred shown toward a coach who hasn’t had even close to a healthy roster since arriving in LA. I don’t care how brilliant the coach is. You’ve got to have great players on the court to compete in this league.

  • Fucktards

    Oh great so how about the last season that we have great guys but still lose?

    • hookedonnews

      Really? Nash missed 32 games, Blake 37, Pau 33, and Kobe went down at the end of the season or who knows what might have happened in the playoffs. Howard & Pau were both less than 100% all year (especially Pau with 2 bad knees and plantar fasciitis), and Howard refused to run pick and rolls until after the All-Star break. They also had the worst bench in the league and played their last 2 playoff games without Kobe, Nash, Blake, MWP, and Meeks. And that’s MDA’s fault?

  • zombie

    Very well written article. But don’t expect any fans to change their minds. Just look at this comment section, people posting their anti-D’Antoni memes. Sorry to say, but the Lakers have some of the most ignorant fans in the NBA.

    You can’t win a lot of games when half the roster is injured. That’s just fact. I mean look how well they were starting to play before the injuries piled up and a rusty Kobe returned.

  • Christopher Richardson

    I love the warm and fuzzy sentiments you guys have about Dantoni. It’s real cute; but the truth is Dantoni is a horrible coach. He’s been a horrible coach for many years now. You guys acting like you’ve never seen his teams play before, they always have the same patterns, which are the falling: 1. No defense, especially when people are supposed to rotate and either cover another man in a switch, or rotate to the space thats wide open on the floor (as seen in their OT loss). 2. Early shooting in a shot clock. If players are open in his offense they shoot no matter whose under the basket or who the shooter is. IF the player hits the shot awesome, but when they miss no one is there to get the board and the other team is already running the other way. 3. Criminal misuse of bigs/refusal to call post plays. See last season with Dwight Coward. 4. Playing a fast tempo with older players. Nash and Kobe both out and they have now dealt with two seasons of injuries. This isnt all his fault, but when people are recovering and they are nearing retirement they should not instantly be running all over the place. You expect Gasol who is known to have foot and knee injuries to run fast enough to keep up with the other players? and probably the most important one 5. He tends to have pretty amazing players. The most exposing thing about Dantoni’s coaching this year IS the injuries. Its not his fault theyve been happening so frequently so the changing lineups are okay. Nor is it his fault that all they could get are 1 year rent a players (even Nick Young came cheap). What Mike Dantoni is missing the most this year is Kobe Bryant. As much as the lakers sucked last year Kobe still killed himself to get them to the playoffs. If we had a healthy Kobe playing this year the Lakers would at least be 9th seed maybe close to 8th. In Dantonis best stints he had Steve Nash and Carmello Anthony to cover up for his terrible philosophies and coaching. I’m fairly certain Kupchak and the other scouts picked out these players who are all actually pretty good, just we’ren’t developed on the right squad. The defensive rotations are something learned in practice and based on their play, they dont seem to practice much of it.

  • mg

    d’antoni ran kobe into the ground last year and he’s running the 7 guys (he plays 32-42 min a game now) into the ground this year as well. think we’ve topped out on injuries? think again.

    this “IS” all jim buss’ fault. mike is a good coach when you give him young athetic overachievers. which is why last year was so horrible and this year, even amid all the losses, is better. mike WILL NOT win you a championship. if he couldnt win when nash was in his prime, how can he compete with a soon to be 40 year old nash?

    phil aint coming back. rambis anyone? michael cooper? pump up the D. as in defense. NOT d’antoni

  • Terell

    Phil won’t do any better with this lineup. Whoever says otherwise is high as a kite. In fact, Pop, Riley, Karl, Sloan, whomever won’t be any better. They won’t be 26-16, they would be at 16-26 give or take a game or 2. You can be the best surgeon with impeccable credentials, but if the hospital you work at gives you a bunch of Med school dropouts to assist you at the OR, and gives you tools like crayons, a spork, duct tape, a banana peel, etc, guess what? That surgeon ain’t saving anybody.

  • Troy

    Wasn’t Rambis brought on board to shore up that defense? he’s the defactk Def Coordinator and I don’t see him taking heat from fans. MDA is just an easy target. There’s plenty if blame to gi around, from FO, coaching staff, AND… the players themselves,

  • Robert L. I.

    News flash…D’Antoni is the only reason the Lakers are in this predicament. He over works them during practices, especially at the beginning of the season which have led to the large numbers of injuries the PAST TWO SEASONS!
    Phil always paced his teams and never had the kind of problems The Stache has. The other huge flaw The Stache has brought to every team he’s coached is his “Bigs” end up alienated from his program. It’s happened everywhere he’s been. The Stache plain SUCKS and no brown nosing want a be sport journalist will convince me different. I love my Lakers but hate Jim Buss and that sorry-assed stache of a coach.

  • Lakers4Life

    Yup. Except for the weird few who worship his anus, it’s good to know the majority of fans hate Dumbtoni for ruining the Lakers with numerous injuries and crap defense. Can’t wait for next season when a new coach will lead the way!!!

  • James Hunter

    Until DiAnidiot goes the Lakers will stink. He’s the absolute worst. He should have already been fired along with little Jimmy Buss . If they had one more idiot they could be the 3 Stooges.


    When you score over 100 pts and lose by 20 (DEN), there’s a prob with coaching. Coaching is not about getting the guys to band together…a lot of these guys are friends off the court…it’s about teaching. And he doesnt teach defense. I supported him all last yr and up until the losses where we score more than 110 but lose…and no, not in the final few mins. THAT is what needs to change. I understand he doesnt know defense…isnt that why they hired Kurt Rambis?

    • TTKIN

      Correction, I meant more than 110 to DEN.

  • Doc

    All I want is one person who has defended D’Antoni here to look me in the eyes and honestly tell me (based on everything he’s done as a coach in the NBA) that they think he can guide the Lakers to a championship. Anyone?

  • Chrmngblly

    JB is the curse of the Lakers; the fish rots from the head.

    I want to know what really happened in the Chris Paul fiasco. (Was “the league” stopping that trade something the Lakers could have reasonably foreseen? I don’t know why the team didn’t fight that a lot harder.) Regardless, that was the initial bungle of the Jim Buss era.

    Then there was Mike Brown, then MDA, then the Howard saga, then the Nash rip-off and lately the bloated Kobe contract. Jim Buss is your culprit.

  • TheTruthKills

    Jim Buss gets the lion share of blame for killing the Lakers franchise. And the sad thing is Jeanie and the other siblings see the franchise dying and won’t do anything to save it.

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