LeBron James To Opt Out Of Contract With Heat; Will Test Free Agency Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] After four seasons with the Miami Heat, superstar LeBon James has decided to opt out of his contract with the team and test the free [new_royalslider id="298"] After four seasons with the Miami Heat, superstar LeBon James has decided to opt out of his contract with the team and test the free Rating: 0
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LeBron James To Opt Out Of Contract With Heat; Will Test Free Agency

After four seasons with the Miami Heat, superstar LeBon James has decided to opt out of his contract with the team and test the free agent market, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard:

LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul, has informed the Miami Heat that James will exercise his early termination option and become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

LeBron will join Carmelo Anthony as the two biggest names on the open market. The four-time NBA MVP deciding to become a free agent is a game-changer as numerous teams around the league will attempt to sign him this summer by offering a max deal.

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As a result of opting out of his contract with the Heat, LeBron forgoes the $20.5 million he was expected to make next season and the $22.1 million he’d make in the 2015-16 NBA season. LeBron’s decision will likely impact the immediate futures for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as well. Bosh is set to make the exact dollar amount that LeBron was while Wade will make a little less at $20.1 next season and $21.6 the year after.

Although LeBron may simply re-sign with the Heat this summer, there’s a decent chance the superstar leaves Miami. The Cleveland Cavaliers will likely do everything within their power to bring LeBron back to his home state and may have the right pieces in place to pitch the superstar.

Along with Cleveland, the Los Angeles Lakers will try to get in on the LeBron sweepstakes. Many believe it is a stretch that LeBron would even consider playing alongside Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the Lakers would be an option in free agency.

It has been rumored that the Lakers are holding off on hiring a new head coach in an effort to give LeBron or Carmelo Anthony the right sales pitch. Los Angeles didn’t want to bring in a coach that might stir one of these superstars elsewhere.

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Although considered a long shot to sign him, the Lakers will likely try to setup a meeting with LeBron. Anthony might be the more realistic option for Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean the Lakers brass won’t at least try to convince LeBron to head West.
Kobe Bryant On LeBron James, Championships – Also Says He’s 100%

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  • GetItDone

    Lebron just became available.

    1. Ask Kobe to change his 2 years deal to a 5 years $ 50 million dollar deal so that the is more CAP room.

    2. Ask Chris Bosh to change his 2 years $ 42 million to a 4 years $55 million deal (no one is going to give him a better deal.

    3. Lebron will sign with the Lakers on a 4 years $ 100 million deal for sure.

    4. In two years, 2016, Durant is available, Amnesty Kobe,

    For the next 5 years the Lakers will have Bosh, Durant, Kobe and Lebron.

    Get it done.

    • MJ

      U lost me @ amnesty Kobe.

    • SierraM363

      Lebron wants to win, he isn’t coming to the Lakers. Quit smoking crack.

      • Lakers Beat Celtics

        STFU.Alert Celtics fan is trolling our Lakers message board.GTFO Crack Head Loser.Your Celtics suck dick like you do.

      • GetItDone

        Lebron wants to see cute Mexican ladies and live in Santa Monica. He is coming to Los Angeles. You are a California hater.

    • MustardsOffTheHotDog

      Nice thought on Kobe…except you can’t restructure contracts in the NBA.

      • GetItDone

        Lakers front office screwed up yet again, what was the rush in signing Kobe last November.

        Now, they could have had him for much less and added Melo and Lebron.

        • Zimmeredge

          That´s the whole idea…. Kobe did not have to negotiate, put pressure on the FO to get the wage he deserved or wanted. The FO gave him what they thought what kobe worths of money. It tells a lot to superstars. Come to la and you’ll be paid what you worth if you are a superstar.

          • GetItDone

            However, Kobe:

            1. At this late of his career, he was not going anywhere.

            2. With all the injuries, no other teams would have paid him anymore than, $10 million dollars.

            Lakers gave him and emotional gift. Nothing wrong with that, Now that the Lakers are worth, $ 3 billion dollars, pay up the Luxuray tax, like the Nets, and let’s move on and get the deal done.

            If they dont’, the Lakers will take a hit from the Clippers. They are the underdog for what they went thru, and majority of us “poor” people look for underdogs as the heroes.

            Lakers need to pay up, for all the mistakes.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      1. You can’t renegotiate a contract in the NBA.
      2. Bosh wouldn’t have to change his deal. He has an ETO this summer just like Lebron and Wade.
      3. We’ll see, but I think he’s staying in Miami.
      4. Can’t amnesty anyone. Kobe’s contract was signed after the new CBA and the amnesty provision was already used on Metta anyway. Besides, Kobe will almost certainly retire at the end of this contract.

    • TheTruthKills

      I don’t think Kobe can alter his deal at this point. He probably wouldn’t if he could. Ease up on the coke.

    • Martin

      Reason i like it is because LeBron James is the best player on the planet.

    • TTKIN

      Even IF the Lakers could amnesty Kobe, I don’t understand the end of ur comment. If he is amnestied, how the fuck is he going to be on the Lakers the next 5 yrs?

    • DKWTTY

      Stop trolling.

      • GetItDone

        Sounds like the Lakers FO paid troller!

        As fans, we have the biggest say.

        If We do not pay, there is no income for the Lakers or its players.

        It is time, as fans, we send a clear message to the FO. This site quite often has some subtle agenda that is the pro-Lakers team.

        We need a pro-Lakers-fans perspective. This should reign supreme. We pay for this organizations to run.

    • Joe Haeberle

      You lost me at Bosh. Seriously what is in the water that you people drink? Why would anyone want Bosh?

    • Deathy

      This isn’t the NFL – you can’t restructure a contract. HERP DERP

  • Lakers Beat Celtics

    LeBron James is coming to the Lakers.All the haters can keep on hating.LOL

    • David Amaya


  • Shrek Rules

    Pump you’re fist in the air Lakers Nation we are back on top of the world like i’m on top of you’re woman ha ha ha lol it’s happy days in Laker Land!

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      I’m 99% sure he will stay in Miami. This gives him the opportunity to extend for a longer deal, and also creates a possibility of taking less money if they can convince Wade and Bosh to do the same to make room for Carmelo or a couple of other quality role players.

      • Shrek Rules

        I am just happy we have salary cap space and the seventh pick in the draft and the Lakers can make serious moves as needed.Now onto you’re statement about 99% sure oh LeBron is staying in Miami i say it’s 80% he leaves and 20% he sits out to get a pay raise he is vastly underpaid it’s unreal also you might be underestimating the Rockets,Clippers,Bulls,Cavs in all of this they are major players in the LeBron James sweepstakes.But i have seen you on Lakers Nation before and you have different thoughts and opinions than most people on this earth.Good luck being different man.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          His max salary for next year is somewhere around $20 million. I’ve been around here for awhile with several hundred comments, and yes, usually different opinions than the masses because unlike most I actually have hope in the front office and step back to look at the big picture rather than only what is happening right now.

      • GetItDone

        He is done in Miami. Bosh and Wade are not opting out. Lebron does not want to play with fake stars and fake max contract players in Wade and Bosh.

        IN 2010, he did,that as the best choice, because,Mitch screwed up and extended Gasol’s contract,otherwise, Lebron would have been with the Lakers since 2010.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          The Lakers had just won the title five months earlier with Pau. Pau was an all-star that year and the next two years after. I understand Lebron is in a different category, but extending Pau was NOT a mistake. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have had cap room to bring on Lebron anyway.

          • GetItDone

            Lebron is Lebron!! Period.

            He is the Gretzky, Pele, Jordan (I am not saying he is better) of THIS decade.

            They messed up in not preparing in 2010.

            This is redemption, granted, this Lebron is older, yet he is still the best the NBA has right now.

          • GetItDone

            They would have, they paid Gasol, $ 20 million, Lebron started in Miami for $15 million. A Gift and a discount.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            They had Bird rights to Gasol that allowed them to go over the cap. They wouldn’t have considered offering Lebron anything less than the max, and they would have needed to be $16.5 million below the cap to do that.

  • MustardsOffTheHotDog

    I’d certainly like to see LeBron take his talents to Southwest Beach!

  • LAstory

    Could LeBron and Melo come to the Lakers, Yes… this is how… The Lakers can trade the 7th pick and Nash’s 9.7 million (to a team that knows LeBron would not go to anyway… I.E Bucks, Magic, 76ers) all whom then will have 2 picks in the Top 8 and a 9.7 million dollars coming off their books…. that will give the Lakers 32.3 million dollars to spilt between Bron and Melo… they both are on record saying it’s isn’t about the money.. and at about 15 mil a piece it could happen, NOW do I think it will happen NO, I don’t…just a scenario that I’m sure Mitch will at least explore.

    • Zimmeredge

      Itvs not about money but there is a minimum for dignity.

      • LAstory

        Zimmeredge while I agree with you 100%…. if LeBron stays in Miami and Melo joins him, they will have to take 15 mil… Melo goes to the Bulls, he’ll be around 16 mil while leaving a total of 50 million in “new” money, if Lebron goes to the Clippers he may very well take 13/14 million due to CP3, DJ, BG contracts per year salary… the if Bron stays in Miami with Bosh and Wade, w/o Melo he will have to take less money (including Wade and Bosh) to sign other younger players… so no matter how they cut it they will have to take a pay cut where ever they go… or they can easily by this Friday tell their teams Melo to NY and Bron to Mia, that they will re-up for the money those teams will be offering and there is no need to talk to any other teams.

        • Zimmeredge

          Non. They wońt take paycut. Sign and trade to the clipps. Waiving a lot of players for the bulls or find a new trade for love. Rockets wońt sign any big fa unless Asik and lin go away. They wońt play for peanuts.
          Lebron is opting out because he has the upper hand. Both melo and lebron are putting pressure on their fo and other players.
          That being said. Lebron will not accept to take a paycut. What will happen is that wade and bosh will take a paycut instead then they will recrut role players. If the of are not willing to give him the same thing or if bosh and wade dońt make substential effort or of are not willing to put money on the table then bosh will go and melo will replace him or lebron will go. After that, then maybe the Lakers have a chance to land one or both or Chris bosh.
          Melo is also putting pressure he can still sign a new contract with the knicks for the same amont of money if the knicks are not willing then he will go elsewhere where he can have a superstar salary and of course a good roster. They wońt play for less than 16-17m

          • LAstory

            Okay NOW youre not making any sense LBJ is an Unrestricted free agent meaning the is NO sign in trade in the works…. 2. If LeBron isn’t taking a pay cut then he doesn’t have to talk to anyone since Miami can pay the most and he’ll sign with them some time today, right?? Bosh is due to make 20.5 million dollars he isn’t getting that from NO ONE so he will be opting in…. youre post just doesn’t make any sense… sorry bro.

          • Zimmeredge

            Hum bosh worth every penny of that 20. And he can make 80 for the next 4 years. The Lakers might give him that. He is an all star. Remember that in mia he has no true system that fits his game but still making 16/8/3. In la he could make more. Something like 22/10/4 minimum.
            You talked about lebron going to the clips. It will not happen because he will not get the wage that he deserves. That’s why i talked about sign n trade, you sign for Miami and you’re traded right away to another team.
            Anyway…. Its lebron and melo putting pressure on their fo to get what they want: confidence, money and competitive roster. If they dońt get that 20m, a revamped roster that will mean, all in all, confidence then they will take their talent away. Where they can be paid that amont of money, where they are going to have competitive roster and when the fo will trust them.
            Bosh is a good target, melo is a better target, lebron is the prime target. We should give him 100/5y. Then 75/80 in 4y for melo or bosh.
            To say that that lebron rp melo will take paycut and make 13, 14, 15 to play with other big players is delusionnal. It´s not about being with other players and winning title. They are on the market, on their own, thinking about their own future. Of course winning titles matters but if they are on the market itvs to think for themselves not as a group.

          • LAstory

            My last response to you…. If Miami signs LeBron… they aint trading him.. I don’t really think youre sure what you talking about… i’m going to leave this conversation.

          • Zimmeredge

            that i agree…. i don’t agree with you when say he might go to the clips.
            and lebron won’t take a paycut.

  • NotaKobePoleRider

    I don’t see him coming, simply because I don’t think Kobe will be able to find it in himself to take a “backseat” and let the team be ran through the younger Lebron which is what should happen. The Heat were on Lebron’s shoulders these past few years. This whole “It’s still Wade’s team” is just a token gesture the past few seasons, and I’m sure even in the back of Wade’s head he knows Lebron is the one on the drivers seat during those back to back titles. If Kobe can swallow some pride and ego, Mitch and company upgrade the roster, then Lebron may be enticed to come. Whether Kobe likes it or not, Lebron is his best chance at #6 this next 2 years. If being THE man is that important to him, then he can watch Tim get #6 next season.

    • Manny

      Sir what type of shape is Kobe Bryant in?See i just wanna know the kind of physical shape he is in,i don’t care about the injury that healed up now i want to know if he is still in NBA Championship Level shape or just some 35 year old ex athlete that plays XBOX ONE all day long and eats Cheetos and drinks beers or is in the gym dedicated pumping iron and doing cardio and eating healthy while shooting hoops and playing pickup games in the off season.I last heard Kobe was in Brazil watching FIFA World Cup 2014.

      Because last time i saw Kobe on the court he was out of shape kinda chubby but he admitted he was out of shape where is the discipline at for Kobe at age 35?I am not dissing Kobe just questioning his conditioning and shape at age 35 coming off a bad injury and a very long lay off.

      • Spike

        Obviously you don’t know anything about Kobe bc you just wasted your time doubting Kobe’s work ethic.

        • Manny

          No man i don’t shit.I just want to make sure the Black Mamba is still the Black Mamba.Man i been around sports my whole life and i have seen the fucking greatest athletes get old and retire or just be out of shape because injuries won’t allow the body to do certain things and movements during training.I love Kobe and all but it’s just a question i had.Obviously i wasn’t crapping on him in any way,just asked what kind of shape he is in and just how is his conditioning.Nothing wrong with that IMO.I am a concerned Lakers fan.I believe in being optimistic but not being ignorant and naive.It’s my choice.Kobe has great work ethic but advanced age and a long layoff after a devastating injury are enough to ask is he ready or not to play like the old Kobe of 2012.I hope he is.

    • TTKIN

      Kobe has already gone on record saying he would love to play with Lebron…..

  • slick24

    Ha lebron trying to join the spurs now.

    • Nick

      HEHEHE WTF?Seriously bro?Whoa LeBron is crazy.

    • Zimmeredge

      It´s impossible. Duncan didńt opt out and they kawhi to resign.

  • bigbangflacko

    He will most likely return to the cavs/ resign with heat for a bigger contract. Cleveland might be his best choice if he wants to win as they have kyrie and the first pick which can be traded/select wiggins and move him to sg or move lebron to pf.

  • Jim213

    There goes my foolish thoughts in believing Lebron would honor his contract with the Heat at least for another season. But with Lebron opting out the off season just got interesting. But IMO the other LA team has more appeal to LJ as opposed to the Lakers given the LACK of DEPTH at the Lakers starting rotation. Although, this may be a move to take a little less to help bring in better pieces for LJ too IMO.

    • TheTruthKills

      There is no honor among today’s superstars. Only greed. LeBron wants rings and doesn’t care how he gets them. The days of the Kobe types staying with one team forever is long gone.

      • Jim213

        Yes, but it’s also the result of today’s CBA which goes with shorter max contracts IMO.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      He didn’t “dishonor” his contract. The team gave him the option to terminate it. That was part of the package to entice the Big 3 to sign those deals.

      • Jim213

        My view is he could’ve opted in for his final year. But the definition of the word also relates to accept, abide by etc. You make it seem like I’m stating LJ has no honor (dishonor) which relates more to lacking honor or integrity.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          You said he didn’t honor his contract. I’m just pointing out that he did honor it.

          The things this website make me do. First I defend Mike D’Antoni, and now Lebron? I need to take a few days off…

          • Jim213

            “Would”, being plan to, not that he didn’t given it was his option. I’ll change it tho to keep it clear.

  • Julius

    Lets get one thing right LeBron James opting out doesn’t bode well for Miami.Unless Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh opt out this will be bad news for Miami.LeBron James is creeping on a come up he is trying to get paid big money.The Lakers have the cap space,please correct me if i’m mistaken thanks.

    • TTKIN

      They do, but if they give Lebron max money, they’ll have about 10 mill to spend on like 6 or 7 roster spots.
      Kobe=24 mill
      LJ=first yr would be about 20-21
      Sacre=less than a mill so who cares
      They have another contract on the books I think…kendall marshall maybe? even so, his would only be like a mill also.
      That totals about 55 mill with a 66 mill cap ceiling. so 11 mill for several roster spots. Keep in mind that of those 4 players I named, only 1 is a superstar. I feel like a blasphemer saying it, but u cant count on Kobe to be a superstar anymore. It could happen, but u cant count on it. So essentially, Lebron would be signing with the Lakers purely for money. cuz they clearly wouldn’t win.

  • Jodie

    Scary thought for the rest of the NBA especially the Heat,the Lakers have the salary cap room to outright sign LeBron James.

    • Jim213

      If that takes place Nash may find himself retiring an extra year to relieve cap space.

      • Jodie

        Trade rumor is brewing like a hot coffee pot right now.Latest is superstar in the making rookie of the year a player LeBron James loves and is very impressed by Michael Carter Williams is getting traded to the Lakers from Philly for the #7 pick and Steve Nash that relieves the Lakers $7,500,000 million dollars in cap space and the Lakers add a big 4 member in the ROY Point Guard MCW.BIG 4!

        PG Michael Carter Williams
        Salary $18,000,000 LeBron James
        Salary: $23,000,000 Kobe Bryant
        Salary $18,000,000 Carmelo Anthony

        Salary: $2,200,920 Michael Carter Williams

        Salary Grand Total For Lakers BIG 4 is $61,200,920

        Salary Cap Is $63,500,000

        The luxury tax limit has been raised to $71.748 million

        Lakers after paying the Lakers BIG 4 will have some work to do filling out the roster and they will have the Mid Level Exception and other means to pay once they are over the salary cap here what is going to be needed to fill out the rest of the roster.

        Mid-level exception

        Minimum Salary Exception

        Traded Player Exception

        • Jim213

          Anything is possible now with LJ and Melo. This may likely affect the draft too being given certain team’s would be interested in luring top stars.

        • LAstory

          Glad you posted this… you have you 4, then Henry, Wes, Farmar, Marshall, Hill, Sacre, Bazemore, Kelly… being able to carry 15… Shawn Williams.. will bring the roster to 13.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          The mid-level and incomplete roster cap holds count against the cap before you can sign Lebron and Melo, so there is not as much money available to them as you are thinking.

  • Joey

    Come to the Lakers LeBron James lets win rings together as Lakers Nation!

  • Smokey

    Trade 7th pick and Nash for eric Bledsoe sign Bron. Problem solved.

    • TTKIN

      PHO has literally not a single reason to do that trade. Bledsoe is better than anyone they’ll get at the num 7 spot. And Coach Horny (Jeff Hornacek) loves his duo PG system.

  • Zimmeredge

    Before all the delusionnal crap of having both melo and lebron coming for 15 in every single comment… You have to be realistic. Who do we need most. Melo opts out, lebron is opting out as well. So bosh and wade will do the same.
    Who do we need more and is it possible. Be realistic.
    One-two punch. Think about one-two punch. That´s all.
    Kobe-melo, Kobe-lebron or Kobe-bosh. Then you build around that.
    Because if we go after one of those guys… We will give him our best. All we’ve got. Max contract. This is How you attract those guys. We do not have a super roster as of now. So you have to give them the big money and you have to assure them that we will build a terrific roster.
    We have to drop Nash that´s a certainty.

    • TheTruthKills

      I disagree with one point you made about how to attract them to join the Lakers. All those guys want to do is win. If it was about max money and nothing else we would still have Dwight. They will go to the best situation that allows them to compete for championships. Big contracts and bigger talk from the Lakers won’t sway anyone. Times have changed.

      • Zimmeredge

        I Know that. I’m not saying that it´s all about that but compare to the bulls, rockets, cavs etc etc we don’t have a roster to sell. No coach. So it´s kind of a our thing to pay them high wages. If we lure lebron or melo or both we will put our Max. That´s the reason why i think a one-two punch is a more viable plan financially and based on results. Do Kobe and lebron or melo or bosh win together? Nothing is written on rocks.

        • LAstory

          No coach… Mitch wants to talk to Melo and Bron about the next coach…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MEH if LeBron James cool if not cool.The Lakers have had much bigger and better superstars in the past than LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony.MEH if they want to come to the Lakers cool if not cool.It’s gotta be a lot of sacrificing to all work out and that takes the right human being to sacrifice to win championships.It’s up to Kobe to welcome these friends of his into the Lakers family tree.

    It will be a very interesting summer of free agency.LeBron James is a rebel that does what he feels is right for him and if he thinks the Los Angeles,California area is where he wants to live and play at then he will choose the Lakers as he knows they have the cap space and the rich history tradition and Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant are his good friends and heroes.


  • Smokey

    All the Lakers have to do to sign Bron is entice with better roster. Lakers acquiring baby LeBron (Eric Bledsoe) while unloading Nash’ salary in the deal would make it very tempting for Bron. The athleticism and def of our wings. Everything else would fall into place. Gasol would come back for discount and re-sign Jordan hill. All-star line up everything in-order.

  • Sec 104 Row5

    Get Him !!! … Isn’t this why there’s so much cap space ? Call Magic & have him close the deal !!! If Kobe plays with James I’m all in baby …

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Not that anyone cares lol how i got my name LakersHeatBeef is because i knew the day would come where the Lakers and Heat would have major beef over LeBron James coming to the Lakers in free agency.I just knew their would be a huge beef between both the Lakers and Heat and it is sure looking like that.

  • Pelon

    LBJ the freaking hombre is a unrestricted free agent he needs to play somewhere he might as well play for the Lakers 3 amigos.4 Amigos?Si Senor.

  • jay

    I wouldn’t mind having Lebron and/or Carmelo on the Lakers, at the end of the day its all about what makes the Lakers better.

  • Tyrone

    LeBron wanna be the king of LA?Man he is Lakers bound ya’ll.Gunna be shocked.

  • Chavo

    Lets do it big in 2014-2015+2015-20162016-2017 LeBron+Carmelo+Kobe+MCW!

    • LAstory

      Damn, Chavo this could really happen…

  • We’re Back!!!

    Get Melo via sign and trade by giving Kobe to the Knicks!!! Get rid of Nash and Sacre!!! Sign LBJ and build from there with our new championship core!!!

    • cardinalgold

      you just went full retard….

    • TheTruthKills


    • LAstory

      If the Lakers trade their 7th and Nash to the 76′ers ( whom will have 2 picks in the top 8, one pick being Exum a pg) the Lakers will have their pg in MCW, then that frees up money to sign Melo and LBJ….. at 15.3 million a piece and still be able to sign some of the guys from last year as role players… Kobe gets his 2 rings rides off into the sunset… his salary comes off the books and the Lakers will have roughly 25 million in cap space to use to sweetin Melo and LBJ deals( 5 million added to their salaries leaving 10 million) plus add another player for the other 10/11 million.

    • We never Left.

      U look like a loyal lakers fan. Keep it up.

  • Andre

    The Lakers are the best option for LeBron James.It’s the way it is.Lakers got money,power,respect.GO LAKERS!

    • TTKIN

      Good option, not best. If he comes here, it’ll take a couple yrs to get a full team that can contend.
      IMO, his BEST spot is the exact same BEST spot for Melo…Chicago.
      DRose (I don’t believe the hype that he is injury prone. couple of freak accidents. what r the odds they happen again?). Plus they have Noah. Imagine having a defensive stopper like him inside, and a defensive stopper like LeBron outside. Thibs is salivating already, I can tell haha. And imagine if they could keep Butler and Gibson in the process.
      That team might win 70 games. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t WANT this to happen haha. Id rather LAL get Lebron.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        Lebron might go to Chicago just so Butler can’t guard him anymore.

        • TTKIN

          Id rather see Melo in CHI than Lebron. But I can imagine James going to CHI so NO ONE on that team can guard him anymore. Weve all seen plays where theres a switch and noah is guarding James on the perimeter and he still cant get by. The CHI defense reminds me of the DET defense played on MJ back in the day. Not as violent obviously, but DET drove MJ crazy and CHI does the same to Lebron.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Pretty sure the Heat have all those things as well.

  • Lionel

    Just tell me who can beat Kobe,LeBron,Carmelo,MCW out west or east?Tell me?

    • DelusionalFansAreOutinForce

      lets wait until that pipe dream of a team really does happen before we start asking that shall we?

      • Mike

        I am answering this question the guy Lionel was just asking a question and i say nobody is stopping that BIG 4.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Probably the same teams that can beat Kobe, Shaq, Malone, and Payton. And the teams that can beat Kobe, Nash, Pau, and Dwight. Anything can happen even if that roster manages to come together. And I’m not counting on it. That would be severe pay cuts for Lebron and Melo.

  • Jarvis

    LeBron coming to the Lakers is a guaranteed championship team with Carmelo and Kobe welcoming in his good friends.I will bet on a great run.Ya’ll can learn to love it.

    Rookie exception[edit]

    The NBA allows teams to sign their first-round draft choices to rookie “scale” contracts even if their payroll exceeds the cap.Keep the rookie.

    Stretch provision Steve Nash

    Both the 2005 and 2011 CBAs contain a so-called “stretch” provision regarding payment of guaranteed money to waived players and its effect on the salary cap.

    Under the 2005 CBA, players and teams could alter the schedule of payments to waived players by mutual agreement. The remaining guaranteed salary was equally spread across the remaining years of the player’s contract.[6]

    The 2011 CBA dramatically changes this regimen. While contracts signed under the 2005 CBA remain under the original scheme, different rules apply to new contracts. When a team waives a player signed under the 2011 CBA, it can spread the remaining guaranteed salary (and its accompanying cap hit) over twice the remaining length of the contract, plus one year. According to Coon, “if a team has an underperforming player with one season remaining at $12 million, the team can waive him and stretch his salary across three seasons at $4 million per season.”

  • Marcus

    It is going to be great for the Lakers we are still the Lakers don’t underestimate us.

  • John

    Kobe needs LeBron to win rings.They need eachother.Carmelo is coming along.

  • Jeff

    Lakers get their man most times and LeBron is who they want and need.It’s true.

  • Ben

    Where is the Laker pride? We don’t recruit star players who already have championships to come and “save” us. Rather beat him than join him.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Kareem? Unless you don’t count an offseason trade as “recruiting.”

      • Ben

        Kareem requested to be traded to LA.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          Or the Knicks. Lakers went out and got him.

    • TheTruthKills

      What about Kareem? There is no “pride”. There’s just winners and losers. Champions and pretenders. The Lakers chose to be winners. They chose to be champions.

    • TTKIN

      Winning the championship is what matters. IDGAF if the guy already has rings. If anything, it’s better. Cuz then we KNOW we have a player who can win titles. Id rather sign Lebron who got rings with another team, than do what HOU did, and take a flyer on 2 immature buttpuppets who got knocked out of the first round by a team with literally no bench except for 1 guy.

  • Tay Blair


  • GetItDone

    If the Clippers are worth $ 2 billion. The Lakers are wroth $ 3 billion dollars.

    Pay the Luxury tax, get Melo, Lebron, and Lance Stephenson.

    Pay the tax, and let’s see at least 3 more rings.

    The value of the franchise has gone up 3 times since the labor market was negotiated.

    The cap, relatively, should go up from $ 60 million to $ 180 million.

    Since the owners were the ones, came up with the idea of the Luxury tax, us the fans, should not have to be a victim. They came up with the luxury tax, now, pay the tax, and put this team together.

    Don’t be cheap the Lakers.

  • Kingturf

    Only if Dr. Buss was still with us…this would be a done deal with 35 million under the cap.

    • Kingturf

      October contract did away with that thought.

  • Nalin Shukla

    Get lebron and melo this year then sign Love next year and Durant the year after..

  • Brian Pangilinan

    Kobe talking about it being ridiculous to play the game for the championships.. lol why is he playing? he sounds worried his achievement will be short lived quicker than he expected. punk ass.

  • Rico Suave

    If Jim Buss signs LeBron James i will let him have my girlfriend and Jim Buss.Sweet get it done Jim Buss and Big Mitch.lol it’s going to be fun again with the Lakers.

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