LeBron James Says Kobe, Kareem Came To Mind For NBA Mount Rushmore

LeBron James Says Kobe, Kareem Came To Mind For NBA Mount Rushmore


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Great NBA players, past and present, always get presented with the question about their list of the greatest players to ever play the game. Arguably the best player in the league today, LeBron James, was posed this question recently.

With two NBA titles and four NBA MVPs to his credit, LeBron is getting a lot of consideration as one of the all-time greats. That being said, a lot of people want to know his list of NBA greats and he gave his Mount Rushmore version.

LeBron chose to go with Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson on his Mount Rushmore, but apparently gave serious consideration for two Lakers legends according to Fran Blineburry of NBA.com:

Most great players of the past consider Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as one of the all-time greats without question. Kareem has six titles, six MVPs and arguably the most unstoppable shot (skyhook) in the history of the game to go along with 19 All-Star appearances and the distinction as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

Jabbar’s resume is impressive to say the least with Magic and Kobe Bryant coming in right behind him in terms of accomplishments as a Laker. Although many Lakers fans believe Kobe should’ve gotten much more consideration with LeBron playing in the same era for the majority of his career, it’s hard to argue with his list.

It’ll be interesting to see if Kobe can change LeBron’s mind with the two years left on deal with the Lakers.
VIDEO: LeBron James On Kobe Bryant

  • Jay Brodes

    i hope kobe changes his mind and plays this summer. be a nice close to his career since i do not see him getting back on the court this season..what for..PS…fire dantoni stat!

  • gm jack

    Mitch was never a GM. He took over a team from Jerry West.

    This statement he made with respect to Nash, confirms that he has no clue.

    They spent so much money no Nash and Blake, they could have had Carmelo in 2011. He truly has zero basketball sence. It is not Jerry Buss. It is Mitch is the problem.

    Jeanie, please get a New GM.

    “No regrets,” Kupchak said before the Lakers played the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday. “You have to recognize where you are as a franchise and we felt we had a two-year window, maybe three, to go for a championship and that’s what we did.

    I would get a new GM before firing MDA

    • Dorian Holden

      Jack, Mitch has been the GM since 2000. We all love Jerry but nobody gets more credit for others people work than Jerry. Even if you give Mitch no credit for bringing in all the role players in the 3peat, how can you not give home credit for the back to back and the 3 finals apperances?

      • gm jack

        fine, then, they should have let shaq walk, instead of collecting “garbabe”. Odom was not a super star. Lebron became a free agent in 2007 and again in 2010, lakers missed out. How can Lakers not go after the best baller. 2 times. West would never allowed that. In 2011, Durant extended his rookie contract. West would have never allowed that. That is 2007, 2010, and then, 2011. You need two super star on a team like the lakers if not three. Kobe has been aging since he turned 30’s, this is a fact for all players. I hope Durant and Love are on the Lakers’ radar, if not that is pathetic.
        I agree Lakers won in 2009, 2010, but, that was because there was someone named Kobe to will and push those wins.
        Or let me ask you this, Would Lebron with Lakers since 2007, not have been better than Gasol. Straigt up. 100 out of 100 all GM would pick Lebron. And, becuase Mitch extended Gasol’s contract in 2009 for another 3 years, I knew that was a bad move as that took the Lakers out of landing Lebron, 2010, Durant and Melo in 2011.
        You have to think ahead, it is like a chess game.
        I hope the Lakers are thinking Durant or Love. I do not think Durant will come save the Lakers.
        It will take them 3 years from the time the next super star comes to town.

        Shaq came in 1996, they won in 2000. 4 years.
        Shaq left in 2004. Lakers won in 2009. 5 years.

        Just becuase you have a star, it takes 4 to 5 years to put the team around that star. Lakers do not have a star right now. They will have to wait maybe another 10 years for the next ring.

        • Mark

          Who the hell wants Carmelo?

  • gm jack

    Kobe is top 10 since 1980. But, will you replace Lebron’s List.

    At this point in Career, I cannot give Lebron over Hakeem yet. Lebron is going to show me another title run.

    Lebron’s career has be awesome. One blemish, the lost to the Mavericks in 2011. The 2007 lost I do not hold that against him. That team was garbage.

    In, 2011, Lebron should have shown leadership and put Eric Spoeltra and Wade in the back seat. He was those dictating his game. But, if he can win 2 more, he will be ahead of Hakeem.

    • Mark

      You dont hold it against him? They were good enough to make the Finals, did he get there by himself? He lost in 2007. End of story. He started his career losing two NBA Finals. Did Jordan, Kobe, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Shaq, Hakeem do that?

  • ghost

    Yeah, they are about 9-15, but LeBron still can be much higher. It depend on his future.

  • Rickster714

    As a Laker fan I’m ok with what LeBron said. You can’t argue with his list. From reading his statement he, just like many of us, probably wishes there was 1 or 2 more spots on the mountain. Kobe would then make his list.

    • gm jack

      Would you put Oscar Robertson over Hakeem. Hakeem played in modern times. He beat out aging Kareem, Ewing, Morning, Shaq, Robinson, to name some in his time.

  • Frank Bancroft-Billings

    Lebron will always be a piece of s**t in my eyes… I can never forget his missed Handshake in the finals and the guy could never even hold Kobe;s Jock strap….

    • gm jack

      Let’s be real. 4 MVP 4 Finals. 2 Rings. Gorge Karl, among many has put him top 5 since 1980. No one is perfect. Kobe has had his time with the Lakers.

    • ghost

      But LeBron is already higher than Kobe.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    don’t really care what LeBum have to say.. Must be board due the break lol

  • Jim213

    No diss to today’s players but not even Lebron or Kobe should be mentioned in the conversation. The four spots (Mt. Rushmore) are for the pioneers of the game (past century). The ones who’ve changed and had the biggest impact on the game.

    Hard to argue against Michael Jordan’s dominance as successors can include Kobe/Lebron. Can’t forget Bill Russell the greatest winner in all sports (11 rings) while being a defensive juggernaut. Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s the all time leading scorer WHILE attending college for 3 season’s! thus speaking to his longevity (consistency).

    Magic get’s the 4th spot for changing the position (pg) while contributing to the global growth of the NBA though Michael Jordan was the one who all the global stars should thank for being the business entrepreneurs they are today $$$$$.

    They changed the game foremost which shouldn’t take anything away from today’s players but there’s too many great players to have one Mt. Rushmore as it be best to start a new one every 100 years given the games growth and evolution. Therefore the debate is who should be the early candidates for the next Mt. Rushmore? Kobe and Lebron… once they’ve finished their careers.

    • PurplePete

      Too much discussion goes to the GOAT, with too much deference given to recent history. My all time team of all time greats is this:

      Center: Kareem ~ Wilt ~ Russell
      PF: Duncan ~ Malone ~ Hakeem
      SF: Dr J ~ Bird ~ Baylor
      SG: MJ ~ Kobe ~ West
      PG: Magic ~ Oscar ~ Stockton
      while it’s certainly possible that lebron scale the mount everest of basketball and end up on it’s mount rushmore…he has a LOT of work to do to equal these all time greats and their impact on the game.

      • gm jack

        Just presenting a case, Lebron could replace Dr. J or Baylor at SF, and Lebron could play shooting guard as well over Kobe or West, and then, Lebron is so versatile he could replace Oscar or Stockton.

        LBJ truly can play multiple position and very well.

        But, you picks would stand the test of time.

        Hakeem always played center in his career as a side note.

      • ghost

        LeBron is easily ahead of Baylor and Dr J. And Hakeem was a center.

    • gm jack

      Russel Played at a time when he averaged 22 rpg. I respect Russel, but, could he grab that many when the players are so much stronger and athletics today.

      That is why I do not like to go pre-1980 on any sports so the sport science of anesthesiology of eating, exercise and good health was not paramount. A lot of the so called pro players in all sports held second jobs, so they did not even dedicated full time to the game.

      • Jim213

        Agree to an extent and this is why I threw in the pioneers of the game. The ones who’ve set the standard. No diss to the greats but league hasn’t really grown to it’s full potential (like soccer aka football #1 global sport). Who’s not to say some all time great players aren’t waiting to be discovered in other foreign places unknown to many.