LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony Giving ‘Consideration’ To Lakers Offer Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] Heading into free agency, most believed LeBron James would re-sign with the Miami Heat while Carmelo Anthony would sign with the Hous [new_royalslider id="298"] Heading into free agency, most believed LeBron James would re-sign with the Miami Heat while Carmelo Anthony would sign with the Hous Rating: 0
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LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony Giving ‘Consideration’ To Lakers Offer

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Heading into free agency, most believed LeBron James would re-sign with the Miami Heat while Carmelo Anthony would sign with the Houston Rockets or Chicago Bulls. Since the Los Angeles Lakers have met with both stars this past week, things have possibly changed according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Chris Broussard:

Los Angeles met with LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul on Friday, and the four-time MVP is giving similar consideration to what the Lakers have to offer, according to sources.

While the Lakers were not expected to sign either player, having Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Julius Randle, and no long-term salary has been a strong selling point:

The Lakers pitch — of teaming Anthony with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, prized rookie Julius Randle on a team with no long-term salary obligations — made what one source described as a “strong impression” on Anthony and has made his decision over the holiday weekend “tough” according to another source close to the situation.

While Pau Gasol is a free agent and has received a lot of attention so far from championship contenders, there is belief he will quickly re-sign with the Lakers if they are able to land Anthony or James this summer.

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Although the Lakers have offered both players the maximum of four years, $97 million in their meetings, there is a scenario where both stars could sign for around $16 million per season. In addition, the Lakers could also use the stretch provision on Steve Nash to clear up further cap space.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency


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  • Beto

    Mitch is the greatest GM ever for all that’s about to be announced.Big News.

  • Ernesto

    Man this is gaining heat fast everyone is talking about them both coming to LAL.

  • Delonte

    Ya man it’s a wrap.Melo+LBJ+Kobe=Rings in LA.Done deal.

  • Derek Clark

    And to think this all started with a Bill Simmons tweet, of all people.

    • Brandon A. Benitez

      Seems psychotic that a CELTICS fan caused all this stirred hope and hype right?

      • Zimmeredge

        Nah ramona reported the info about melo being really impressed by the Lakers’ pitch

  • Damon Jones

    Yes LeBron James will sign with The Lakers.It will be a rebel move by LeBron honestly LeBron loves doing what he feels like doing and he is a rebel that plays by his own rules and right now The Lakers make him happiest and he wants to play with Carmelo and Kobe.He is making the right decision by coming to The Lakers.

  • Bernie

    Mitch is my favorite GM ever.Mitch and Harris also AEG along Time Warner Cable plus The Buss Family have billions of dollars to drown a city with money.It’s just amazing how Mitch is so well connected and he is always 2 steps ahead of everyone when it comes to making mega blockbuster deals.I worship Mitch and i am forever grateful we have him on our side leading the way to the future.Mitch was 1976 ACC Player Of The Year that’s how pimp Mitch is.Mitch Kupchak is courting the king.Carmelo is his master piece his picaso.LeBron is his Dali painting.

    • rival

      Your an idiot bro

  • Rory

    The Lakers are getting both LeBron James along with Carmelo Anthony it’s a done deal just waiting for the ink to dry.This is sweet revenge for the bad times we had.Fun times are here for Team USA member Kobe and LeBron also Carmelo.The NBA is about to pay for basketball reasons.

  • rival almighty

    Your an idiot bro

  • Phew

    Quick question!! If they sign both LeBron and melo, they would spend all of their cap room… How about the remaining spots om the roster? I mean is it not only bird right players who can make the team go into luxery tax?

    Perhaps stupid question, im European however… Gotta use that status as excuse as much as possible

    • arrogant frog

      As far as I’m aware and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. They would need to either trade Nash and therefore have an extra 9mil, or they can spread his 9mil over 3yrs therefore having an extra 6mil to sign both Lebron & Melo at around 15-17mil each.

      They would then use the mid-level exception which every team has available despite the cap level to sign Pau, which is around 5mil per season.

      They would then have to sign a bunch of vets minimum contracts to fill the roster ie Caron Butler, Fransico Garcia, Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin, Xavier Henry etc

      • J Taylor

        Excellent post…
        There is also 2 other things the team can do:
        1) Extend Young via Bird Rights to any amount they want.
        2) The semi-annual $1M Exception.

    • Zimmeredge

      Once you’ve hit the salary cap you can only give vet contract and exceptions (Mle, mini Mle, bi annual, steve Blake TPE). Lakers might have 30m to give to fa if they stretch Nash. They can give short term contract with Plenty of endorsements to those two guys and then they could give them not a Max contract but something lower over four years. That’s a possibility.

  • box5

    First two years at 16 and make up the rest on the back end when kobe comes off the books, a couple of new endorsements and movie appearances to make up for taking 16 mill the first two years, it’s ways to make it work yell

  • allen

    If Lebron leaves the Heat, He will become a Jerk.

  • KobeMeloBron

    Stephen a smith made good point on Phil being in front office. Has never really recruited all star player. Jordan and Pippen where already there as well as Shaq and Kobe. Phils still the man tho

  • KobeMeloBron

    If Mitch pulls this off they should give him a statue outside of staples for saving Jim’s ass cause he’s fucked shit up the past couple years.

  • Chevron Guy

    Yep Carmelo Anthony is signing with The Lakers guaranteed 100%.LeBron James is next in line to sign with The Lakers.Mitch is the man that wooed them both.

  • Lionel

    Both Carmelo and LeBron are signing with The Los Angeles Lakers.

  • Edy

    If we’re luckily to sign both lebron and melo I think Mitch and Jim buss are going to care less if they go over the cap space since they know there going to be selling jerseys and tickets etc like crazy. There not going to lose out on anything trust me and yes we’re keeping Julius randle not trading him

  • nash gots to go

    I am getting fucking impatient, hurry the fuck up and make a decision.

  • comrade24

    Let me preface this by saying i don’t believe it will happen. Should the Lakers SOMEHOW pull off a coup and sign both Lebron and Melo, I don’t think we should look for a point guard. Considering that Lebron rightfully garners more comparisons to Magic than Jordan, why not start him at the point guard? He differs to others so it would be a perfect fit with the ball dominant ways of Kobe and Melo. His length and athleticism on defense would be a nightmare for the Chris Paul’s and Westbrooks of the league. It’s a perfect storm. He can capably guard them, but they can’t even come close to guarding him. It doesn’t matter if he expends most of his energy on defense, because we have Kobe and Melo to do the scoring. He wouldn’t have to average 27 ppg. We would have a size/strength/rebounding advantage over every team in the league. Again, i don’t think it will happen, but it’s fun to speculate. If it does happen though, forget about a point guard. We would have Lebron.

    • LakersOverEverything

      I’ve been saying this over and over, but idiots like badazz want to tell me lebron can’t play PG. What kind of joke statement is that?

      • comrade24

        yeah, and neither could Magic Johnson. give me a break lol

  • nash gots to go

    Tom Penn just said on ESPN TV that Lakers have zero chance of getting Bron and Melo.

    There you have it.

    • Edy

      There just hating at this moment we just have to wait and see what truly happens ,they have no idea just like us of the out come of lebron and melo

    • LakersOverEverything

      I doubt they will get both, but I wouldn’t lose hope just because espn said it. Espn has said for weeks now, that the lakers have no chance of getting melo, which made no sense. Now they are saying lakers are front runners (behind staying of course).

    • courtney harris

      i dont want lebron and on top of that lebron deserves should get at least one max deal in his nba career. as much as i dont like him, he does deserve that. he cant get that in LA. i would take melo. ** well he could get it, but i dont see LA being a long term fit for him. and i seriously doubts he wants to continue to uproot his family. he has 2 boys to think about. you dont want to continue to move and disconnect them from and friends etc.. especially when your in control of your future. Miami may not be able to contend and keep all three, but if they keep 2 our 3, they can build a solid team in a weak east.

  • Mike

    - Renounce Pau + Trade Nash for no salary in return

    - Sign Melo + LeBron at $16m per year

    - Roster: Los Angeles Lakers 2014-2015 Rough Draft

    PG: Jameer Nelson Veteran Minimum/Jordan Clarkson/Kendall Marshall
    SG: Kobe $23,500,000 Million Dollars
    SF: LeBron $16,000,000 Million Dollars
    PF: Melo $16,000,000 Million Dollars
    C: Pau Gasol Mid-Level Eception/Ekpe Udoh Vet. Minimum/Jerome Jordan

    Bench: Randle $2,497,800, Kelly $1,016,482, Sacre $915,243

    Cap Holds: $3,044,196 (roster spots)

    SALARY: $62,973,721

    Mid-Level: $5,305,000
    Bi-Annual: $2,077,000
    Trade Exception (Steve Blake, expiring 2/19/15) — $2,789,920
    Minimum Salary Player Exception

  • John

    If anyone in the world can pull off getting LeBron+Carmelo it’s only Mitch.He can do it and i know he will do it because it’s Mitch that’s the best GM in the business.

  • Dodgers Insider

    Look guys the only way i could take The Lakers very serious about getting both LeBron and Carmelo would be if the Lakers already started clearing salary by dumping off contracts and taking no contracts back also if Steve Nash was finally traded or stretched so far The Lakers indicate they are not for real and everyone and their Mom is calling The Lakers bluff first trade Steve Nash and Julius Randle then i will believe this LeBron+Carmelo deal.Make moves trade the contracts of Steve Nash,Julius Randle,Robert Sacre and dump them off for a team to fully absorb and then get no contract back and i will start believing this LBJ+Melo Lakers are getting them until then it’s just Mitch playing chess with the rest of the NBA GM’s.Mitch was confirmed to have met with Rich Paul the agent of Lebron James in person so how did that go?Any progress between them?

    I think Mitch would have been more in the public eye if something this huge was really about to go down.Mitch has been way too quiet and so has Jim Buss too quiet nothing is happening unless they clear the deck completely only leaving the contract of Kobe only then will they be legit contenders for LeBron+Kobe as all the ESPN insiders think it is not happening since Mitch hasn’t moved Nash and his $10 million dollars yet,also other reasons like The Lakers are just not talking about anything regarding LeBron or Carmelo it’s just Sunday Silence.

    • Dragon7s

      Exactly the opposite as far as Mitch being “too quiet”. Nearly every deal he’s made, he’s taken most everyone by surprise, eg. CP3.
      Mitch learned to play this game from Dr. Buss (an avid poker player) who taught him to never tip his hand.

      • rival

        Not to mention he’s jerry west’s apprentice

  • Ronald Velez

    I think the Lakers should sign Melo because it gives the Lakers another offensive weapon along with Kobe. Melo has a full offensive arsenal so it’s going to be hard to defend both guys. After the Lakers have Kobe and Melo, then they should focus on getting young athletic players who can rebound, defend and shoot. They should not try to form a big 3 by trying to get Bosh, Pau, or Lebron. Just because people want to model after big 3′s doesn’t mean that it’s the formula to win. Look at some of the teams in the league like Indiana, San Antonio, Portland, Okc, and Chicago. I know the Spurs have a big 3 but they don’t rely on star power to win games to win games. All of these teams rely on athleticism, rebounding, defend and shooting in order to win. Look at the Spurs, the finals MVP wasn’t a member of the big 3, it was a versatile 3 in Kwahi Lenoard. Even the Knicks team in 2012 had athletic players that complimented Melo.

    • courtney harris

      though i would love to see the lakers obtain pau and melo (dream world), you do have a point. the lakers need solid rebounding and team defense. you dont need a big 3 to win the big trophy. what you need is team basketball. i dont like the fact that they are trying to offer melo a max deal. hes a great player. but he is ring-less. if he wants to win, he should take a very slight pay-cut and trust that, which ever organization he signs with, will build a team around him. if he signs a max, and the team gets the role players, but they still dont hoist the trophy in a year or two, those role players will be leaving to “get their money”. that thought process will be “shit melo is making top dollar and we arent winning, while im taking less than my value to lose.” so in the end, melo will still be ring-less.

      ** note: im still irritated with kobe and his contract, but that deal is done & he is my favorite player***

      scenerio 2: melo takes pay cut ( to be with lakers), they sign pau and a decent bench.

      • courtney harris

        i am also assuming that the rumor of offering a max isnt true..

    • Ronald Velez

      I think surrounding Melo with a passer like Marshall, Kobe, Randle and an athletic Center along with Nick Young, Henry, Bazemore, and the bench mob will be a great team. The Lakers should try and get the Suns to trade Miles Plumlee for Pau and Nash to the 76ers to clear cap space. Plumlee is a freak who can run, jump, rebound and block shots.

  • LBJ

    Dwayne Wade is a crippled with terrible knees of a arthritic 60 year old and Chris Bosh is a soft player that had no heart and no pride all of the playoffs especially against the Spurs in the finals.Their is no point in returning to Miami since they suck and have terrible players and crappy cheap ownership they are done.It’s a much better situation with the Lakers and especially if Carmelo signing along with Kobe already being there and Julius Randle already in place with likely being able to re-sign at a lower salary since he wants to win championships.Yes it’s Lakers!

    • courtney harris

      you had me until you said crappy cheap ownership. they have a great owner who wrote three 20 million checks for 4 years. miami is done though, i will say that. bosh doesnt care about winning anymore. he wants to be man of the team and get his money. wade is done – simple as that. lebron either needs to trust that riley can build a solid squad without 2 other top 10 draft picks in the same year or he needs to prepare to grow with a team. ring chasing is doing nothing but ruining his legacy. it seems he doesnt want to go through the hard times to build a team. the laker’s success is not the rule, its very well the exception. he needs to learn that

  • LBJ

    Chris Bosh couldn’t even get 5 rebounds in the NBA Finals and he kept getting under 10 points a game and he is on the rapid decline,he is only going to get worse and worse declining and sucking.Dwayne Wade just about misses every other game and he is injured and out of shape when it counts most and he couldn’t score even 15 points and his shooting was injured and terrible and is was a failure that should retire.Yeah The Heat as constructed with Wade and Bosh are a big joke.The Spurs destroyed The Heat it was the most lopsided finals in history.It will only get much worse and nothing good will come out of it.Bosh and Wade are not championship material players anymore they have rapidly declined in skill and injuries among other things like no heart and no effort and no pride they are selfish whiners all that bad stuff has destroyed any chance of winning titles ever again with those guys.

  • J Taylor

    *** Deliberately misleading article ****

    There are no words on ANY opinion about Lebron’s reaction to a Lakers proposal, DESPITE the misleading title that makes a person believe so.
    - This is what has become of modern journalism, fake articles designed to trick people to visit the site… aka “pay for click” journalism.

    **** Yellow Journalism and misrepresentation! ****

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    So NYN offered Mello a 5 year deal,all that means he is stuck with a nonchampingship team for 5 years.The Lakers have a better chance to put a ring on his finger.Then at the end of his contract he is a free agent,and Kobe will be gone and he can demand more.

  • uhrditherefirst

    if we sign both…we may need to change the name to Los Angeles Dream Team
    C- Pau
    PF- Lebron
    SF – Melo
    SG – Kobe
    PG – Nash

    2nd Team

    PF – Randle
    C – Sacre

  • Frank__Grimes

    Gasol needs to leave – he’s too soft.

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