Latest NBA BIG Commercial Features Kobe Bryant

Latest NBA BIG Commercial Features Kobe Bryant


The marketing gurus at the NBA have known what they’re doing for quite some time. Out of the three major sports in the country they consistently have the best commercial spots and advertisements. The latest series of commercials have featured the league’s new slogan, “BIG.”

In the latest BIG commercial, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is the star of the show. Enjoy.


  • Donte L.

    Love the commercial but I wish they would have showed the shot going in because all of the Kobe will say he probably missed.

  • Pcorner24

    Should have showed the move where he reverse pivots and splashes that leaning jumper. And I also don’t get why they stop the highlight before the shot goes in.  It defeats the whole purpose of the video.  They don’t cut away from Durant’s shot going in, ironically against the Lakers. LOL

  • Acreole1nsh

    Lpove it.. I love the faces on the people watching him…Like they are waiting for a miracle to happen… Love it

  • ItsJake

    Why has it taken the NBA this long to use Kobe? If you really want to grow globally name a bigger name than Kobe Bryant!