Lamar Odom Leaves Dallas Wearing a Lakers Championship Shirt

Lamar Odom Leaves Dallas Wearing a Lakers Championship Shirt


Former member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Lamar Odom, parted ways with the Dallas Mavericks earlier this week. While Odom is technically still on the team roster, many people are assuming he will be bought out at the end of the season.

Odom, who won two championships as a member of the Lakers, was seen leaving Dallas wearing a shirt that represented one of those titles.

This has begun the speculation that Odom might be considering a return to the Lakers in the future. However, it may seem like a bit of a farfetched idea when you consider the circumstances that surrounded his departure. Odom, after finding out he was involved in the nixed Chris Paul trade, reportedly told the L.A. front office that he wanted out of town. The Lakers then obliged, sending him to Dallas for a future draft pick.

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Odom struggled in Dallas, and saw career lows in nearly all statistical categories. Things apparently reached a boiling point over Easter weekend when Odom got into an argument with Dallas owner Mark Cuban and team superstar Dirk Nowitzki.

Regardless, fans that are hoping for an Odom/Los Angeles reunion, might read a little more into this photograph than others.

Thanks to @Lisong24 for the photo.

  • Shirley Siggers

    Kardashian Influence!! Duh!

  • JD Duran

    Lamar just trolled the hell out of Dallas.

  • Jay Dayuday


    +Phil Jackson?


    -smelling like Mike Brown will be kicked out of L.A. soon.

    • Josh

      Forget it.  Lamar’s only reunion will be with the Clippers, where he will begin and end his career.  Derek will win a championship with the Thunder and retire with one more ring than Kobe.  And, Phil?  He’s staying retired..remember, he wanted to only coach home games last season because his health makes travel too difficult.  No reunion.  Mike Brown, like it or not, is staying, and will coach the team to be almost good enough like he did in Cleveland.

      • Adolfo Ramirez

        Do you have a magic ball? How are you so sure about all of what u r saying….

        • Josh

          Khloe told me.  No, that’s just what I think is going to happen.  If all the talking heads on ESPN can predict the future, why can’t I give it a go?

          • weezle

            You man, is a genius. Let’s kick it in. No.

          • Joe Black

            You are more likely to be correct.  W/ the new CBA rules, Odom cannot sign w/ the team that traded him away for one year.  He would have to sit out till December 13 next season. 

            Lamar still has value in the NBA, though not above the minumum exceptions.  He will sign a veteran’s exception, most likely w/ the Clippers cuz Khloe won’t let him leave L.A. on his own.

          • Joe Black

            And the bobble heads on ESPN always claim invisible non-confirmable “unnamed sources” to support their “predictions”.  Which nearly always turn out to be totally wrong.

      • Jay Dayuday

        wow, so bitter.
        I could almost taste it. LOL.

        Which of your team did the Lakers(with Kobe,Fish,LO,Phil) beat, and you feel that way for this year champs?

  • Diablo Bungo

    i knew this was going to happen…this is what I call Drama…Odom and the Lakers management made an incredible play;;;first they made Odom look feel bad by making a foreseeable fail-trade that will make Odom opt to be traded. Then he gets traded for cash…then he’ll pretend that his miserable in a maverick uniform making dallas fire him..then guess whats next?he’ll probably retire…and go back to the Lakers…in his Championship form..but this is just my opinion…

    • Joe Black

      The Chris Paul veto was not forseeable.  No one expected the Commissioner to pull that.  Stern gave Demps no trade team restrictions when he told Demps to trade Paul. 

      That’s why Demps traded him to the Lakers.  What Stern did was unprecedented, veto a trade only because it was to the Lakers.  And Cuban, Gilbert and Jordon put the heat on him.  This is confirmed by the fact Stern approved a much worse trade to the Clippers. 

      You will find no pre-existing predidctions or quotes that Stern would veto a Paul trade to the Lakers, not even when it was public knowledge the trade was being worked for days prior. 

      Stern’s reaction was after the fact and an unbelievable surprise to everyone.   Nobody said a word about that possibility beforehand.  It is nonsense to say that.  Your incorrect assumption is nothing more than unsupportable hindsight.

  • Erazo Jorge10

    i think lamar should be a Clipper! after all  he was a clipper before a laker!!

    • dalee hustle

      Erazo, you da man, i like the way you think.  Lamar back in LA with CP3

    • Joe Black

      Yeah, remember all those winning seasons and titles he won w/ the Clippers?  Neither do I.

  • Omisery

    This guy needs to man up with all this cry baby shit while other people struggle in life with REAL issues this cry baby is crying over what team he is playing on. At the end of the day your only a team player while on a job but your real team is at home.

  • Michael Madison

    Yeah, cuzz if he doesn’t come back he’s gonna become an emotional wreck!!! Depressed and what not… Jeeeez! He needs to grow a pair and man up. He made the decision cuzz he felt hurt and betrayed….. Sounds like one of those daytime soaps…Lakers don’t play, we win! If you ain’t in, there’s the door… Here today, gone tomorrow…I guess he found out he’s not as valuable as Mr. Bryant is to the org. Hope he bought a box of tissue on the trip back, cuzz he’s gonna need it!

    • Skromfols

      After helping them win championships and being named 6th man of the year, I can understand how he must have felt when he found out he was trade bait.  Hopefully he now realizes that he belongs with the Lakers, and they need his back. 

  • Dillon Rice

    Odom is an emotional crybaby and as a laker fan i dont want a player like that on the team who goes to a team that just sweeped his team out of the playoffs like a weakling and wont stand up to the mavericks.

  • Lady644

    I’m sorry but BROWN, needs to go, he wasn’t all that  in Cleveland, and he comes here and makes a mess. I don’t see Phil, coming back, but I do see Odom and Fish back in Purple and Gold….. 

  • Beautifulmar21

    Bring Back Lamar on LA……….. Bring Back Lamar on LA………….

  • Black Mamba

    Sign him and Iverson and trade for Beasley:

    PG: Ramon Sessions
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Micheal Beasley
    PF: Pau Gasol
    C: Andrew Bynum
    6th man: Lamar Odom
    7th: Allen Iverson
    8th: Metta World Peace
    9th: Darius Morris

    Sure, there might be some strong personalities in the locker room, but that’s a super team!

    • Lllwwwzzz08

      beasley over world peace are u sure?
      and what about matt barnes? this is not nba live 13

  • Burns_v

    yes i do think so he’s gonna wait to let Dallas buy him out like Fisher and then return next season to us Lakers all day man

  • Joe Black

    That’s why Cuban was too cowardly to release Odom or buy him out now.  Cuban acted like he stole something from the Lakers, the team he is obsessively jealous of.  He has been eating crow ever since Mitch Kupchak snookered him. 
    Cuban kept Odom till right after the deadline to be able to play in the playoffs. He would have cried like a bitch if he released Odom, Lamar signed w/ another team for the minimum while Cuban paid the bulk of his contract.   

    He would have ripped his balls off his Lamar won a ring.  For sure, Cuban ain’t winning crap this year.  He trashed his roster for D Will and Howard.

    • Ragsdra Ed

      Cuban’s obsessively jealous of the Lakers???  Well I would not necessarily say that he (Cuban) is jealous of the Lakers. Thing IS, he mainly enjoys “tormenting” the Lakers (in his own way).  He has his own way of “Using the Lakers as his WHIPPING Boys” (as we most definitely witnessed during last year’s playoffs) as the Mavericks SWEPT the Lakers 4 straight (2nd round), shellacking the Lakers by some 35 points in Game-4,,,followed by the Mavericks proceeding on towards WINning their first ever,, NBA Championship!  LMAO!

  • Joe Black

    Lamar is singing Shaq’a rap song to Cuban……

    ♪♫ …♪♫♪  Tell me how my A$$ tastes  ♪♫ …♪♫♪

  • vtchuck

    Lakers will have to extend Bynum after next season, so there is no way they will pay Odom what he wants and eat the luxury taxes because of him.

  • Foxyloxie8

    since mama k would never have allowed the marriage to kloe if lamar had not been a baller, this marriage is over unless he buckles down and finds a team.

  • chinois noir

    Bring LOLO back to LALA……..