Lamar Odom Felt Disrespected With Lakers Trade Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers decided to trade 2011 Sixth Man of the Year, Lamar Odom, to the Dallas Mavericks after the Chris Paul deal fell apart. Although this move The Los Angeles Lakers decided to trade 2011 Sixth Man of the Year, Lamar Odom, to the Dallas Mavericks after the Chris Paul deal fell apart. Although this move Rating:
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Lamar Odom Felt Disrespected With Lakers Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers decided to trade 2011 Sixth Man of the Year, Lamar Odom, to the Dallas Mavericks after the Chris Paul deal fell apart. Although this move was executed to free-up salary cap space, neither Lakers players no fans are happy with seeing Odom leave.

Odom had been an integral part to the Lakers’ previous two championship runs, and his former teammates raved about his attitude in the locker-room. Even though Odom was a fan favorite in Los Angeles, his relationship with the front office deteriorated in his final days as a Laker.

At first, Lamar Odom was supposed to be traded to the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Chris Paul, and simply put, Odom did not want to head to the Big Easy. He talked about how going from a championship quality team to a squad that cannot compete for a title would be very difficult. However, what made Odom most disappointed was the manner in which the Lakers went about the trade, writes Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas.

“It wasn’t about going to New Orleans. It was just about how they did it,” Odom said. “I felt a little disrespected. After being here for so long and going through so many things, I felt like they could have just told me and I probably would have accepted it. If someone is telling you that you can’t be here or there’s no more room for you, you got to understand that. I think because it’s just how they did it is the reason why I took it so personal.”

Odom was clearly disgusted with the Lakers’ front-office and he did not feel comfortable playing for a team that did not necessarily want him there. Although the Lakers’ General Manager Mitch Kupchak said that he would have kept Odom on the team after the Paul deal died, Odom expressed his desire to leave the team.

Fans can blame the front-office all they want for Odom’s departure, but he could have handled the situation more professionally. Pau Gasol was also rumored in the Paul deal, but he did not complain to the Lakers after it collapsed. The Lakers could still have had three seven-footers if Odom truly wanted to remain a Laker.

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  • Kee

    I’m not a Lakers fan but I am an Odom fan. I’m happy to see him go and I know he will shine where ever he is.

  • robjr4

    nobody cares no more, I really dont feel like seeing your name when I google lakers anymore. Obviously you make quick irrational decisions and im basing that on marrying khloe, Heres my khloe voice LAMAR LOOOOKS GOOD IN AAAA DALLLLAAAS UNIFORM> HEY BITCHES ARE YOU READY FOR KYLIE AND KHLOE TAKE DALLAS> go away lamar odom your services was greatly appreciated when you were a champion but no longer needed.

  • http://facebook La king

    Let me tell you i love the lakers i hate the it that they got rid of L.O there’s in not one person out there that could or would put in all the work he did when your 1st stream cant do it you need someone off the bench , now we have no one that could come off the bench, or i just have to wait and see who’s going to step it up for us..LAKERS 4 EVER

  • jack

    Let’s be real…LO is 6-9, 6′ 10″ at best.

  • Baker

    The way Odem was dismissed is the exact reason why Dwight should steer clear of the Lakers
    and their self-serving ways. For all the effort, Shaq also left with an empty feeling. Go Magic

  • Vmarin

    Its a business!! Do you go and tell your employees you’re going to lay them off in advance?? What does he expect, he should be Happy they were trading him for some one valuable

  • Vmarin

    Would he feel better if they just release him like they did to vince carter? Then you feel worthless!!! He’s a big baby!!! Bo hoo… They at least thought he was worth a trade, but now he was traded for a draft pick, wow, he must be sleeping better now in Texas!!!!!

  • M.

    Well, we know who to blame really. Not lakers front office, this mess is David sterns fault entirely.

  • Vmarin

    Did he not come to the Lakers on a trade? He didn’t cry when Miami disrespected him!!!!

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