@LakersNation Tweets for 2009-04-18

    • Playoff Podcast #2: Ross Siler: Having covered the Lakers for the L.A. Daily News and as the current beat writer.. http://tinyurl.com/c2wyyt #
    • #lakers Lakers begin another title quest with no excuses: Team is out to bring back the NBA title to Los .. http://tinyurl.com/dghuu3 #
    • #lakers Farmar Day-to-Day with Foot Pain: Lakers spokesman John Black said that Jordan Farmar has been ex.. http://tinyurl.com/cjlbht #
    • PLAYOFFS START TODAY – aka – the REAL Season starts today! Get Figueroa Ready! #
    • #lakers Okur may not play in game one; recovering from hamstring injury and “cant run”: Okur may not play.. http://tinyurl.com/chmusx #
    • #lakers It appears Kobe, Jackson will return to Lakers next season: It appears Phil Jackson and Kobe Brya.. http://tinyurl.com/d2hvwe #
    • What are your favorite Playoff Memories? Will RT the best Tweets! #
    • #lakers Lakers/Jazz Preview: When The Lakers Have The Ball: var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingH.. http://tinyurl.com/d4v6wn #
    • #lakers Out of Bounds: April Fever:
      April is a great month.
      Well, unless you’re a sports-hating wo.. http://tinyurl.com/c96dlg #
    • such a great response of Playoff Memories . . . I’ll have to organize these . . where are the old school Magic/Kareem fans? the hook? cmon! #
    • Retweeting ” @mfeige: “Boston is a Brotherhood” which is why KG went into the Locker room.” LOVE IT! #
    • Retweeting @LakerGirl1: i am having STRESS and i am not even a Bulls fan – we know how you feel! #
    • Final Four Experience is really showing with Rose, Noah and Thomas stepping it up for @ChicagoBullls #
    • question – do you guys care that I talk about other NBA Playoff teams? or should I keep this strictly lakers? #
    • pierce is trying way too hard and trying to use the refs to win this game . . . . #
    • BULLS WIN! first time EVER against the celtics in the Playoffs! CELTICS SUCK . . . they sold their future for last year’s one shot at glory #
    • Rose sounds like Robert Horry . . . anyone notice that? #
    • Cavs look pretty impressive against the Pistons. Detroit needs to start rebuilding as well . . Ahh, they could’ve had Melo, Wade or Bosh! #