Lakers Would Be Wise To Consider Trading Dwight Howard To Atlanta

Lakers Would Be Wise To Consider Trading Dwight Howard To Atlanta


Dwight HowardIn defense of Jim Buss, who was getting blamed for mistakes his father made, all-time great owner or not—like hire Mike D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson—it’s no small challenge to find yourself in charge days before the trading deadline, with one of the knottiest guts-ball decisions you can imagine to make.

Dwight Howard, stay or go?

That’s Dwight Howard, as in 27 years-old, 6-11, 275 pounds of high-jumping, athletic phenom.

Well, he was once, anyway.

Now he’s Dwight Howard, as in “not dominating anything… refuses to even hint he wants to stay… could get on the same page as Kobe Bryant (of course, neither could Shaquille O’Neal)… then shows he can’t even get on the same page as Steve Nash who reams him out in the rout at Miami… before mocking Kobe in front of other players at the All-Star Game?

My guess is the Lakers have already decided—they’re keeping Howard for the time being—with GM Mitch Kupchak, who usually says nothing, declaring recently that Dwight and Pau Gasol aren’t going anywhere.

Of course, in keeping Dwight, they’d be honoring a perfectly sound principle:

If you have an old team with only one young star, you’d best keep him.

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Of course, no one like Howard ever messed himself up in free agency as he has in two seasons of alienating himself with two teams. Next to Dwight, LeBron James’ TV special announcing he was “taking my talents to South Beach” was like using the wrong fork at a state dinner

This isn’t a close call.

The Lakers could certainly get Josh Smith for Howard, and, according to one GM I talked to, more—like Jeff Teague, who, like Smith, is on an expiring contract.

Most of the Hawks’ players are coming off their cap this summer, with the team intent on creating two max slots for big free agents, starting with Howard, an Atlanta native.

This would be a best-case scenario for them, making them the team that could give Howard a $115 million deal, $30 mill bigger than anyone else.

If Dwight leaves, well, the Hawks are back where they started, with two max slots to pursue whoever’s left.

The Lakers would get two badly needed athletes, both slashers with some (OK, a little) shooting ability, who’d be great in Mike D’Antoni’s spread offense (remember Shawn Marion? Leandro Barbosa?)

The center would be Pau, who, unlike Dwight, can play in D’Antoni’s offense. With Nash and Kobe, that’s a lot better than the team’s that out there now.

Of course, the Lakers may be able to get the same package out of Atlanta after the season, but that’s far off with a lot of moving parts.

Me, I’d do what I always do, try to think up a rock song that reflects my position, like:

Go now. Go now. Go now.
Don’t you even try telling me
That you really don’t want me to end this way….
I don’t want to see you go
But, darling,
You’d better go now.

  • lakermike

    Well, thankfullly youre not the GM!

  • CARTOONx22

    Get Al Horford and Josh Smith for D.Howard from the hawks . Do that trade the line up would be


    That line up would be better than what we have now

  • Big D

    do it

  • Willie Woodson

    trade his ass any player that does not want to be a Laker is a LOSER fuck Dwight big cry baby ass!!!

  • Bootyjuice

    While I’m annoyed with Dwight’s actions, there are some things to consider;

    -There is no better center in the league than Dwight, when you take into consideration both sides of the court, even in his injured state. This means he should have an advantage every night. You can’t say that about many players.

    -Heisler’s comment about Gasol being a better fit than Dwight is straight moronic. Dwight beats Pau in points, rebounds, blocks, steals, and FG%. All the things you want a big man to do well. Pau plays no defense, he’s soft, and has been bitching all year too. Why is nobody attacking Pau? And blaming D’Antoni for his struggles isn’t totally valid either. He was horrible with Mike Brown. In the games Dwight sat out or was on the bench, Pau still never went down on the block and post up. He doesn’t like the physical contact which is why he sits out by the free throw line and jacks up threes.

    I wold trade Pau way before Dwight…plus Pau’s contract is ridiculous. Trade Pau for Josh Smith.

    …and trade Mike D’Antoni while you’re at it.

  • Watname

    just do it :)