Lakers Vs. Spurs VIDEOS: Kobe Talks Recovery, Xavier Henry’s Injury

Lakers Vs. Spurs VIDEOS: Kobe Talks Recovery, Xavier Henry’s Injury


Before the Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing 91-85 loss to the San Antonio Spurs, Kobe Bryant spoke with the media about his injury and recovery process. Kobe says he’s started aggressively running and began the first week of his conditioning regimen. After the game, Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni and Nick Young addressed problems with the Lakers shooting and experimenting with rotations. Xavier Henry who needed nine stitches during the game talks about what went through his mind when teammate Wes Johnson’s foot connected with his forehead. Check out our post game videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel!

KOBE BRYANT: Kobe Says He’s Had A Good Week Of Running, Details This Week’s Conditioning Process

MIKE D’ANTONI: Disappointed With Loss, Sees Big Promise In Wesley Johnson, Hesitant To Put Steve Nash Back In

NICK YOUNG: Details A Rough Shooting Night, Changing Rotations, Looks Ahead

XAVIER HENRY: Describes His Gushing Blood Blow To The Head By Teammate Wes Johnson

  • Jim213

    Aside of Kobe rehabbing, he’ll need to return to his old shooting ways which is needed given the current LACK of consistency. IMO, it’ll be difficult for the team to find players like KB24, Shaq, and Magic (franchise players) given their toughness which translates on the court. Not too many like them out there.

  • Daryl Peek

    KEVIN DING ‏@KevinDing 13h
    Tony Parker: “They’re tough with Kobe, and they’re tough without Kobe because they’re playing up and down. They’re going to be a good team.”

    Unsolicited high praise from a worthy rival.

  • Nalls Basty

    Serena Winters, you should be hired for #Lakeshow on TWC! You are gorgeous and have a very pleasant voice! It was refreshing to see Jaime Maggio replace Andy Adler. Was not my idea of eye candy, and with all the men in the show, I was just hoping for a lady with brains, personality and looks! Jaime is ok but I think Serena will be dope!