Lakers Vs Rockets VIDEOS: Attention On Steve Blake, Not Dwight Howard

Lakers Vs Rockets VIDEOS: Attention On Steve Blake, Not Dwight Howard


The anticipation for Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Rockets was centered around Dwight Howard’s return to Staples Center, for the first time since his departure. Despite Howard boos from start to finish, the Los Angeles Lakers ended up losing the game in embarrassing fashion, 134-108. Yet, the attention after the game was centered around the trade that sent Steve Blake to the Golden State Warriors right before game-time. After the game, head coach Mike D’Antoni said he was disappointed to see Steve Blake go. Jordan Farmar says Blake is a great guy off the court and hopes to see him playing in the play-offs.

With the NBA trade deadline ending tomorrow, Jordan Hill says he’s not worried. Whether or not he gets traded, he feels his energy fits in “anybody’s system.” Lastly, Howard’s return to Staples Center wouldn’t be appropriate without the media crowd around him post-game. Check out what Howard had to say about hearing the boos echo throughout Staples Center and where he thinks the Lakers will be in the future. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

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  • ra

    Yeah, I didn’t even care about what DH was doing, dunking, missing free throws, coming back to LA. He wasn’t really part of LA, so didn’t care much about what he was doing, saying. The Rockets are … well ….. who cares.

    The big news was Steve Blake. That was much more important than DH. It was much more difficult to ‘not see’ Blake there, than to see DH dunking.

    • TTKIN

      I agree. I must say though, I am really happy for Blake. He goes to a team that his style of play matches, he’s not too far from home, and a team that SHOULD be in the playoffs. Jack got a ton of time playing last season, so I assume Blake should get plenty of mins for them as well.

  • Jim213