Lakers Vs Pelicans VIDEOS: Jordan Hill Crashes Xavier’s Media Scrum

Lakers Vs Pelicans VIDEOS: Jordan Hill Crashes Xavier’s Media Scrum


The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday night, scoring a season-high 60 points in the paint. After coming out lackadaisical and being down by as many as 21 points, the Lakers managed to pull it within four in the fourth quarter but weren’t able to come out with the win. After the game, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni discusses why he’s decided to play Robert Sacre over Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman. Plus, whether he may start Jordan Farmar moving forward. Xavier Henry talks about how he felt in his second game back and how the team has changed since before his injury. Henry also describes how it felt to dunk in the game again and Hill joins in on his media scrum.

Kent Bazemore, who had a career-tying 23 points explains how he’s evolved as a player in just his seven games as a Laker. Pau Gasol admits the team is scrambling and answers questions about D’Antoni’s small ball philosophies. Check out our Lakers post-game videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

MIKE D’ANTONI: On Playing Robert Sacre Over Jordan Hill And Chris Kaman, Whether Jordan Farmar May Start

KENT BAZEMORE: Talks His Development As A Player Since Becoming A Laker

XAVIER HENRY: On How The Team Has Changed Since Before His Injury, His Dunk, Plus Jordan Hill Joins The Media Scrum

PAU GASOL: Says Team Is Scrambling And That There Is No Ideal Situation

  • Jim213

    The coach has reiterated the belief of the need to find role players for the starting rotation. Taking nothing away from the current roster but aside of Bazemore (putting up consistent numbers) and Pau smh (not great but consistent) haven’t seen anyone else play consistently on both sides of the floor night in and out. Although, there are some who haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so given the coach’s preference.

    • Daryl Peek


      • Jim213

        NO, inconsistent as starters which goes on both sides of the court. Like I’ve said before on and off.

        • nlruizjr

          consistent means offense and defense in BB lingo and Meeks has been consistent on both ends, ala his defense on Lillard which help win us the game against Portland.

          • Jim213

            You must not be watching the games. On and off doesn’t = consistency. Which IMO mostly applies to his D not offensively as he’s somewhat consistent there but not on the defensive end. I don’t play favorites as some here do which given this season the results speak for themselves.

          • Daryl Peek

            You have an unrealistic view of consistency. No player is stellar all the time. Not even Kobe or LeBron types. Meeks is absolutely consistent on both sides of the ball.

            There are multiple NBA analyst writing articles on Meeks ascension this season. One of them is called…

            “Jodie Meeks a Silver Lining in LA Lakers Nightmare Season”

            It details his consistency on the season. All of which I’ve seen as I’ve watched and DVR’ed every game this year.

          • Jim213

            Disagree, not saying not to resign him given Blake’s departure but haven’t seen him play consistently on both sides of the floor. Although, many criticize Pau he still manages to give the team close to a double double on any given night.

            Bazemore has capitalized on his opportunity by showing game on both sides so tho the stats may tell you one thing he hasn’t played consistently to be a starter tho has improved as Stu has eluded.

          • Daryl Peek

            Meeks numbers by the month this season:

            November; 12.7 PPG, 2.5 reb, 1 steal, 50% FG in 28 MPG.

            December; 12.6 PPG, 3.3 reb, 1.5 steals, 40% FG in 35 MPG. Dec. was in the middle of all the PG injuries and Meeks was asked to play out of position at PG which he’s not good at but did an admirable job considering we had no other guards or wing players at times. Remember Kelly was playing out of position at SF in that month.

            January; 19 PPG, 1.9 steals, 46% FG in 38 MPG.

            February; 15 PPG, 1 steal, 53% FG, in 28 MPG during a month he was injured where he missed the first 6 games of that month.

            March; 19 PPG, 2 steals, 54% FG, in 35 MPG.

            Meeks maintained from 35-42% three point shooting this entire season and has been the best perimeter defender on a team that’s one of the best at defending the three point shot in the NBA…. see the last shot of the game D Meeks put on Lillard in Portland as example.

            How many starting SG’s in the NBA are putting up better numbers than Meeks outside of the elite? There’s absolutely nothing inconsistent about the monthly progression of Meeks production this season.

            Like I said, you have an out of touch biased, and unrealistic view of consistency. Bazemore is doing the damn thing but the sample size is way too small at this point. I like Baz too.

          • Daryl Peek

            Joe Johnson, no one would ever say Meeks is anywhere near the level SG of Joe but look at their numbers? Almost exactly the same across the board except Meeks is a much more consistent shooter in both FG and three point percent. Meeks get more steals per game and gets to the free throw line more? That shows a better level of aggressiveness on both sides of the ball.

            Gerald Henderson, same deal as Joe Johnson in that no one would say Meeks is the better SG but he’s having a slightly better season both offensively and defensively?

            Kirk Hinrich, No comp #Meeks

            Avery Bradley, No comp #Meeks

            Dion Waiters, closer as a really good young SG but still #Meeks

            Monte Ellis, one of the better in the league and is a tick above Meeks. Better pure scorer and rebounder as a SG.

            Randy Foye, good but Meeks is better.

            Klay Thompson, much closer than you’d think. Meeks is a better defender and shoots a better FG%. Klay has more upside tho.

            James Harden, no comp because he’s the best SG in the league this season.

            Lance Stephenson, no comp as Lance is the next great up coming SG but the numbers are very close as scorers. Lance destroys Meeks rebounding, assists and as an overall defender.

            JJ Reddick, much closer than you’d think also. JJ is having the best season of his career but is not shooting better than Meeks and is not as good defensively, and Reddick is known as a good defender.

            These are just a few to name as example of the season Meeks is having in comparison. As you can see I used a wide range from SG’s on good teams to one’s on bad teams, and Meeks stands up to all.

            Gotta take off your biased glasses.

          • Jim213

            Bias glasses?!, smh

            Not saying they shouldn’t sign him in the off season but still has to evolve his game to play consistent as well as to be a solid starter but sounds like you’re also pointing out that he’s way underpaid?! (comparisons) smh

          • Daryl Peek

            For the production he’s giving us he is underpaid. Remember he took a pay cut to come here last season. Every player should continue to improve season to season. Meeks has taken a giant leap in consistency as a player this year.

            What part of (Meeks numbers by the month this season) that I showed you on the other reply is not the evolution of his game? Please explain that?

            Again, the only conclusion I can come to is you’re biased and unrealistic about the consistency.

          • Chrmngblly

            You gotta start having a beer during games and stop smoking that stuff, Daryl. Shit. What do you do just sit there and stare at the screen?

          • Daryl Peek


  • Daryl Peek

    “It’s pretty clear that Meeks was never thought of as a potential superstar, and that viewpoint hasn’t changed. Nor should it have. However, the perception of this 2-guard is still undergoing somewhat of a transformation.

    If the last few weeks have made anything clear, it’s that Meeks should no longer be thought of as a transitional stopgap piece, one who can be used now and discarded as soon as the team is ready to start competing for championships once more. Now it’s looking like Meeks should be a part of those title runs.” –Adam Fromal, National NBA Featured Columnist Mar 4, 2014

    Should Jodie Meeks be a part of the Lakers’ future?

    Yes 94.9%

    No 5.1%

    Total votes: 1,138

    to read more see Bleacher Report; Jodie Meeks a Silver Lining in LA Lakers Nightmare Season

    • Chrmngblly

      Did you notice that MDA call Bob Sacre the Laker’s best defender? I just wondered if you missed that.

      • Daryl Peek

        If you believe that I’ve lost what little respect I may have had for your basketball knowledge.

        • Chrmngblly

          Are you saying that even though it appeared on LN in a video from MDAs mouth, it might not be true???

          • Daryl Peek