Lakers Vs. Nuggets VIDEOS: Team Affected By Pau Gasol Trade Rumors

Lakers Vs. Nuggets VIDEOS: Team Affected By Pau Gasol Trade Rumors


The Los Angeles Lakers gave up 137 points to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night, managing to score 115 points of their own but losing in the process. After the game, Nick Young admitted that the talk surrounding Pau Gasol being on the trading block has affected the team, and said the team is starting to lose a bit of it’s swagger. Head coach Mike D’Antoni was impressed with another career-high night for Kendall Marshall (17 assists), but said it seems like the team is a bit “demoralized.” Pau Gasol admits that he does not have any clarity on whether or not the Lakers are prepping to trade him. Check out our post-game videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel!

PAU GASOL: Doesn’t Have Clarity Regarding Trade Talks, “It’s Not Easy.”

NICK YOUNG: Admits The Team Is Affected By Trade Rumors Surrounding Pau Gasol, Says Team Is Losing A Bit Of It’s Swagger

MIKE D’ANTONI: Feels Like Team Gets Demoralized

VIDEOS: Did You See Kobe Bryant’s Reaction To The Pau Gasol Trade Rumors?

  • Jim213


    • Jim213

      It’s business aside of getting return of investment. But FO get’s blame for the way it’s been handled (situation0 foremost.

      • Zimmeredge

        the worst is mostly that from day one they wanted to roll with bynum… (with the CP3/Gasol trade) but fnally they traded Odom (Pau’s best partner) and last year, they traded Bynum to get Dwight in exchange while keeping Pau in LAL.
        at one point they went too far with Pau. they had to trade him.
        now they just want to trade Gasol for Bynum. it’s just unbelievable. the lack of long term vision.

        right now, i have the impression that it has not change despite the bad experiences. they are still struggling to plan/find any future for our franchise. they are not learning anything from their failure.

        • Kurt

          yall know nothing. They are going to waive Bynum, once they trade for him. Bynums contract is not guranteed, meaning when waived it will save the lakers 20 millions and put them under the tax for the first time in a long time. BY being under the tax it gives us more money and less restrictions during the next two free agencies. Anyone who thinks the Lakers are gonna let Gasol go for a above average rotation player is very ignorant.

          • Jim213

            You need some glasses. Where in the post did I mention Bynum? The post concerns Pau not Bynum as only the dumbest of the dumb would consider keeping him. Return of investment = 1rnd pick not another player in the Cavs deal.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Pau Gasol should go out and get drunk the next week or so LOL hahaha.Poor guy.

  • WorldStarMex

    OMG!! Why Pau? Just fire D’Antoni he is no good coach..I dont get why they trying to get Bynum what good does he have he aint a good shooter and not even a good passer Like Pau..It pisses me off why trade an old sorry ass player like bynum and then couple years get him back thats just retarded..Helloooo he got fired at Cleveland for a reason..the reason is he SUCKS!!! SMH!! #TEAMPAU

    • Dumbtoni

      If we had Phil Jackson coaching he could also be the possible mentor for Bynum. Bynum has tons of potential but is never motivated.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Pau has been playing well lately, great shots, passes, rebounds. If only he can defend.