Lakers Vs Nets VIDEOS: Nick Young’s Pain, Kent Bazemore’s Big Role Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers used their 29th different starting lineup of the season in their loss to the Brooklyn Nets Sunday night, and it likely won't be the last. The Los Angeles Lakers used their 29th different starting lineup of the season in their loss to the Brooklyn Nets Sunday night, and it likely won't be the last. Rating: 0
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Lakers Vs Nets VIDEOS: Nick Young’s Pain, Kent Bazemore’s Big Role

The Los Angeles Lakers used their 29th different starting lineup of the season in their loss to the Brooklyn Nets Sunday night, and it likely won’t be the last. After the loss, Nick Young admits he’s fighting through a lot of pain with his knee injury and Pau Gasol opens up about his thoughts on the trade which sent Steve Blake packing and brought in two new shooting guards. Mike D’Antoni wasn’t happy with his team’s effort in the first half and discusses making room for Nick Young and soon Xavier Henry, with the additions of shooting guards Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks. Bazemore, who started tonight’s game and had a career-high 17 points talks about the surprise of jumping into a big role. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel!

MIKE D’ANTONI: Wasn’t Happy With Teams First-Half Effort, Talks Clearing Room For Nick Young And Xavier Henry

PAU GASOL: Calls Jason Collins An ‘Icon,’ Opens Up On Lakers Trading Steve Blake For Two Shooting Guards

NICK YOUNG: Talks Knee Pain And Trying To Find His Rhythm

KENT BAZEMORE: On Career-High Night, Surprised With Big Role

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  • Daryl Peek

    D’Antoni need to scrap the Wesley Johnson PF experiment forever! The kid is not comfortable playing there and had two bad games in a row because of it. Wes said he’s not good with playing PF. He was on fire playing SF prior to this madness.

    Paul P. and AK47 punished us at both forward spots! I defend MDA but his ultra small ball fetish is for the birds and he again needs to stop that BS!

    • Spitfire

      Why dont you just be the coach?!
      The idea was to run the Fastbreak more and control the tempo. You know that the Nets like to run their offense on the half court set. Who do you prefer to start? Kelly? Who is an astrocious defender.
      Putting Baze and Johnson should give the Lakers some athleticism, but they were behind early and played lackluster in the first Q and that was the turning point of the game.
      Why you all blame MdA all of this? There is Rambis who supposedly, helping the team on their defense and other coaches too who have their assigments given to them and yet all you bashers keep saying this and that.
      The Lakers does not have enough talent to compete and thats the problem here, look at the Lakers lineup and tell me if that is theLakers lineup that we all used to see then you judge.

      • Daryl Peek

        I’ve rarely said a bad word about D’Antoni all season. Again, Wes has said he’s not comfortable playing PF. Did the experiment work tonight? They murdered us in that first quarter!! It was because Wes should have been playing SF while either Kelly or Hill should have been at PF. Kelly is better as a PF than you’re giving him credit. He’s a rookie so he will naturally be intimidated against some of these greats he plays against from time to time but I often see him taking charges and he’s pretty good defending the PNR as he moves his feet well.

        I’m not your a typical MDA basher. If anything I defend him on this site more than anything. You must be new to this site because you should know this of me if you’ve been here on a regular.

        • Sam Saab

          True, Darly does defend MDA a lot. MDA does like to play small ball a lot and it killed us on a lot of offensive rebounds at really unfortunate times. I like bazemore, i see really good things in him.

    • Dragon7s

      You’re right about Wes not being comfortable at PF and I personally think that Kelly should be starting there.
      Having said that, my impression is that with the addition of Bazemore and Brooks, MDA is trying to see what he has in those guys while also giving Wes the PT he’s earned.
      That’s my two cents, FWIW.

      • Daryl Peek

        Completely agree. MDA said that last night in the post game interview. I just don’t like Wes at the 4 at all! I guess it’s all in player development. It’s gonna get worse when X comes back, the small ball experiments that is.

        • Daniel

          Guys, this season is over, MD is just testing player to see who is going to keep next year, to see what they really need for next season.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed on the testing grounds. I just have a hard time accepting a player like Wes being put out of position at this point in his career when he was showing progress at his natural position, SF. Wes needs to continue to build momentum at the SF success he was in the same way Jodie Meeks had the opportunity to thrive as a SG as it has paid off.

            Plus you can continue to see if Kelly can develop by giving him minutes. I know it’s hard because as players like X come back you have a complete log jam at SG and SF.

      • Baltazar Costa

        Kelly and Sacre are basketball jokes and they should not be in the NBA in first place. What can you expect from pics # 57 and # 60 ?
        D’Antoni has no material to work with. Lets be realistic here. I am not defending his small-ball and up tempo style, but that is what he has coached for all this years. It is not his fall that Jim Buss hired him last year. They should know better, who D’Antoni is and if we have the players to run his system.

        • Daryl Peek

          First thing, Kelly was the 48th pick in the second round. Next your assessment of later second round draft picks is completely off. There have been plenty of 1st round draft busts and plenty of mid to late 2nd round gems. Examples; PAUL MILLSAP the 47th pick in 2006, STEPHEN JACKSON the 43rd pick in 1997, MONTA ELLIS the 40th pick in 2005, MICHAEL REDD the 43rd pick in 2000, MARC GASOL the 48th pick in 2007, JEFF HORNACEK the 46th pick in 1986, CHANDLER PARSONS the 38th pick in 2011, MANU GINOBILI the 57th pick in 1999, ETC…

          Drafting a player is a crap shoot 1st or second round, you never know how someone is gonna turn out, and you can’t judge said players development in 33 games on a team decimated by injuries like this years Lakers have been.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap this Kent Bazemore kid is for real,alright lets just take the loss and move on.This team is better off actually developing all the young talent for the last 26 games of the season.We are already out of the playoffs anyways,might as well try and develop the players we have for next season and beyond.I love the idea on Kent Bazemore playing big minutes.

    I actually prefer Bazemore above everyone else not named Kobe.Lakers lost and it just is the way it is we can’t seem to find a way to win games this season.Lottery pick is going to be high and lets hope for top 3.Draft either Jabari or Wiggins or Exum.But even Joel Embiid is a long term project worth drafting.Jabari is my fave.Wiggins has the highest ceiling in this draft the best upside.Exum is perfect.

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