Lakers Vs. Magic: Nick Young And Jordan Hill All Jokes (Videos)

Lakers Vs. Magic: Nick Young And Jordan Hill All Jokes (Videos)


The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic Sunday night, led by Jordan Hill who came off the bench scoring a career-high 28 points to go along with 13 rebounds. The Lakers locker room was finally having fun again as Nick Young and Jordan Hill were taking fun jabs at each other after the game. Hill says the Lakers still have pride to fight for. Check out our Lakers post-game videos below from Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Mike D’Antoni and Kent Bazemore.

MIKE D’ANTONI: On Pau Gasol Leaving The Game With Dizziness, Talks Jordan Hill’s Career-High Night, Wes Johnson’s Inefficiencies

NICK YOUNG: Says The Lakers Are Riding Together As A Team, Jokingly Jabs At Jordan Hill

JORDAN HILL: Says The Lakers Are Still Fighting For Pride, Jokes The He Doesn’t Care About Nick Young

KENT BAZEMORE: Says Nick Young Was ‘Vintage Nick,’ And Jordan Hill Was A ‘Monster’ In Lakers Win Over Orlando

  • Captain Betlog

    “What enabled you guys to kinda keep n control the whole way tonight?”
    “Well, for starters, Gasol didn’t come in to mess up the game again…”

    Shout out to Serena Winters, You are sooooo beautiful! You should be on TWC