Lakers vs. Heat: Metta World Peace: “I Never Forgot About Myself”

Lakers vs. Heat: Metta World Peace: “I Never Forgot About Myself”



The Lakers beat the Heat today, and a big reason for the victory was the defensive efforts of Metta World Peace on LeBron James. World Peace slowed James down to 46.1 percent shooting, which is almost 10 full percentage points off from his normal average of 55 percent this season.

Metta also helped the team with key three-point shots and short turn-around jumpers from the post. With the word that Metta is finally rounding into shape, he could definitely be a key contributor to the Lakers’ success this season.

What part of Metta’s game have you seen pick up the most in the past few weeks?

  • Otis Productofthenineties Wats

    man we comin everybody is playing well just add a pg and sf and we are strait 


    “Artest” still has a pretty smooth and quite dependable turn around 12 to 14 footer… Hoopfully, his not being in shape early will equate to a much better and effective “Artest” in shape now, and from now on.

  • Betto

    I really liked MWP’s game today, hope he starts playing like he’s old self and gives us more offense and defense ofc.  He had a good game before the allstar too then went back to his 5 points per game self..   What i’m wondering is, when are the lakers gonna get Rasheed and Arenas, all been nothing but rumors.  If the Lakers play this way and we add both of them players, we don’t need to trade Gasol.  Just bring him in the office along with Bynum and tell them that if they’re 2 feet away from the basket, dunk the freakin’ ball hard!!. To Gasol, don’t be a puss and fight for inside position, be a man!  It’s the reason he was brought to the Lakers.

  • LakerLyle

    More like Artest to me than World Peace. He should continue this level of play, and who knows, this Lakers squad might actually bring Los Angeles another championship. There are a lot of decent point guards in this league that can be traded for Lakers’ future 1st round picks and other players, but not Gasol. For the Atlanta Hawks we have Kirk Hinrich, he can defend well, he can shoot the three, fast. For the Cavs we have Ramon Sessions, fast, reliable, can defend well, offensive threat. For the Bobcats, we have DJ Augustin, surely a shadow of Kemba Walker. DJ Augustin can defend, is really fast, athletic, all-around shooter, facilitator. We also have Jonny Flynn of the Houston Rockets, very fast, athletic, outside shooter, tough. We also have Jordan Farmar of the NJN. He’s improved this time plus he’s athletic, outside shooter, can defend well, might as well use it to our advantage. We also have Rodney Stuckey of the Detroit Pistons, a combo point guard, very tough, defensive minded, offensive threat, fast, athletic, a good fit for the Lakers. And other more.