Lakers vs. Grizzlies NBA Game Highlights: December 17, 2013

Lakers vs. Grizzlies NBA Game Highlights: December 17, 2013


The Lakers are taking on the Memphis Grizzlies in their last game of a four game road trip tonight. The Memphis Grizzlies will be without Marc Gasol and Mike Conley in their lineup, but will still be a test for the Lakers because they are battling injuries as well. With a win tonight the Lakers can get their second win on this four game road trip.

Here are the highlights:

First Quarter

Second Quarter 

 Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter 


  • Kin Diesel

    Lakers getting killed on the offensive glass, yet D’Antoni refuses to put Kaman in the game. He would be giving Randolph problems as statistically one of the best rim defenders in the league.

    • kobe24

      Agreed, I just want to see Kaman play dammit and if sucks okay well at least D’Antoni has a good reason why not to bench Kaman. But, if he doesn’t play Kaman at all thats just stupid of him

  • Apex

    That was a much better performance from this team. How good is Nick Young, wow. Kobe looks like he’s returning to form faster then I would of thought, he looked like himself out there. A wins a win, next up T-Wolves, they killed us last time, hopefully we get the better of them this time around

    • kobe24

      Agreed, since we have three day rest that would be good for the older guys (Kobe, Pau) and hope maybe Farmar comes back? (Hope he doesn’t rush it though)..

      I think Kaman should be played soon. The biggest problem with Minnesota is Love and Pekovic (to a lesser extent) and since Rubio isn’t the best shooter(although he still shouldn’t be counted out) and K Martin (I believe) is out for friday its all about the rebounds and the defense

      • Apex

        If Martin is out Friday that should give us a great chance of winning. Considering that we are within striking distance on the standings I really really hope the Lakers win this one!!


    a depleted team vs a depleted team…and we get the win

  • scrooge

    Kobe is returning to his old self. for all lakers critics out there, please don’t compare d’antoni and phil Jackson in terms of plays and roster management. Give d’antoni a chance that he can do something for the lakers especially with kobe improving every play day.

  • cobi