Lakers Vs. Clippers VIDEOS: Embarrassment Floods The Locker Room

Lakers Vs. Clippers VIDEOS: Embarrassment Floods The Locker Room


The Los Angeles Lakers 48-point loss to the Clippers on Thursday night was the worst loss in franchise history. An overwhelming feeling of embarrassment filled the Lakers locker room after the game. Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni says the Clippers smelled blood and took advantage. Robert Sacre was happy the game was over. Xavier Henry conceded the same feelings of embarrassment. Pau Gasol is asked whether a loss like this makes him question management’s decisions. Plus, what it is like for Gasol to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, a leader on a championship Lakers team versus part of the worst loss in Lakers franchise history? Check out our post-game videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel!

MIKE D’ANTONI: “Everyone Knows We’re Embarrassed,” The Clippers Saw Blood

XAVIER HENRY: Embarrassment, Motivations, His Knee Injury

ROBERT SACRE: “I’m Just Glad This Game’s Over”

PAU GASOL: Asked About Whether A Loss Like This Makes Him Question Management’s Decisions

  • Peđa Knežević

    Las Vegas-like shining sign: “FIRE MIKE”

  • Michael FlyfoeLife Ryles

    Fire Mike!!!!!!!!!!

  • oldereyes

    I’m not sure anyone could win with what’s left of this roster. But D’Antoni is absolutely clueless. He’s committed to his NDRG (No Defense Run and Gun) style and won’t change it even if it means 48 point losses. It was sad to hear the Lakers announcers rooting for the Lakers to cut the deficit to less than 50 at the end of the game. I’m a fan for life but I’m not sure there’s a way back with Mike coaching and what’s left of the Buss family in charge.

  • Lakers4ever

    This isn’t just embarrassment for Lakers players, coaches and management… this is embarrassment for us fans who have stuck with the Lakers this season despite what others say. They should be more embarrassed that they let down people who don’t get paid millions, take 2 hours to sit in front of the tv and cheer even when getting beaten by the Jazz or Bucks, and all those that still love the game and the purple and gold. Time for Jim Buss to stop pretending he’s a big boy and start asking what would daddy do?

  • Badeng

    I kinda expected a loss the way the Lakers are playing and the way the Clippers have been doing well this season…but a 48-point loss? WHAT THE F****!!! It’s not like we have a team of middle school kids playing for pennies! These are professionals being paid a lot of money–mostly coming from suckers like us who still believe the Purple and Gold would not let us down.

  • Tina Moran

    I think it’s time for Lakers fan to start a boycott campaign to get Jim Buss’ attention. It’s scary to imagine this franchise going down the toilet but desperate times need desperate measures! Let’s start by not showing up at their games.

  • Frustrated

    I wonder if Kobe and Nash slept well last night knowing that they are being paid taking millions of $ for sitting out while the Clips took a dump on the heads of their mates and the franchise, too.

  • AT&T

    I can almost hear the CEO of TWC Sports shouting at the top of his voice, “Tell me again whose idea it was to run an exclusive Channel for the Lakers!!!???”

    • LakersGyrl

      That was a LOUSY deal for fans anyway. Who thought it was a good idea to force hometown fans to have cable in order to watch away games?