Lakers vs. Clippers NBA Game Highlights Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers have lost their last three games and are looking for a win against their hallway rivals tonight. Hopefully the Lakers will put forth their best effor The Lakers have lost their last three games and are looking for a win against their hallway rivals tonight. Hopefully the Lakers will put forth their best effor Rating: 0
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Lakers vs. Clippers NBA Game Highlights

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The Lakers have lost their last three games and are looking for a win against their hallway rivals tonight. Hopefully the Lakers will put forth their best effort tonight and secure a win.

Here are the highlights!

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter


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  • Terrell

    Pau isn’t even running hard to get back on defense. Well on second thought, it’s not like he makes a difference defensively any anyway if he’s back there already.

    • Jim213

      It’ll be humorous if FO doesn’t trade Pau b/c he’s not resigning with the
      team especially if they keep the current coach. Young must have been
      smoking something if he believed that this current team (as is) could turn it

      But what’s stranger is the coach’s statement saying that the masses
      expect too much out of the current roster. I expect competitiveness and
      the injuries have hurt but it’s no excuse to not show up and play for
      the BRAND. Aside of that the problem is inside- no inside game as the
      bigs have given up on the coach. Wonder why? SMH

      However, guess Kupcake supports the coach and blames it all on injuries
      aside of needing better shooters an inside game and starters. This is
      FO’s product on the floor – the coach, and players as hopefully they’re
      satisfied with their ineptness this season. Don’t see things changing
      until the coach gets canned and changes are made at the FO. #rollwithit

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        Injuries has nothing to do with heart…. a team got to have a fight every time… tonight and in the last 3 weeks they just don’t have the pride to fight. Something is going on or has happened in that span that drove this squad to play this terribly.

      • GM Jack

        Mitch supports Mike, Mike Supports Mitch or he is gone.

        Mike is a better coach than Mitch is a GM.

    • GM Jack

      The more I look at the Lakers, Pau is not the problem, the whole team is.

      You are asking Pau to carry a team. He never did it in Memphis, and never did with the Lakers.

      Ok, he is bad on defense, but, that is not his problem, the team is suppose to get players to pick up the pace. Look at Nowitzky, he cant play defense, but, they get players to play defense for him.

  • Loy

    There should be a mercy rule in effect for this game. Oh well, another loss means we increase our draft lottery odds.

  • Lakers Fan

    43 points in the 1st quarter?? This game over already.

  • Daryl Peek

    I don’t wanna hear SHIT about coaching! The Clips are straight punching us in the mouf and we taking it like a bunch of scared little BITCHES!!! This is beyond pathetic. SMDH

    • Terrell

      I hear ya. This is beyond simply blaming the coach. This is on the players now. Their body language is pretty much screaming “we quit, please let’s play with a running clock”. Show some freakin pride

  • KC

    Pau is scared sh1tless. He doesn’t know what to do when he gets the ball down near the paint. His moves are tentative and us getting the ball stripped repeatedly. He even freakin air balled a 5 ft fadeaway J.

    • GM Jack

      The getting stripped part is that he is slow. He is old. When, players get and slow, they do not get it or they do not want to admit it. Pau is hoping for another splash, not gong to happen.

      Pau, can play, bench, 20 minutes a game or small forward. He is big, but, he is slow, he can use his height advantage against smaller players. But, then, on the defensive end, a small forward will smoke him, but, then, again, a big player smokes him as well.

  • Tyrone

    Lakers play worse defense than me and my homies at the Rec Center.Pathetic.

    • john

      you from alabama

  • Tyrone

    Sign Romero Osby ya’ll that’s the big homie my nigga.

  • Avery Johnson

    MDA is shit.

    • Lakers Fan

      Do you not see this team’s defense?!? This ain’t got shit to do with MDA. This all on the players man.

      • Tim

        Not in agreement let someone like Lionell Hollins or Phil Jackson coach them and this never happens sir.Let me see a bunch of coaches can help them play better defense.Give me the job and i will prove you that it’s the coach.I feel sorry for you LAL fans.God Bless you great people.

        • Daryl Peek

          If someone pops you in the mouf what are you gonna do?

          • Tim

            Pop them ten times harder right back.

          • Daryl Peek

            Exactly! This team is not doing that at all and it’s beyond coaching at this point. Every time one of ours goes into the lane they find themselves on the floor but its ole on the other side. KNUCKLE UP AND PUT SOMEONE ON THEY ASS!!

          • Tim

            Look Daryl i am sorry i am not at practice with the Lakers team.I am not currently coaching them nor should i coach them it’s not my job to do.But you are right it is on the players and the coach is their to execute the defensive plan.Take a charge,take a foul hard like Rick Mahorn.

            I hear it’s Rambis who is goofing the defensive strategy up this season according to a cool blogger on here.Go ahead and let me know what is the solution to the atrocious defense?Your first answer is respectable man.

          • Daryl Peek

            Regardless of being undermanned you don’t let another man manhandle you. Simple pride about what you do and how you accord yourself. If you’re gonna lose, make them feel you at least!!

          • Tim

            Well i grew up with Avery Johnson type players and Daryl you damn well know not to ever fuck with Avery Johnson on a basketball court.5’11,but he was the little general and Gregg Popovich loves him more than any player he has ever coached since he was the toughest and smartest general a coach could ever ask for.Lakers are missing a general right now.

            Hire a Dennis Rodman type player or a Rick Mahorn and he will set these boys straight IMO.Avery was tough as nails as player.He was up on his man on defense and he fought hard played with the heart of a champion and i love that attitude.But this is here and now.Lakers need to fight.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Exactlh Daryl… this team on the floor has no pride at all… they make one good play then follow that up with 4-5 bad ones… on both ends ..and it is telling so much about who is leading them on the court… I am not sure how much the coach has say over that, but the players got to have pride, they have got to have fire in their belly.

          • Jim213

            Need bangers Daryl the brand has a hx of them HOFs. Pau is more finesse and not a banger as kaman is good but he gets no min. The rest of the bigs need help in getting plays. BLAME IT ALL ON NOT HAVING PG’S DARYL SMDH! lol (pun).

          • Tim

            Sorry gentleman to delve into your conversation but Jim is right this goes far beyond missing a Point Guard.No this is about not getting freaking rebounds and not playing defense.

            Avery Johnson is one hell of a coach and i would not say this about MDA since his team is not rebounding or playing defense this season.The effort is missing from the Lakers pussy cat big soft men.

            Okay knuckle up and bring in 4 bangers enforcers and hire a coaching staff that is based on thuggery and defense and lets go ahead and punk the Clippers and Doc Rivers.Avery Johnson and Pop would spit in the face of Glen Doc Rivers if he pulled some shit on them like he did on the Lakers by covering the hard earned championship banners.Some coaches don’t mess around Avery and Pop don’t BS.

          • Jim213

            Agree, but truthfully both teams are tenants @ Staples. I respect Doc and he’s right, Clipps did the best thing for their own organization.

            But this could’ve been avoided if the Lakers had their own arena but don’t believe things will change any time soon or in this current decade given the franchise’s current status.


      • Jed

        Besides, Rambis is the one in charge of the D

        • Tim

          Rambis okay fire him tonight thanks.Whoever is in charge has failed miserably.

      • Sylvia Ross

        Don’t agree we need Byron Scott. No DEFENSE at all tonight.

    • Sylvia Ross

      Two times on that Avery!!!

  • Daryl Peek

    I gotta go hit the gym and blow off some steam. This BS got me so heated right now I can’t afford to watch anymore. I’m on the verge of breaking something right now. Complete PUNK job by these guys!!

    • Tim

      Only if these cowardly Lions impersonating Lakers had the pride and heart you have we would be a lot better off.I am fever mad at the score right now.Have a great work out Daryl.Take it easy on the weights these Lakers need to get in order they need about 4 enforcers and a tough coach that is a fighter and they will start competing.Down by 40+.Enjoy your work out.

      PS Not hating on MDA just guessing something ain’t right internally.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    I dont know whether to laugh/cry/kill or bury my head in the sand.

  • King Hippo

    The Lakers are on pace to give up 140 points tonight.After giving up 137 last week.Time to reshuffle the deck and come up with a new system hint hint Never Mind people in LA are not worried yet we still got the Clippers NOT.Come on this is a all time low admit it please.Losing 9 out of 10 and then this crappy performance against our cross room rivals.Bad news this is comical,depressing,shameful,disgraceful,pathetic,they quit before the season ends,just a joke of a team,sorry to see you play so bad fellas.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Who among lakers starters has the highest negative impact on the team +/-…. if you guess Jodie Meeks… you are absolutely right. Say all you want about his consistency and scoring… his contribution on team has plummeted since he has started looking for his shots.

    • Daryl Peek

      PG duties for a player who has no PG skills. +- is a BS stat. All you have to do is be on the court when your team is getting murdered like tonight and that stat works against you regardless of how you played

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I know you like Meeks, but he is just bad player on the court… he rushes plays too much and thinks like he is the Lakers #1 player. And by the way, he almost always plays with Marshall… so your PG duties theory is debatable. anyway, it is Young who handles PG duties when KM is out.

        • Daryl Peek

          Nah man. MDA has been trying to groom Jodie as a PG since last season. He’s not that player at all! But he’s a good SG. I agree he rushes at times on the break, but I can’t call him a bad player on the court.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I am done watching…. am gonna go get something to break… this is just too distressing.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I just felt that the players on the floor has no pride playing for the purple and gold…. they are just going through the motion…

        • Daryl Peek

          Meeks is the only Laker out there playing with heart. The Clips are the overall aggressor so they’re getting al the calls. Meeks is on pace to play 40 + minutes. MDA has been leaning on him the most with regards to PT since all the injuries.

    • Jim213

      I’ve said it’s off and on with Meeks but others think differently.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        ABsolutely right… anyone still thinks Meeks is a starter type player…??? at best he is a 6th man..on an average team… and he is thrust into starting for Lakers.

      • Daryl Peek

        Meeks is shooting like crap tonight but look at his free throw attempts. He and Marshall are the only ones fighting out there tonight. Pau, Sacre, Kaman, Kelly and Hill have NO FT attempts in the game?

        Meeks is attacking the rim and getting beat up but no one is helping him. He’s gotta be pissed to the 100th power!

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          I got to give it to Meeks… while it is true that he is playing crap… he hasnt stop fighting… him and Marshall are the only players that still has some pride left… Pau Gasol, our suppose to be floor leader is just … i don’t know what to say.

  • Lakers Fan

    The Lakers have given up. 7 points in a quarter?? This is hilarious. I won’t even allow myself to get mad.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      not given up… they only manage to score 7 points while giving up 31….

      • Paytc

        Well it’s really not that much of a surprise to me. I was rooting them on early in the season trying to get them to learn how to win winnable games. I knew that unless they were healthy and Kobe returned as the season moved on it would get tougher before it got easier, especially without the team’s most experienced and best player being there to provide leadership. It is just unfortunate that the team has been plagued with key players being injured and inexperienced players as backups.

        It’s easy to point fingers and place blame. I will go back to my early season rally cry…. we need players to “STEP UP ” .

        We are not as deep as the Heat and many other good teams. If the Heat were playing without Lebron,Wade,and couple more key players they would still have Charmers,Bosh,Allen a championship veteran core to keep them in tact.

        The Lakers do lack in experienced healthy players and veteran leadership IMO. Go Lakers !

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    I’m a huge Laker fan and this is tough to say.. but I hope they go on a massive losing streak.
    Maybe that’ll cause D’Antoni to get fired, while increasing our chances for a top 3 pick.

  • Daniel

    These people earn million of $ to play a game they love. No effort and heart. Everyone having negative body including the stupid head coach. Tank the season, shipped Gasol and let the young players play.

  • lakersfan

    im watching the game and crying, its just sad !

  • Hugh

    Meeks and Marshall are the only ones trying and throwing their bodies out there even though they know they are physically overmatched. I want those 2 with me should I get in a bar fight. Can’t say the same for Pau and the rest of the team

    • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

      Yeah, I love how Meeks has played this year. One of the few bright spots this year. I hope they resign him.

  • the dissapointed Laker

    This game is just despicable. It seriously looks like every Laker has given up. I mean c’mon, the Clips don’t even have CP3. There’s a complete lack of effort, Pau looks clearly outmatched! I mean c’mon if there giving you an open 15ft jumper freaking take it!!! D’antoni has given up on his squad and Kobe simply looks disgusted.

    C’mon for the sake of being a Laker, don’t let Blake DeAndre bully you around! Put them on their backs or something, show a little fire!!! This Lakers team is by far the worst squad I’ve seen, even worse than the Kwame Brown, Smush Parker era (at least Kobe was playing).

    I wish that there was a fast forward button so that we can see Kobe back on the court so that the Lakers can at least be entertaining to watch even if they lose.

  • Daryl Peek

    Nick Young lost his Swag with the release of Shawne Williams. To be honest, waiving Williams has had a very negative effect on the entire team in general. I understand the need to save money but that move really came at a bad time like everything else about this season.

    Young looks lost out there since Williams was released. Say what you want about Shawne, the dude had heart and was well liked amongst his teammates. He was a hustler on defense and did a very good job in the PNR defensively.

    This shit is a complete nightmare!

  • Sylvia Ross

    We played NO DEFENSE AT ALL!!!! Still love my Lakers though.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    I mentioned this about 2-3 weeks ago that we are now officially a bad team…. I saw the body language and the demeanor of the court…. there was no pride… no fight, it’s as if I am watching the wizzards or the bucks…

    • e3bonz

      I missed the first quarter, ESPN had the double overtime Heat vs Net game. The game I finally got to see was a mess. Were there any set plays run or was it just a free for all?

  • The Lakers Tank Commander

    Lakers lost to Clippers Lakers 87-Clippers 123.Tank rank 9th.Current pick 9th.

  • e3bonz

    At least they didn’t break the 1955 record, of losing by 46 points…

  • Lakers Tank Watch

    Lakers record 14-23.

  • Saul

    Okay i figure it out this way that the Lakers will get a high lottery pick this year and if they can’t get the right players and the right coaching staff then they will end up constantly losing year after year and they are top 5 protected at least next season so Phoenix Suns gotta wait on that pick if it’s in the top 5.i figure eventually the Lakers will draft the right player in the draft lottery.So lets say a couple of the picks are busts or mediocre players then eventually one year the Lakers will draft the right guy that turns into a superstar.But until then we are in for a lot of losses and painful hurtful rebuild that never ends until changes are made upstairs.

  • Sylvia Ross

    All the commentators are saying , the Lakers are just standing around NO DEFENSE. dantoni is an idiot I wish he would quit on us like he did the Nicks.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Oh it comes down to playing defense moving you’re feet on defense.Putting you’re hands up on defense,being aware if where you’re man is on defense.The Zone defense needs to be scratched from the defensive schemes it is 100% the wrong method to playing defense.It worked against Utah but has failed against everyone else.Change up the defense this is horrid.

    Also trapping players is not going to work with the team we have.The best defense would be one on one defense with the backbone being team defense.So we need a shot blocking center and a space eater to be the last line of defense to block the shots coming in to the paint.

    A true intimidation for the opponent since times are tough and money is low it’s time to look at the D-League to pluck a center out of their and Dewayne Dedmon or Jarvis Vernado fit the description of a shot blocker and space eater on defense.They are quick enough on their feet to change the game.Jarvis Vernado was the Miami Heat project at center for awhile.But otherwise get us a real center in the off season.Maybe Monroe?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Beware of where you’re opponent is at all times on defense,stick to the opponent like glue and move you’re feet and put you’re hands uo in their face and help on defense and switch on defense when needed after a teammate gets taken advantage of in a mismatch,Those are the basics on defense tbh.Don’t be afraid to knock the opponent on their butt.Take a hard foul.Another thing is to take a charge on defense get in position and put you’re body at risk by taking a charge by getting in great position to draw a charge.Learn how to flop lol.

    Also when comes to rebounding box out and get inside position on the potential rebound anticipate the ball caroming off to you.On offense just play the clock make the right decisions don’t rush anything.Get into the offense and the big men must fight for inside position and set screens for you’re teammates and finish at the rim.

    take less 3 pointers and slash to the hoop more often.Guards should drive the lane and attack the opposing center all the time make them work on defense.Draw attention from the defender and go right at them with a layup or dunk.Hubie Brown alluded to the fact the guard would get into the lane but he was scared of Deandre Jordan blocking his shot so he would pass the ball out to the 3 point shooters.

  • GM Jack

    Clippers with no Paul are still winning. They have depth.

    Clip 102 Lakers 102, hard to pick this one.

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