Lakers Vs. Cavs VIDEOS: Nick Young Still Proud To Be A Laker

Lakers Vs. Cavs VIDEOS: Nick Young Still Proud To Be A Laker


The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night, dropping their eleventh game out of the past 12. After the game, Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni was actually very pleased with his team’s energy and thought it was unfortunate his team didn’t get “rewarded” with a win. Lakers guard Nick Young is still proud to wear his Lakers uniform, despite their losing streak. Plus, Young was also very vocal about Pau Gasol stepping up to play through injury. Jordan Hill is not able to pinpoint the Lakers struggles in the third quarter and is unsure of what to expect in the upcoming road trip. Is motivation an issue for the Lakers? Pau Gasol isn’t so sure that’s a factor.

MIKE D’ANTONI: Confident Team Will Fight Through, Happy With Energy And Effort, Talks Jodie Meeks And Pau Gasol

NICK YOUNG: Proud To Be In A Lakers Uniform Despite Record, Jokes That Wes Johnson Missing A Layup Is Going To Be On Shaqtin’ A Fool, What About This Idea Of Tanking?

JORDAN HILL: What Happens To The Lakers In The Third Quarter? Expectations For The Upcoming Road Trip?

PAU GASOL: Sore Foot, Team Motivation, Plus A Funny Response When A Reporter’s Cell Phone Goes Off


    Night in & night out, teams look forward to playing against Gasol and these Lakers, knowing their gonna get to pad their stats with a good chance of someone having a career night, night in & night out… Clearly, so ridiculously redundant, not to mention pathetic, how sweet they are as they hug & smile with Gasol, before and after each game, while abusing him like an abusive spouse to his/her insignificant other, in between… night in & night out!

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    Yeah I agree with Mr.Juan_Your Warlock… I really feel like the lakers have talent, but no plan of attack. They make every team they play look like a well oiled machine. Sad but as a Laker fan we know that things will get better…but they might get worse first.