Lakers Vs. Bulls VIDEOS: Nick Young, Kobe Bryant Comparisons

Lakers Vs. Bulls VIDEOS: Nick Young, Kobe Bryant Comparisons


The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Chicago Bulls in overtime Monday night on the second night of a back-to-back. After the game, Pau Gasol was noticeably upset about Taj Gibson being wide open for a game-winning layup with 0.9 seconds on the clock. Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni discussed the last play, as well as the impressive performances of both Nick Young and Ryan Kelly.

Young said the three free throws he drew and made were the most pressure he’s felt in his NBA career and his biggest moment as a Laker. Plus, Young responded to questions about him being compared to Kobe Bryant.

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MIKE D’ANTONI: On Lakers Defensive Lapse To Lose The Game, Nick Young, Manny Harris, Ryan Kelly

NICK YOUNG: Says Drawing And Hitting Three Free Throws Were The Biggest Moments Of His Lakers Career, Says Kobe’s Coaching Him From Sidelines

PAU GASOL: Upset With Taj Gibson’s Wide Open Layup, Chimes In On Nick Young/ Kobe Comparisons

  • Jim Buss Fan Club

    Nick is a Prime Kobe just by scoring but his defense is not close and his passing is terrible he never passes and Kobe is way better than Nick Young.Great signing.

    • kobe24

      Lol obviously Nick Young isn’t as great as Kobe or else he would’ve been a franchise player for some other team and won couple championship.

      However, like you said he is shooting great hes like J.R. Smith but way better (As long as he plays like this or even 80% of his current efficiency) I would love it if he stays as a laker for a long time

  • Jim213

    Ranked 27th in TO’s and 29th on defense…

  • North Memphis Hollywood

    Swaggy P is a great scorer.Dude can drop 30 anytime any game.

  • hoperhetoric

    Why u are upset gasol???????? your team mates made good plays to gain more than 3point lead against bulls so the lakers will not be in position that just happened. you blew 3 posessions with your fuk routine turnovers in clutch games!!!! dont blame harris, please bench gasol everytime in the last 3 minutes of the game!!! Gasol is lakers opponent too in CLUTCH GAMES.
    if hes not playing awful defense, he will still hurt the lakers with his routine CLUTCH turnovers!!!! Its been happening a lot throughout his laker career!