Lakers v. Warriors: Reserves Play Second Half, Get Obliterated

Lakers v. Warriors: Reserves Play Second Half, Get Obliterated


Wesley-Johnson-Los-Angeles-Lakers-Mike-DAntoni-The Lakers played their sixth preseason game of the season and their second in China. Again, the Lakers have a decent showing on the offensive end, but seemed to take a step back on the other end as the Warriors started connecting from deep. Andre Iguodala didn’t do much scoring, but chipped in 14 assists with five steals, showing exactly why the Warriors went after him this off-season.

1st Half
Nick Young and Pau Gasol had great showings for the Lakers in the first half. With Shawne Williams starting in place of Chris Kaman, Gasol was the lone big man in the paint and finished the half with 10 points, six rebounds and five assists. He made a nice lefty hook in the lane and knocked down a few jump shots, including a three pointer. Kaman stepped in and played well, too, with eight points on three-for-four shooting.

Nick Young had a nice break away dunk and caught a pretty alley-oop from Steve Blake toward the end of the half. Young had nine points on 50 percent shooting with a rebound, assist, and steal in the first half.

We finally got a chance to see Jordan Farmar and Wes Johnson on the floor after both missed a few games with injuries. Farmar was recovering from a calf injury while Johnson was recovering from a foot injury. Neither guy played exceptionally well, but it was good to see those two back on the floor as they’ll be key rotation players.

2nd Half
The Lakers continued to play well to start the third, but at about the 5:30 mark trailing by three points, Mike D’Antoni substituted Jordan Farmar and Jordan Hill for Pau Gasol and Wes Johnson and saw Marcus Landry come in for Nick Young and watched the deficit balloon. The Warriors would extend their lead by 11 in the final five minutes of the game and led by 14 at the end of the third quarter. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green both played extremely well and knocked down a plethora of jumpers.

It was more of the same in the fourth quarter with both teams playing reserves. The Warriors would win in blowout fashion 115-98.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers have basically a whole new team this season.The Lakers have 9 new players and Kobe is not playing due to injury plus it’s the first training camp for Mike D’Antoni.

    It will take a good amount of time for this team to gel and hit full stride on a winning path.

    But it was a Preseason game,it doesn’t count against the regular season record.But yeah the team did play sloppy and looked bad out there this morning,that i do agree with.Go Lakers!

  • vdogg

    that game got ugly fast. credit the warriors.. they played well. the lakers need better play out of jordan hill — better rebounding and defense. in any case, back to LA and the jazz on tuesday. it’s looking more and more like pau and kaman will start together. the bench looked better with hill and williams playing in the 2nd unit.

  • richard

    . preseason games are best used to assess progress in the implementation of team’s offensive and defensive ploys. They are meant to set the team’s roster heading into the regular season. GS rotation is already set, being that, only a couple of players are new to the team. This current lakers team has 9 new additions. So, MDA’s goal is not to win but to determine who are the players that best suit the philosophy of the team. Hence, he has to give ample playing time for the reserves to play and show what they can do inside of the team’s philosophy.

  • Dyllon Dinwiddie

    It happens the warriors are a great 3pt shooting team and we weren’t out of the game until the 2nd and 3rd strings came in so its all good just work harder on D and get consistent play from farmar and hill ad well as the rest of the bench

  • Dyllon Dinwiddie

    Also were still trying to find rotations the warriors already have a set rotation do far so that’s another disadvantage but its just preseason and atleast this year’s preseaon we actually won games

  • Jim213

    Missed the game, but from reading the breakdown, don’t believe Wes Johnson will start given his slow adaptation to the offense (work in progress). It’s obvious that Young, Kaman, and Gasol will likely start but the coach previously brought up that Young would be used at the 3 though it sounds more like he’ll be playing the 4 since KB24 will be getting plenty of minutes a the 3 from what the coach has recently brought up.

    Although, Shawne Williams can also play the 3 and possibly be switched to the 4 (better suited) once Kaman gets off the court with Gasol at the 5. Both the SG and SF starting positions still seem to be up in the air at the moment. I also don’t see J Hill starting though he’ll likely get minutes at the 4 and 5 as a backup.

  • Daryl Peek

    The final cut should be made any day now as the team heads back state side. With two preseason games left, it’s time to tighten the rotations up towards more of what we’ll see on a regular in the real games. It’s time for experiment mode to give way to the chemistry of continuity for consistency.

    • NotSure_i_Agree

      that makes sense…so it likely won’t happen.

  • taviyoung

    Let me start off by saying that I know that this is only the preseason, and its good to experiment with guys doing different things and playing different positions. To have Wesley Johnson playing the 4 is just downright stupid in every sense imaginable. To have Blake playing the 2 when you have Young, Meeks, Henry, and Johnson who all can play the 2 is just as stupid. It just goes to show that all D’antoni cares about is his offensive philosophy. Wesley and Blake both got torched on defense, because they were undersized and outmatched physically at those positions. To hell with a stretch 4 and all that other crap. Wesley could be a huge factor off the bench especially defensively, but I’m afraid D’antoni is going to ruin his confidence.

    • Jim213

      Agree somewhat except on your stretch 4 view along with Wes Johnson’s confidence given he lacks it. As an early draft prospect his career has been less than mediocre but hopefully Kobe can help both W Johnson and X Henry in that remark given that the weaknesses for both players seems to be on the mental side as they have potential but have had stagnant NBA careers so far.

      For the coach’s system to work the stretch 4 is important but aside of that I don’t see his style being fully implemented given that the team doesn’t have the players (younger legs) aside of consistent shooters (pre-season observation) to adapt to the coach’s style fully. Fast breaks are important too and given the vets it’s unlikely that they’ll play on a fast break mindset most of the time while on the floor (just don’t have the legs for it basically).

  • taviyoung

    (PG) NASH- Blake, Farmer
    (SG) KOBE- Henry/ Meeks, Young, Johnson
    (SF) YOUNG- Johnson, Henry, Williams
    (PF) KAMAN- Williams, Hill, Gasol
    (C) GASOL- Hill, Kaman
    Need to trade Meeks or Henry, and Blake for another Big, because we are deep at guard.

    • NotSure_i_Agree

      Henry has no trade value! (Yet). I’d rather trade Wes Johnson.

      • Jim213

        Same can be said for Wesley Johnson but I’d rather go with Blake, Meeks, and possibly Hill though we need him for D. But if the team intends to get under the cap then this would help unless Gasol rumors start again which have already.

  • ra

    Chemistry doesn’t just ‘happen’ – it takes time to develop. It may take a ‘year’ to develop. This is not fantasy basketball – you can’t just base team play on individual statistics. In fact, you can’t base anything on individual statistics (like ESPN does, regularly – looks for specific statistics to support theories).

    E.g., players were polled, and 88% said they wanted MJ to take the last shot in a game. 12% said they want Kobe. Nobody said LeBron. And then ESPN drummed up a statistic that talked about some type of ‘shot percentage’ in a ‘last few minute’ situation, and came up with LeBron as the top. (actually, Carmelo rates pretty high in that statistic).

    Now, how many of you have seen Kobe take the last shot – or the game winning shot? They have been some of the most fantastic shots in history, and have also helped the Lakers by winning key games in championship runs. How do you quantify that, statistically?

    Anyway, the point is that it’s hard to decide who makes the ‘team’, from a few games, a few ‘pre-game’ player statistics, and historical player statistics. Basically, none of the ‘new guys’ are exceptional – like, in a ‘Kobe’ way, ‘Nash’ way, or even ‘Pau’ way. None of them are. It’s hard to win games without exceptional individuals in this ‘exceptional’ league. Therefore, there is much more reliance on team play. Kobe’s not here, and these new guys would have been ‘role players’ in a Kobe dominant team. That works. But since Kobe isn’t around, these ‘role players’ are just ‘regular players’.

    It will be hard for them to win, unless they either play ‘completely’ as a team, or if one or more of the new players have a ‘key exceptional talent’, like high 3-point percentage, drive to the basket capability, mid-range capability, etc. And, defense is much more difficult to master. So they definitely have to play serious team defense, in order to win games. That’s it.

    The Lakers have a ‘long way’ to go, and it may be an entire season before things work out as well as we would like it to.

  • hookedonnews

    This game was an opportunity for D’Antoni to evaluate players. He knows what his starters can do. There are decisions to be made, and players play differently in games than they do in practice sometimes. No reason to worry. The Lakers have already shown that they can hold their own against GS. This is practically a brand new team. GS is pretty much set. Now is the time to figure out what you’ve got and where they fit best. Also time to make the final cuts. This is a work in progress and will continue to be for a while. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is a good basketball team.