Lakers Turn Down Michael Beasley Trade Offer Reviewed by Momizat on . According to ESPN.com's Chris Broussard, the Los Angeles Lakers turned down a potential trade that would have brought former number two overall pick Michael Bea According to ESPN.com's Chris Broussard, the Los Angeles Lakers turned down a potential trade that would have brought former number two overall pick Michael Bea Rating:
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Lakers Turn Down Michael Beasley Trade Offer

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According to ESPN.com’s Chris Broussard, the Los Angeles Lakers turned down a potential trade that would have brought former number two overall pick Michael Beasley to L.A. in exchange for a first-round draft pick.

The reasoning behind the decision for Los Angeles is the team’s desire to try and work out their salary cap issues. The team reportedly doesn’t want to bring Beasley’s salary onto its books, and ultimately have to pay more luxury taxes.

With one of the league’s highest payrolls at roughly $88 million — well above the luxury tax threshold of $70 million — the Lakers are due to pay $18 million in taxes this season. Since there is a dollar-for-dollar penalty for tax-paying teams, taking on Beasley’s $6.2 million contract would add another $6.2 million to their tax bill and cost the Lakers an extra $12.4 million.

In a business sense the reasoning behind the declined trade does seem sound. The Lakers are already bogged down with back-loaded contracts (Metta World Peace, Luke Walton, Kobe Bryant) and aren’t going to be free of said contracts for the next few years.

While the team may have turned down the Beasley offer it certainly doesn’t mean they’re going to turn down all other potential offers as well.

This is just another instance where the new CBA has made an impact on the Lakers. In the past the team had little problem adding to their salary cap and biting the luxury tax penalties. However, under the new CBA guidelines that make cost teams more for exceeding the cap, even a team in as big of a market as Los Angeles has to be careful with their spending.

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  • Illest_24

    Here are Lakers mistakes since winning last couple of titles
    Letting Shannon Brown go 
    Letting Farmar go to sign Blake 
    Signing Artest to 5 years instead of 3 years. 
    Giving Fisher an extension worth 4 mil a year 
    Signing McRoberts for $3 mil a year 
    Letting Vujacic go to sign Theo Ratliff 
    Letting Ariza go 
    Trading Lamar for nothing 
    Signing Luke Walton for 7 years (ridiculous)
    Including Marc Gasol in the Pau trade (shouda offered something else)
    and now not trading for beasley
    Lakers have been destroyed by bad decisions lately. 

    • guest123

      hmm, easy to sit there and point out “what they did wrong”.  How bout “what they did right”.  The Lakers have been very successful the last 5 years.

      • Illest_24

        yea but im just so pissed off right now
        if they kept lamer and sign arenus or trade for sessions, they could have won a title this year. With kobe doing that surgery and being healthy to lamar coming off the bench or even starting as mike brown was thinking, they could have had a great shot at it.

        • jonathan jackson

          man stop playing who r u fooling besides urself we are not going anywhere with sessions.  I would say if we get a jamal crawford or andre miller we may but sessions come on man he could not start nowhere in the league

          • Illest_24

             yea but arenus i think could still help us, dont write him off just yet. This guy is only like 30 years old and was a star in this league, i think if he gets the starting position he could do something, its not like fish and steve are better than him

      • jonathan jackson

        guest 123 in any business it is bout now and right now the things we did in the past left us without CP3 and way over the salary cap.  So please do not say that crazy junk bout what we did right.

    • http://twitter.com/John_LakersRule John

      I disagree IMHO the worst of it all has come since the Lock out ended.

      Shannon Brown – He was too inconsistent
      Jordan Farmar – The same as shannon, he was supposed too develop like Bynum and be a one two punch. That never happened so the Lakers gave up on him.
      Artest – It wasn’t a bad deal he helped the Lakers to two titles and did exactly what they expect from him in those two years, can’t blame father time for catching up to him.
      Fisher – He has done too much for the Lakers to just be tossed aside, he earned that two year extension.
      McRoberts – Started out great early in the season, blame Mike Brown for not giving him any PT.
      Vujacic – The machine was on a serious decline like metta is in now, it was time to let him go.
      Ariza – It was either him or metta, this was said many times. The Lakers sold their future for the present when they made that deal, and it got them two titles so it wasn’t a mistake.
      Walton – When they signed walton it was simply for security purposed, in fact many at the time called it a good deal. No on could have known that they would have no use for him just a few years later into the deal.
      Marc Gasol – The grizzlies probably wouldn’t have signed off on the deal if he wasn’t included.

      Lamar – that was bad and like i said it started with the lock out ending and the cp3 nixed deal.

      • Illest_24

        artest won them 1 title not 2

      • Kap

        Ron Artest was only here for ONE championship…Ariza was our starting SF when we beat the Magic.

  • Moec51

    Give them walton and someother bench warmer and get more cap space

  • Mrpaul43

    Some of your info isn’t correct…

  • http://www.facebook.com/NOIDFC Corrie McClintock

    I hope that since they called up Ebanks from the d-league that mike brown ACTUALLY PLAYS him and let’s him get a lil’ burn along with Goudelock

  • Ne0

    Lakers should focus get JJ Barrrea instead.

  • Shawnamyquinn

    Ebanks is a scrub. But I agree with getting rid of MWP and Walton. They should also get rid of Barnes. Lakers need a good PG and a SF.

  • Shawn

    What PG should they go after?

  • Kap

    Beasley off the bench? You mean, he would have made a good starter! It sounds to me like the Lakers are going to sit on this roster and that’s very, very disheartening. Why Luke Walton’s contract wasn’t bought out is beyond me. Beasley would have been the perfect fit at SF, 6-10, can shoot the 3, nice mid-range game, can create his own shot…everything the Lakers are lacking outside of the big-3 (Kobe, Bynum, Gasol). Getting Beasley and then Sessions would make the Lakers SERIOUS title contenders, with the garbage squad they currently have, 2nd round of the playoffs is the best-case scenario. Jim Buss is wasting Kobe’s last few years!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002812648880 Sean Ray

    ridicolous how stupid can u people be wanting to trade gasol for rondo and bynum for howard or gasol for dwilliams and bynum for brook lopez hell no what happens if we trade them to nj and all we get is d williams were gonna need another great power forward and center like andrew bynum and pau gasol thats a risk i know the management wouldnt do that if we trade at least dont let it be pau bynum or bryant u people crazy trade bynum and gasol that will give us even more problems

    • Eddie

      How the lakers are so stupid to not sign a guy like arenas and beasley, and prefer guys like fisher, walton, artest, barnes, and many other players that dont do anything. just seee their stats. The lakers right now are a 3 players team, Kobe, Gasol and Bynum, 3 of the best of the league, but they need help, the problems are not kobe, gasol or bynum, the problem is that the other 9 players dont do any shit. And the lakers management are destroying that team. With arenas and beasley the can win a championship. They just need a little help. Just remember what players they have when they win 2 championship and 3 NBA finals.

  • Angelosvergara

    Why can’t they just amnesty Luke? Shoudn’t that free up some cap space?

  • TAikens

    Lakers mgnt is fucking this team up….why keep Luke, MWP and Fish needs to go to the bench….Beasley would help right away!!!! Damn I have a high dislike for Jim Buss!!

  • J Taylor

    Now that the knee-jerk response is done, and i’ve had a minute to digest this….
    It kinda makes sense. All they are saying is that they want to send someone to minnesota with the trade. They are trying to reduce their team costs, which is understandable.
    They are saying:
    Beasley($6.8M) -> 1st round pick. (Too Expensive)
    Beasley($6.8M) -> 1st round pick + McRoberts ($3M) or
    Beasley($6.8M) -> 1st round pick + Blake ($4M)

    One thing is apparent, the new CBA won’t be friendly to teams over the cap. So proper management, while painful, is necessary for a long term goal.

  • jonathan jackson

    Why not do the beasley trade and add walton and the first round pick if the salary cap was really the issue.  You get rid of a decent contract and a pick to get a scorer.

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