Lakers Training Camp Roster: Add UNLV’s Roscoe Smith Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="312"] With summer camp coming to a start in a month, the Los Angeles Lakers have added a new asset to their training camp roster in prepara [new_royalslider id="312"] With summer camp coming to a start in a month, the Los Angeles Lakers have added a new asset to their training camp roster in prepara Rating: 0
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Lakers Training Camp Roster: Add UNLV’s Roscoe Smith

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With summer camp coming to a start in a month, the Los Angeles Lakers have added a new asset to their training camp roster in preparation for the start of the season.

Former University of Connecticut and University of Nevada, Las Vegas forward Roscoe Smith, will be headed to LA for training camp according Adam Zagoria of SNY.tv:

The Lakers are certainly trying to figure out how they can make the best of their situation in the front court, wondering what Smith can bring in training camp. There will likely be a few more invitees forthcoming, though the Lakers will ultimately have to cut their roster down to a maximum of 15.

Smith had a pretty impressive college career. In his first year with UCONN, he was part of the starting unit led by Kemba Walker, that won the 2011 NCAA Championship. In this past NCAA season with the Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV, Smith averaged 11.1 points, and 10.9 rebounds per game, finishing in the top five nationally in rebounding.

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After losing two big men in Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman, the Lakers are looking to recuperate their front court. The Lakers acquired veteran Carlos Boozer from Chicago and retained Jordan Hill, yet are still lacking some depth.

With the recent addition of center Ed Davis, and if this trial with Roscoe Smith pans out, the Lakers could have some youthful possessions for their frontcourt to come off of the bench.

One-On-One With New Laker Ed Davis

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  • Jim213

    Yesterday’s news.

    • Jim213

      Chris Broussard✔ @Chris_Broussard

      Double Sources CB: “Looking like qualifying offer (Bledsoe). Relationship w/Phx going n wrong direction”

      Paul George got a Ferrari 458 (present), after breaking his leg.

  • meep

    a day late on this

  • meep

    lakers have alot of youth already. so there really no need to add more since only 3 players are 30+

    • Kishan

      time to add shawn marion lets hope

      • Chrmngblly

        Spare us.

  • numb1lakefan

    Roscoe smith looked decent in the summer league but lakers should look to add Trey Thompkins who worked well with clarkson and randle

  • vdogg

    any news of clarkson or beasley? anything?

    • Eman94

      Clarkson will be signed eventually the lakers aren’t going to let the money they used to acquire him go to waste and there’s been no news on Beasley which isn’t a good thing. My guess is the Lakers moved on from Beasley which would be unfortunate considering he can play small forward which is a position that is in need

      • Bruce

        Probably he’s seeking more money or there’s some issues the FO are concerned.

        • Eman94

          I doubt anyone is gonna offer him more than the league minimum which is all the lakers can offer him, every team knows he’s a huge risk after his stint with Miami last year so teams are only gonna offer him the minimum and knows that. He worked out for the Lakers knowing that’s all they can offer him, he wouldn’t have worked out for them if he wasn’t willing to settle for the minimum. I think Beasley is just trying to make any team at this point, I believe the FO just wasn’t convinced he was right for the team and moved on from him. If they really wanted him they would of signed him before sending out these camp invites.

          • Eman94

            * and he (Michael Beasley) knows that.

  • LakerSpartan117

    Heard this news yesterday from Jim. Probably just a body to fill in at camp, but hey you never know. Maybe he can surprise some people, played decent at Summer League. Can score the ball for sure.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Cool i remember him he played at UCONN and won a championship then he went to UNLV and did good.But he made a huge clock management mistake by tossing a beyond half court shot in the with plenty of time left during tie game it was a big UCONN game then he got to transfer over to UNLV many people say that was the biggest bonehead play ever in College basketball but the Chris Webber timeout always ranks #1.

  • Duckathon

    Good D-League filler.

    • vdogg

      agreed. highly doubt he makes the final roster.

  • Mambanation

    Roscoe Smith? who???

  • Mambanation

    can they post up some stats??

  • Mambanation

    marion plz…to training camp.

    • 16 of em

      Beasely plz

  • Truth B Told

    Emeka Okafor……Even Bynum he’s 26yrs or 27yrs old for a try out.

    • x8z7

      Good choices, but i don’t think they will sign for the minium salary..

      • BULL


  • 86 Donald Sterling

    I am predicting today is the day Michael Beasley signs with the Lakers and here is why today’s date is 8/6 and put it together it’s 86 well that translates to if you mess up or do something very bad and stupid you are gone 86 means banned.

  • 86 Donald Sterling

    Former Clippers center Keith Closs admits to drinking on the bench during games
    Found February 22, 2012 on Larry Brown Sports
    In a recent interview with SLAM, former Clippers center Keith Closs opened up about his short-lived NBA career and how alcohol derailed a promising future in the league. We’ve heard tales in the past of drinking in locker rooms, namely from Ron Artest and Mark Cuban, but by comparison Closs’ admission makes those stories look like Sesame Street. “I was drinking in the NBA,” Closs told the magazine. “I was drinking on the bench, too. That wasn’t Gatorade in my water bottle; it was whatever I’d brought with me from the liquor store on the way to the arena. I had grown very resentful of the fact that I wasn’t playing…I felt like I was wasting away.” Closs, who averaged forgettable numbers in his three seasons with the Clippers from 1997 to 2000, also admits to smoking marijuana (while still in uniform) during games at halftime outside Staples Center, often times with fans. But for the 7’3″ Closs, the bottle was his preference. His affinity for the drink was well-established before colle

    • Al Haldie

      So what does that have to do with the LAKERS and what are you trying to PROVE ?

    • Al Haldie

      This is really STUPID !!!!

  • 86 Donald Sterling

    Klippers players hate there job so much they drink on the bench during games.#Fact

    • Al Haldie


  • Duckathon

    Rather give these guys more playing time then Boozer.

  • Nore

    Nothing more than a camp body. Won’t make the team.

  • john

    I think he can come in and start right away or 6th man of the year, welcome to title town going for 17 wow!!!!

    • Kishan

      ummm what makes you think that a undrafted rookie comes into the team and be a 6th man for about starting…. ca mon dude i like ur passion haha intact i love it …. but starting or 6th man is bit to much

  • TheZuluNation

    I wish there was some YouTube footage of him. I didn’t really pay much attention to him in Summer League.

  • Hoopsman

    What ever happened to Beasley I thought by now they would be all over this guy..What happened?

  • The Neptunes

    If you hate the Lakers so much, why do you come on a Lakers site?

  • 86 Donald Sterling

    Man you again?Come on now human eraser Keith Kloss all over again.Lakers Pretty crappy roster still goes 40-42.

  • Nore

    Clippers run LA? It must be because you keep winning all of those championships.


  • Loren

    When did the Lakers become a retard team?I have not watched basketball in a long time and i keep hearing people talking mad shit about the Lakers and i am wondering WTF happened here?

    I remember the Lakers were champions the last time i followed NBA basketball.Seriously someone tell me what is going on?I stepped away from the NBA because LeBron James formed that big 3 in Miami and i knew the NBA was about to go to shit because of it.

    I started watching pro wrestling and soccer and NHL hockey during that time but i want to start watching NBA basketball again now that the Big 3 in Miami officially broke up and finally shady ass David Stern is gone.What are the Lakers like nowadays i used to like them back when i was a NBA follower also what do you predict they will do?How is Kobe doing?Where is Phil Jackson at?Byron is the coach now.Is the NBA going to be worth watching for me and did i miss something or are the Clippers really good now?Who is winning it all?

  • Mambanation

    Lakers :27 games and lost.
    Clippers: More games and lost in the playoffs.


    this is why Lakers Organization is different than the Clippers….they get happy just because they beat us in regular season series…

    Lakers only get happy when we win championships….please u sad and disgraceful clippers get outtah here….maybe go to east coast or somthing u might have a chance to contend there…there is no way u will ever be great in LA/West coast.

  • vdogg

    congrats on beating the lakers. when was the parade? is the banner up?

  • Hoopsman

    Why do you choose to come on a Lakers site with your weed-head comments. How about crawl under a rock and detox before you comment on my Lakers.

  • Mambanation

    please get out of here, thank you and keep covering our banners with the picture of your players cuz that the only thing u can deliver lol. some picture.

  • Mambanation

    banner was already up lol. the Clippers’ players banners that is lol. the one that means nothing but shame lol.

  • Nore

    It’s a training camp roster, numb nuts.

  • Okaaay

    Your previous comments say otherwise.

  • Dana Douglas

    Oh, I’ve seen you. You’re a troll with multiple identities. I’ve always wondered what people get out of trolling. What does it do for you?

  • Mambanation

    u obviously are really bad at math…go do some research on how much kobe have made for the lakers. that dude is box office. if u cant do math u should probably go back to school. because even a 6th grader actually have a better education than you do. well cant help it because u like the clippers…

  • TheZuluNation

    Let ‘em know!

  • TheZuluNation

    i ask myself the same question…

  • Mambanation

    well a clippers fan…even their team likes to troll and cover our 16 champ banners….u cant really ask much about the special Olympic fans.

  • VillainKing™


  • Dana Douglas

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I haven’t heard from him. Trolls are not known for their introspection.

  • Mambanation

    yup yup

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