Lakers Trade Rumors: Team Assembling Trade Offers For Kevin Love

Lakers Trade Rumors: Team Assembling Trade Offers For Kevin Love


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The Lakers have been linked with Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Kevin Love for some time now. Apparently, the team is not trying to wait until Love hits free agency to make their move.

According to CBS Sports’ Ken Berger, the team is currently in the process of assembling trade scenarios in an attempt to land the All-Star:

[…]it is widely known around the league that he and his agent, New York-based Jeff Schwartz, are determined to get him to a major market. The Lakers, Love’s first choice, “have the best shot” of landing the Southern California native, one person familiar with the player’s thinking said.

Any trade for Love will undoubtedly include center Pau Gasol, and likely the team’s first round draft pick this season, a prime asset in a very deep draft.

Chances of landing Love in a trade right now seem slim, however, as Timberwolves President Flip Saunders has indicated that he has no intention of trading Love before this Thursday’s deadline.

Of course, if you have a shot at landing a player of Love’s caliber, you have to make that move immediately. The Lakers could be a very different looking team by the time the trade deadline ends.
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  • ZirtBirt .

    only a protected 1st round pick (top 7) would be ok.

    • PacoPaco

      we have lottery players on our team right now that suck, why do people compare a present blue chipper to the next wesley johnson, or kwame brown, or blah blah it goes on. Jabari might just be a role player, the other kid might not be strong enough to start and so on..we need to win now not wait until they get up to speed with kobe calling it quits.

      • Gregory Choa

        Normally, I would agree with you Paco…lottery picks are not typically sure-fire franchise changing players…but in this particular quasi-historic draft, and given that the Lakers hold a very rare 1st round/virtually guaranteed lottery pick, the front office MUST practice real patience here, especially wth K-Love essentally already tipping his hat about wanting to come to L.A. when he becomes a FA next summer (2015) – which will still give Kobe a chance in his final season with the Lakers to compete for a ring with Love potentially on board as well.

        • Michael

          Chemistry and player development dude, nether of them happen overnight… If we can turn Gasol and our pick (unprotected) into love, then we have to go for it!

          • Daniel Mejia Jr.

            when Gasol joined us we went straight to the finals so it can happen in a year cuz that was half a year

          • Joseph Apohen

            That was because we acquired Gasol who was already seasoned and was surrounded by some good players such as LO, Fish, Kobe of course, Bynum who was coming to his own. Love could be another Gasol. However, are the present players as good as those Lakers when Gasol arrived?

        • Joseph Apohen

          Let’s say we get the most ping pong balls and have the first pick. Who do we get, Jabari, Wiggins, the Kansas center that I cannot even remember his name or that dude from down under? We will qualify for the playoff, but I don’t think Kobe will get #6. We could probably trade that #1 pick next year for Russell West Brook or Kyrie Irving. Those two I believe will make an immediate impact because like a good wine, they are already aged. I really like Westbrook as he is a local talent, but man Irving really impressed me last Sunday night. We will be competitve next year, but I think we can win the championship in Kobe’s last year. So, everyone be patient.

      • Joseph Apohen

        You are absolutley correct. Non of these so called blue chips will make an immediate impact with any team that draft them. Take Le Bron for example. He did not take the Cavs to the next level his first couple of years. And that is LeBron!. Kobe took a couple of years, but then he had Shaq. To get some first line players like K Love for example. We probably have to package Pau Gasol, Blake, Jordan Hill, and Johnson. That is if they are acceptable to the Wolves. I would hate to part with any of them except maybe for Blake who looks expendable because of the crowded pg postion.I’d like to keep Pau becuase I think he has at least two more years of offensive excellence and would help Kobe hopefully to get number six. The only problem is I don’t think he’d take a 60% cut. I read a lot here where they despise Pau because he is soft and he is a defensive liability. What people probably don’t realize is he was never acquired for his defense. His value is his intelligence, passing ability, shot making, and I think he has a good locker room presence and a decent rebounder. He is also a great ambassador for the Lakers because of his involvements in worhty causes.

  • Swaggy Rambo

    That’s dumb. I don’t see Mitch trading Pau and a 1st for Kevin Love when you can wait for him to be a free agent, keep your pick, get a top 5 player in the draft and pair them with Kobe. That’s way more enticing for him to come to LA as well. Then again he did trade two 1st round picks for Steve Nash. Sigh.

    • PacoPaco

      no player in the draft will be better than Kevin Love next year, maybe in years..not next year..The lakers buy and trade for players they dont groom them very often.

      • Swaggy Rambo

        Obviously…the point is he has told people he wants to be a Laker. Why not WAIT and get him in free agency and team him up with a young talent + Kobe and whoever else they can sign instead of trading away assets. They have to, for once, actually think about the future.

        • Gary Kelly

          kobe wont be with us in 2 years sorry to say I think he will retire after next season

    • Kay Carter

      Yeah mitch cant trade the 1st rd pick anyways

  • nathan salinas

    He’s not that great of a defender though…

    • PacoPaco

      word. there’s never a rumor about a defensive player coming to the lakers.

      • Andress Lua

        ron artest?

    • deng

      AND? Dude drops 30 and 10 in his sleep

  • KwonGuerillaCross

    If Lakers trade the pick for anyone other than LeBron James it’s a suicidal move. Let’s be a little bit smarter guys.

    • Gary Kelly

      really LeBron james the same man who ran from the cavs now is prob gonna run from heat as soon as the going gets tough this guy runs

      • guest

        Runs? No he explores his options, sort of how Kobe did when he threatened to go to the Bulls unless Lakers made some moves! Cavs were never gonna bring in the necessary talent to win a championship, they brought in Mo Williams and Antwan Jamison, although serviceable they weren’t the caliber to get them to a championship WINNING team. So Lebron “RAN” to a more talented roster with a good big and and 1-2 punch. Lebron “hating” is the hipster thing to do. But back to the topic at hand, yes the Lakers should hold onto their pick Kevin would be a great fit in a D’Antoni system so Lakers are high on his list for sure. For Twolves if Flip go that deal he should make that move immediatley. Great draft and Pau would be a good commodity cause he would automatically free up cap space after this season with his expiring contract to try so more talent there.

        • Your Dad

          No, Lebron RAN from his home town. No one respected the Cavs or Lebron and he needed help. Kobe vetoed a trade to the bulls because it would have gutted the talent on the team, get your facts straight. Defending Lebron is an equally Hipster move, and since he is on top of the game right now, even a bitch move since you probably wouldn’t say the same 2 years ago.

        • Esteban

          Cavs were never gonna bring in the necessary talent to win a championship!?! what happened when shaq was in cleveland paired with Lebron… wasnt that a necessary talent..!?! or how about Mo Williams, Antwan Jamison, Anderson Varejo…. no talent!?! WTF have you been smoking… they been the #1 seed in the EAST for 2 years straight when Lebron and company was there… and your saying he explored his options… he bailed on the CAVS plain and simple

          • Noah

            Think about what you’re saying. And old, decrepit, overweight Shaq and Antawn* Jamison far removed from his prime. Mo Williams is a solid 6th man at best, and Varejao is a solid hustle big man with no real offensive ability. Also putting him and Shaq on the court at the same time would cause HUGE spacing problems. They were the #1 seed in the regular season, in a weak East. Playoffs are a whole different story, my friend. Case in point: KD last year. Mo, Andy, Shaq and Antawn are not enough. Even for LeBron.

          • Gary Kelly

            and now he sees the heat slipping he is ready to run again evaluate his options really the cavs never put talent around him didn’t they win 60 plus games like 2-3 years in a row LeBron will never be a Jordan,magic,bird,or kobe,he doesn’t have that killer he ran on the cavs im a laker fan kobe did what he did because they had him playing with smush parker a kwami brown but kobe didn’t run he was on the bottom for 3 years where LeBron and the cavs were on top

    • Jim213

      The Lakers can’t trade this years pick per CBA as the Nuns have the Lakers pick for 2015. However, they can draft a player and ship him out after which wouldn’t work IMO. Best to make trades NOW for assets b/c they won’t have any assets before next seasons trade deadline to try to lure him to LA unless they wait until 2015FA.

  • Lakerfan

    Lakers aren’t allowed to trade this first so forget that idea.

    • Cedric

      Why? The rule is that you can’t trade 2 consecutive first round picks in one trade.

      • Paul Zahn

        The rule is you cannot trade 1st round picks in consecutive years, not 2 consecutive first round picks in one trade. They traded both 2013 and 2015. They cannot trade 2014.

        • borsalino12

          That is exactly what the new CBA said. The Lakers CAN NOT trade this year’s first round pic. This rumor has no grounds at all.

    • Guest

      They can trade the rights

  • Swish

    We cant afford to lose our 1st pick right now… just no

    • Daryl Peek

      If we could get Love for that draft pick I’d do it in a heartbeat! Unfortunately they can’t do it because the NBA wont allow a team to trade consecutive picks per the CBA. Now if they do a trade on draft day after the pick has been selected that’s different. But for now at the trade deadline they cannot trade the pick.

      • calieagle

        why trade a top 10 draft pick for someone who will sign as a free agent the following year

        • Daryl Peek

          Because the object is to build a winner sooner rather than later if you can. Kobe will be in his final season in 2015. Love will likely not be with the Wolves if he continues to give off that he’s not gonna resign with the team. The Knick and Mavs coupled with other teams will come into play for his services.

          These first round picks are being way over valued IMO. No one knows if they will become great and even if they do it will be 3-4 years from now likely.

          The following year will be too late for Love in LA with Kobe when you have a chance now.

          • Cedric

            Doesn’t matter if they trade him. His contract’s gonna be the same.

        • borsalino12

          Exactly. Makes no sense at all.

  • Adam24

    Wrong ,YES THEY CAN . lakers can’t trade the pick , but they can trade the rights to the pick . For example on draft night Minnesota tells the lakers who they want , lakers draft the player and the player is sent to Minnesota ( how kobe got here Charlotte / Divac) There are always loop holes in the CBA. Back to your point , it’s true because of the Steve nash trade , you CANNOT trade consecutive first rounder / picks .

    • John

      unfortunately you can’t make that trade right now – you have to wait until the draft is over to do that

  • Gary Kelly

    they need to dump dantoni and steve nash

  • Jess

    Why trade the rights to a 1st round pick when you can just wait for love to come to LA in 2015? Doesn’t make sense. Keep the pick, which they earned by tanking (thus far), and use those 2 players to build for the future.

  • hoperhetoric

    He is too expensive! Lakers cant afford him while still dealing with Kobe’s contract!
    Lakers needs to find its next primary franchise player before the secondary. Tank this season to get our next primary superstar by draft or free agency. Kobe’s health will always be doubtful now till his contract ends. SO its better to recruit a Kobe replacement first. Kevin Love will be like Miami’s Chris bosh. Kobe will be our always injured wade. & who is our next superstar that will be like Lebron who will carry the team???

    • Daryl Peek

      Kobe is the primary franchise player still. Love is a complementary second next to Kobe. People are stuck between Kobe and the future. The FO is thinking the future and right now at the same time. This is why they’ve said they wont spend all of the coming free cap space immediately.

      Who knows who will be our next superstar after Kobe. Kobe is still here and said person will have to be his side kick til he hangs them up.

      • Gregory Choa

        Next superstar after Kobe = Kevin Durant in 2016!

        • kobe24

          @gregorychoa:disqus dang dude wouldn’t that be something, however with the way hes been playing now I won’t be surprised if he wins a championship this year or next year and decides to stay with OKC :O

          • Gregory Choa

            Maybe…maybe not…let’s put it this way, if he doesn’t win a title with OKC this year or next, he’ll definitely be wanting out of that small market…and by then the Lakers should have the requisite flanking pieces in place, along with Kobe’s salary finally clearing the books, to sign THE next face of the franchise.

    • borsalino12

      I like your comparisons with Bosh, Wade and James. That is a very, very good point. Congrats!

  • Sti1lmatic

    Love is better than getting Melo in purple n gold

    • Jim213

      Apologize (if not who I think this is) and disregard in advance. How about a shout out on 2/20? Funny thing, share the same b-date with someone you hate (in a good way if this is who I think it is).

      A lot of coincidence being the talk of Mt. Rushmore and the whoopie freaky doo (being spoken) to be coincidence IMO. Otherwise, disregard post, have it down to yourself and someone else. User name anonymity shall be kept too.

  • dr90703

    doesn’t make sense since the lakers can’t trade their first round pick


    Dont trade our frikin draft pick. we’re gonna suck next yr even if we have Love. Get the first round pick, wait til after next yr then sign him. Everyone knows he wants to be a Laker, why give away the possible future of our team??

  • NITSbleedPURP

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch somehow pulls this trade off without losing too much. a Mitch trade would be something like:


    S. Blake

    money evens out and they’ll get rid of the Barea for IMO a much better PG in steve blake.I think that MIN would listen to some offers just with the idea of running the two Spaniards who are used to playing with each other, Rubio & Gasol.Let’s get LOVE into a Laker jersey mitch!

  • Paul Zahn

    The Lakers cannot trade this year’s draft pick. League rules state that teams cannot trade 1st round picks in successive drafts, and the Lakers have already traded 2013 and 2015. It would be helpful if the “reporters” on this page would do a little research.


    This just in, and confirmed, the Lakers have traded Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, Steve Blake to the Cleveland Cavaliers FOR Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varajeo, Jarett Jack.

    • robert

      where did you here this


        umm…everywhere. ESPN, Internet, Radio, ETC.

        • kobe24

          I laughed the moment I read Kyrie Irving

  • Robert Perez

    Good trade, can’t wait too see him come off the bench for sacre while his numbers and playing time go down in Dumbantonis awesome rotation…

  • kobeme

    This site seems like to have every best players in the nba. I’ll suggest to keep pau and get the best role player avail. And make him better in the team.

  • robert

    the Lakers won’t trade Pau, they’ll re-sign him for less next year. Pick up one more front line player, revamp the bench and make one more run at it with Kobe and Pau leading the way. They will also hold onto their first round pick, AND, in 3 years that first round pick will be the new face of the franchise.

  • Johnny

    Love is just what the Lakers need. He will usher Kobe’s ass out of L.A. finally!

  • Darius

    Just WAIT a year and a half and sign Love outright. Keep this years top 6 (hopefully better) pick and develop him. Lakers are to narrow minded and all they are thinking is the short term (ie..Kobe’s last 2 years) instead of the long term.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Just sign Kevin Love in 2015.Keep the 2014 Lottery pick no matter what that pick is a gold mine for the Lakers franchises future.Draft a very marketable player like Andrew Wiggins or Dante Exum or Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid then wait it out until 2015 and boom at the clock of midnight when it’s possible for Kevin Love to sign his contract with the Lakers boom sign him up.Kevin Love is going to sign with the Lakers no matter what in 2015 their is now way in hell he signs elsewhere.The best things are worth waiting for,patience is the key.

    He is coming back home and getting out of freezing Minnesota.One he signs in 2015 as a unrestricted free agent then the Lakers will be set with Wiggins/Exum/Jabari/Embiied one of those guys likely and Kevin Love and Kobe with other players.

    That’s a helluva a great way of building a team.Not given up a sure fire lottery pick when the guy is coming to the Lakers for sure in free agency.What’s the worst thing that can happen Kevin Love gets traded to another team and he leaves anyways since he wants to be a Laker when he is a free agent.Oh ya plus the Lakers can’t trade their 2014 pick right now must wait til draft day anyways to trade it after the selection but chances are zero they trade it IMO.

  • Marty Susman

    Trading for Love now rather then getting him in 2015 free agency class would actually hurt the Lakers in the long run. If he were here for the start of next season they would still have a record below 500, they would still be a horrible team (As the Twolves are now) & with a crippled Kobe & ZERO anyone else, it would not be a smart move…..Best get the BEST 1st rounder you can, then wait till the 2015 free agency to land the rest of the new starting five…..

  • borsalino12

    I have said it before. Will repeat it again. This is the only time, when the Lakers will have a shot at the top 3 or 4 draft pics. No way, we can trade this pic. In the contrary, we have to try to add another first round pic, by trading Pau Gasol to Phoenix for E.Okafor and their own pic # 23. That will give us two NBA ready young talents, who can develop and became a franchise players. As of Kevin Love, if he really wants to play for the Lakers, all he needs to do is wait. Even if Flip Sanders trade him in the next 24 hours to any other team, Kevin should not sign a new contract. All he needs to do is to play out the remaining of the season and then as a UFA to sign multy-year deal with Lakers. That is all he needs to do.

  • Sonya

    Send Pau and we take K.Love with change. Pau can finish his career pairing with RR.

  • Andress Lua

    patience is key!!! if the lakers wait till 2015, we will have a first rounder and and maybe even pau. simple as that, i know we arent going anywhere this year, but just be smart and wait, better deals will come soon

  • Here to Correct You

    Lots of good comments on here.
    I really feel the key word here is patience. Love wants to leave the Timberwolves, and more importantly, would really like to come to the Lakers. Giving up a still very productive Pau Gasol and a guaranteed lottery selection in the coming year’s very promising draft is simply not worth it.
    Chances are, Love is going to be a free agent next year and come and sign with the Lakers anyway. Lottery picks are never a sure thing (even in this upcoming draft, the deepest in years), but keep in mind that Love has had some real injury struggles over the past two years. If we trade them the pick, it needs to be a protected top-7 or even top-10 pick in order for it to really be worth it.
    Its really a tough call. Ever since I saw him play at UCLA, there hasn’t been a player I wanted for the Lakers as badly as Kevin Love. The guy is just a machine who plays hard every night and has tremendous skill. While I would love for him to come to LA, fans just need to be patient and butt out a little bit. The Lakers owners are so worried about appeasing fans and giving them what they want right now, they keep making gambles that don’t pay off.