Lakers Trade Rumors: Team Asking Too Much For Pau Gasol?

Lakers Trade Rumors: Team Asking Too Much For Pau Gasol?


Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last few years or so, Pau Gasol has been on the trading block for the Los Angeles Lakers. All sorts of trade scenarios involving big-name players coming to Los Angeles like Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo, David Lee and Carlos Boozer have been mentioned, but nothing has come to fruition.

Despite the endless trade speculation, Gasol is still a Laker and that may continue to be the case until he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. According to Larry Coon of Basketball Insiders, the Lakers might be asking too much in return for Gasol’s services:

“But there are no more Bynum-like deals to be had before the February trade deadline, so at best, Kupchak is looking at accomplishing the second goal but not the first. That may not be enough to get him to pull the trigger on a deal. I think it’s now fairly likely that Gasol remains a Laker for the remainder of the season.”

With less than a month until the Feb. 2 NBA trade deadline, the Lakers may continue to gauge trade interest in Gasol around the league. It remains uncertain at this point in time if the Lakers can get anything of value in return for Gasol, but it’s likely Mitch Kupchak and company will continue to try and move him in the coming weeks.

One potential destination has already been crossed off the list for the two-time NBA champion with the Memphis Grizzlies having no interest in reacquiring him in a trade. Even though a trade is out of the question in terms of sending Gasol back to Memphis, the veteran forward may simply sign with his former team in the off-season if the Grizzles are willing to bring him back.
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  • Jim213

    Feb 20th is the deadline SMH not the 2nd.

  • e3bonz

    I’ve always thought trading Pau was a stupid idea.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      I agree- the dude was an integral part of us winning 2 titles – and he is still a very good player. Him and Kobe are awesome on the floor together – we just gotta get a damn center that can play defense so he can shift back to the power

    • erikkinsley

      This year is DONE…it is SMART to get something for him instead of just letting him go in FA. It is best for the Franchise…look at the Dwight Howard Debacle….TRADE HIM YESTERDAY.

      • e3bonz

        As I’ve said team is giving up anything for, at best, a couple of months of play They didn’t do for with DH and they’re not going to do it for Pau.

    • blastoise

      hate to see pau without a lakers uniform.. :(

    • michael

      I agree, but considering the free agent thing, it would be better than nothing.

      Even If I would hate to see him going

  • DreDre

    If they can sucker somebody to give up a 1st rd pick and some expiring contracts for Pau, they should jump on it. Pau is over, he has been over since he literally tanked that playoff sweep to Dal. It’s time to move on.

    • jleezy

      impressed u remember that @dredre , laker fans like to remember the years prior to that. nostalgia’s a bitch/

    • Jonathan Ly

      The team was gassed, and it happens. They were playing for their 4th final appearance in a row.

      2007-2008: NBA Finals loss to Boston (Kobe age 29, Pau age 27)
      Beijing Olympics
      2008-2009: Finals win against Orlando (Kobe age 30, Pau age 28)
      2009-2010: Finals win against Boston (Kobe age 31, Pau age 29)
      2010-2011: 2nd Loss against Dallas (Kobe age 32, Pau age 30)
      2011-2012: 2nd round loss to OKC (Kobe age 33, Pau age 31)

      Mind you:
      Kobe played: 377 regular season game out of 393 games, a whopping 16 games missed over 5 years/

      Pau has an only slightly less impressive 359 out of 393, meaning he missed 34 games over that 5 year span. Not to mention, as much as an Anti-D’antoni fire person as I have been, he has NO CLUE how to use post player, even one that can shoot.

      14 teams stop playing in Mid-April, 12 teams are done between Early and Late May, at the latest if they’re eliminated in the 2nd round, 2 more teams drop by the first week and half of June after Conference Finals, leaving the 2 NBA Finals teams until the middle/late June.

      14 teams have 5.5 months to rest, 12 teams have 5ish months to rest, 2 teams have 4 months, and the last two teams have about 3-3.5.

      You’re asking these athletes to play they’re very best for 9 months out of the year, and not be gassed when they only have 3/3.5 months (or almost 1-2 months in the Olympic year) to rest every year and not HAVE to play? Yeah that makes total sense.

      • Hank

        Ugh,,Pau wasn’t gassed. He openly admitted in his book that his “mind wasn’t there” during that playoff sweep to the Mavs. Look it up. He sandbagged that series.

  • Nick The Quick

    Everyone on the lakers squad right now is putting up great numbers. Marshall is a monster on the asst. because he doesn’t need to worry about Farmar, Blake, or Nash taking his minutes. Meeks is on fire, because no need to worry about Xavier, Kobe, or Blake taking his minutes. Kelly has had spurts of good games, because he doesn’t need to worry about Kaman taking his minutes. And Pau is putting up big numbers, because he doesn’t need to worry about Kobe taking his shots and he doesn’t need to worry about other bigs. The main thing is that yeah all these guys are putting up big numbers, but the numbers don’t matter unless your winning. Pau needs to go for the reasons of, he’s not a leader, he’s not a huge presence in the middle, he’s getting older, and his play alone isn’t giving us wins. I’m sorry but just like Nash, Pau needs to be gone for younger assets. But in consensus with the rest of the league, teams would rather pick him up in the offseason and save their picks.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      What a useless rant

    • Chris Lilly

      somewhat accurate. Nobody wants pau and if a team gets him it’ll be in the offseason where they can be as cheap as possible. He wont get big money from anybody. He cant play defense. Hell everybody can score in this league now-a-days

    • erikkinsley

      Yeah…GREAT #’s…Lost 8 of their last 10 and falling FAST. Go back to Toronto where mediocrity is the standard!

  • Barrio Bros.

    The Suns are dangling Emeka Okafor insured contract and draft picks for a veteran player to push them over the top this season.Maybe the Lakers should offer him up to the Suns?Anyways by next season i hope the Lakers look like this.

    Lakers 2014-2015 I hope
    PG Kendall Marshall,Jordan Farmar,Manny Harris
    SG Kobe,Nick Young,Jodie Meeks
    SF Carmelo Anthony,Wes Johnson
    PF Pau Gasol,Ryan Kelly
    C Joel Embiid,Jordan Hill

    • e3bonz

      No draft trade picks, they get nothing..

    • OP_Albania

      the suns need minutes to develop their young guys, they aren’t interested in Gasol. They should have just gone for that Bynum deal and tank this season. as players get back, the chance for a top pick in the draft fades away..

  • erikkinsley

    This year is a DONE deal people…it is SMART to get something for him instead of just letting him go in FA as we have done recently with others. It is best for the Franchise…look at the Dwight Howard Debacle….TRADE HIM IMMEDIATELY.

  • Aaron

    Trade him now and get something.

  • RDNK_Laker

    I hate the fact that so many fans are pushing for the tank. The NBA’s draft structure is similar to the failed welfare system: you get rewarded for doing the least. The NBA should modify this, so that teams will try their best no matter what and you have no more of this strategic failure-planning to win lottery spots. It’s not fair to the fans (paying customers) of this sport to watch teams purposely tank a current season, with hopes of better projections for the next season.

    Set it up to where the 9th and 10th seeds of each division (the obvious teams who tried, but failed to get into the post season) are the only ones eligible for lottery spots.

  • David Ojeda

    love Pau and thanks for the 2 championships but its time to move on! Pau trade rumors are as old as Paquiao vs Mayweather and nothing gets done!

  • Marcus Aurelius

    It’s time for Dodger Baseball people.

  • Guest

    Bring Pau back for $8M or less, Melo or Dirk, Kobe, and top 5 pick. Hopefully Nash retires. Add some athletic role players with the $12M remaining left under luxury tax. Problem solved!

  • Darius Taylor

    Bring Pau back for $8M or less, Melo or Dirk, Kobe, and top 5 pick, add some athletic role players with the $12M remaining left under luxury tax. Hopefully Nash retires. Problem solved!

  • Robert Kaufman

    Maybe there is method to the Lakers’ madness in asking so much for Pau; i.e., I want to keep him, but if you overwhelm me, …

  • Lakerlakerlaker

    We need Kevin love evin tuner and Asik

  • Taylor

    They need to trade him for anything at this point. There is value in getting under the luxury tax because of the new repeater tax if you are over a certain number of years. If they can trade Pau for even a second round pick to get them under the tax to help upcoming years so they can go over it again without the harsh penalties then it would be worth it. Everyone knows this season is over and trading him would also improve their draft position. However, I would wait until the deadline to try and get the most for him and then pull the trigger on the best deal available.