Lakers Trade Rumors: Suns Stop Trade Talks With Lakers For Pau Gasol

Lakers Trade Rumors: Suns Stop Trade Talks With Lakers For Pau Gasol

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: 6:07 p.m. PST

Talks with the Phoenix Suns might not be over according to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN:


With the Los Angeles Lakers learning that Pau Gasol will miss another week after the three-game road trip, the Phoenix Suns appear to no longer be interested in the deal to acquire the four-time NBA All-Star according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

The Phoenix Suns have stopped talks to acquire Pau Gasol because they feel the Lakers want too much for the veteran post player, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Although reports surfaced about the Suns waiting for Gasol to recover from his groin injury before kicking the trade talks into high gear earlier on Tuesday, the Suns seem unwilling to part with a high draft pick for the two-time NBA champion.

With Gasol playing in the last year of his deal with the Lakers and more than likely testing the free agent market this summer, Phoenix has no assurance that the Spaniard will be back next season or for the foreseeable future.

The Suns may have broken off talks with the Lakers for the time being, but it doesn’t mean this deal is dead just yet. Phoenix will likely continue to keep tabs on Gasol with the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20.

It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out moving forward. Gasol will continue to be involved in trade talks while the Lakers gauge interest around the league.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Okay no big deal Lakers will just keep Pau and use his $19 million dollars expiring contract to sign a big time free agent in the future.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Suns never deserved Pau Gasol anyways tbh.

  • kevin

    Any deal with a draft pick makes sense if we’re just trading expiring contracts… heres what we honestly should shoot for no bull shit realistic options Keep pushin phx for the okafor deal and get a pick in the mid round…give them a meeks or steve blake if they covet any little value we have…. right now we’re a top 6 lottery team… if the balls fall our way great if not trade.. our top 6 pick and the mid round for the number 1-2… DRAFT EMBIID hes a 2 way player who can impact the game… we need that rim protector… if he develops we have a SERIOUS FUTURE…. offseason DONT SIGN MELO… be patient for LOVE….. sign role players… BRING BACK TREVOR ARIZA. for around 5 million if we can get eric bledsoe for around 8-10 million DO IT..hes the defensive pg we been lacking…but dont overspend…hes not a max player… if we cant go after kyle lowry….. projected starting linup
    pg – bledsoe/lowry
    sg – kobe
    pf- kelly
    c- embiid
    bench – kendall nick young wes johnson jordan hill sacre then 2015 sign KEVIN love….
    pg – bledsoe
    sg – kobe
    sf – ariza
    pf – love
    c- embiid…. I honestly think if Kobe is 80 pct of his former self…that team can contend …we will have perimiter d with bledsoe and ariza…ariza is still young only 28… a rim protector in embiid… and 2 bonafide all stars. bledsoe could also be an all-star.. of course fire this fuckin coach no good in investing… in all this talent…with a coach that goes… with steve nash steve blake and jodie meeks in a starting lineup… smh tell me what u think

    • vi5ion

      Lakers need a PG over C. They get burned by every PG in the league bcuz of the lack of athleticism our PG have. I say they shoot for either Marcus Smart or Dante Exum. The problem w Bledsoe, is u or the Lakers may not feel hes a max salary player, but Phoenix can offer him that regardless, especially if the Lakers want him. If Pau is willing to take a pay cut we should keep him. The guys earned every right to play here. As frustrating as his inconsistency is, hes helped bring 2 titles. And if the Lakers can add a defensive presence to either the 4 or 5 spot, it’ll help their improvement a lot. But the root of all problems is D’Antoni. But thats like a beating a dead horse.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴


  • gm jack

    Lakers can do all the dance they want. Lebron and Melo will not be coming to the Lakers.

    Why? If Kobe got a 2 years extension at $48 million, those two would want at least a 2 years extension at $70 million in comparison, which the Lakers will not pay.

    Chris Bosh is the Lakers clear cut choice until, Durant is available.

    So, all of these trades are useless at this point.

    As for Coaching, even the Lakers worst coach in their history, Del Harris, is better than this one.

    • Dragon7s

      Del Harris wouldn’t have won 5 games with this injury-plagued roster.


    Dude doin’ everything he possibly can so as not to get traded before the deadline, and therefore, giving himself the best possible chance to resign with the Lakers… If the Lakers resign Gasol, the Lakers will suck again! & Again!! & AGAIN!!!

    • lakers_824

      lakers can resign gasol on the low for like about 5-10 mill range and that wouldnt hurt us if he would take the paycut cuz gasol can still ball with the right pieces around him. Our number one goal is try to convince nash to retire so we dont have his contract under the books next year and we can spend that extra $9 mill on someone whos worth it


        Sorry, but Gasol is not conducive to winning a championship and that’s what this franchise is all about, not about appeasing someones comfort level and love of the perks that come with the territory.
        Gasol clearly shies away from contact, as he is NOT driven to overcome adversity, and why he so justly deserves his ‘Soft’ label.
        The Lakers will NOT go deep into the playoffs, ever again, with Gasol as a major piece to puzzle.
        I would be shocked If anyone would pay Gasol within your assessed 5-10 mil range next year… I would say more like 3-6 mil, tops!

  • R Morales

    The Lakers will continue to suck and make stupid, self-defeating mistakes until the Buss family has a family conference and realizes that their brother Jim is running the family business into the ground. Anybody who idiotically chooses an ancient, broken down point guard and a coach who never made it once to the finals with his “system” over the most dominant center together with the greatest NBA coach in history with more championship rings than fingers, and then humiliates his GM by (to save face after such a moronic decision) making him publicly agree that D’Antoni was actually better for the team than Jackson would have been, has no business making NBA decisions more serious than which mop to use when cleaning the locker room.

  • Andy S

    The ultimate deal for lakers to be a championship contender right away and Koby grabs a 6th ring before retiring is to trade Pau Gasol for Jeremy Lin & Omer Asik, and in the summer, Koby and company has to lure Carmelo Anthony into signing with the Lakers. Then find a young power forward that doesn’t cost much. With Koby, Melo, and Lin, Lakers will have an offensive team that can destroy any defence keeping in mind that Koby has to pass the ball more than his early days.

    I know everybody is saying 15 Million for Lin & asik is a high number, but they’re only 8 million toward the cap. So both are 16 million toward the cap. Im sure their 16 million is way better than Gasol’s 19 million.

    Call it a crazy suggestion, but I’d really like to see that team breaking teams down and being on top again.

  • lakers4life

    Okay lets recall that this past summer we gave several picks to pho for steve nash! Nash is five years the senior to Gasol, what value did we get for those picks? Pho should give up at least two picks for Gasol, he is still a intl superstar and a potential double double every night if not triple double. Which big man in this league has as high of a basketball IQ as gasol, who is the best passing big man, and who can back those attributes up with Paus numbers? Lets not undervalue what Pau brings to the table. Without Pau there are no rings the past couple of years. If Pho is being stingy with their picks lets keep Pau, he has been loyal to the purple and gold despite all the trade rumors. We must also realize that there is a steep drop in talent after the fifteen pick in the lottery; so Mitch and co stick to your guns, Pau is heavily sought after All star caliber player!
    Lets put our faith in Mitch as hes a mastermind in pulling off great trades

  • joey

    Yes again Lakers will bv the end loser just getting The 17m pick unlike Nash They Lakers 12 pick

  • Dragon7s

    IF this is something that the Suns have let be known (and it’s a big IF), then they are just posturing.

    The Suns would be fools not to do whatever it takes to get Pau.
    And it all boils down to the almighty dollar:
    1. More games in the Playoffs, more money
    2. More butts in the seats for home games, more money
    3. More merchandise sold, more money

    (Not to mention that Pau offers a veteran championship presence both on and off the court.)

    Phoenix have a hard time making money from their fan base.
    They are currently 26th in attendance for home games with an average of 14,938 in a stadium that holds 18,422 despite their incredible run this season.
    Add Gasol to the roster and you’ll not only see a larger number of Spanish-speaking fans attending the games, they will also buy Gasol merchandise.

    It’s all about dollars and sense!

    Mitch, hold your ground…the Suns need Pau in more ways than one.

  • Adam Hedrick

    Well lets see. I believe mike d’antoni now has a losing record as a laker coach . So there is no reason he should be back. There is no reason pau and Nash should be back next year. Fact, the team will be trying to win 1-3 rings over the course of next 3 years going full force will kobe till he retires. That leaves alot of cap space and a vacant coach spot . There are 2 names the lakers need to pursue. Those names aren’t lbj and melo. Those names are rondo and love. They make sense for lakers long term. And make sense to play with Kobe. Great pg, great big man. But they could get a great lotto pick that is rigged like when lbj left and cavs got 1st pick in lotto. Maybe since stern cock blocked lakers from getting cp3, and in turn that made Lamar odom leave and then screwed up lakers, now they have chance to right the wrong.

    • donnuie

      wow, maybe we get Dwight Howard back also, why not? should we get an allstar bench also?