Lakers Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol’s Trade Value Has ‘Plummeted’

Lakers Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol’s Trade Value Has ‘Plummeted’


Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
After the trade to send Pau Gasol to the Cleveland Cavaliers fell through earlier this week, the future remains uncertain for the two-time NBA champion. The buzzer will sound on the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20 with the Lakers potentially still trying to move Gasol in a deal, but it appears his trade value is nowhere near what it was according to Ken Berger of

The Lakers are combing the trade market for an athletic power forward who fits Mike D’Antoni’s system, though it isn’t clear how high they’re aiming. If LA is looking for a premium player in return for Pau Gasol, league sources say Gasol’s trade value has plummeted to the point where such a deal is unrealistic. Also, rival executives are skeptical that the Lakers would be willing to cut into future cap space, especially with an Eastern Conference executive telling this week that “everyone knows” 2015 free agent Kevin Love wants to sign with LA.

The recent Kevin Love rumors involving the forward’s interest in signing with the Lakers in the near future is intriguing, but the Lakers making a swap for Love in exchange for Gasol before the deadline might be a stretch.

At this point in time, the Lakers appear unable to move Gasol for an asset of value. Love’s name will likely continue to surface in trade rumors and could be linked to the Lakers moving forward, but there’s no telling if a deal can get done.

As for Gasol’s future, the writing is on the wall in Los Angeles. The Lakers will likely either find a trade partner for Gasol before the deadline on Feb. 20 or simply let him walk in free agency this summer.
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  • Nick the Quick

    Yeah he’s playing well, but I think teams need to see other assets from him. They need to see that he could be the voice and leader of the team without Kobe on the floor, they need him to be a defensive presence, and they need to see the lakers winning with him. If all those things can happen without Kobe out there, then his stock will rises again, and the more teams will consider sending out valuable pieces.

    • Jack

      Pau’s no leader. In that first 20 games with Kobe out, I think Steve Blake was more the leader of the team not so much vocally, but with the way he was playing. He was running the MDA offense and getting everybody involved and they actually during that time was playing like a TEAM. Then what happened, Pau who was playing like garbage opened his pie-hole about his touches and not taking any accountability for his poor play, and the rest is history.

      • Nick the Quick

        I never said he was a leader, but I’m saying that if the Lakers want to get valuable assets for him, then other teams need to see that Pau is capable of being a leader and see other facets. Yeah the #’s are great, but all teams see him as is an expiring contract. But no team is willing to give up draft picks or some up and comer for him unless its probably a contender willing to go all in this year.

        • Jack

          Oh, I’m not saying you said he was a leader. Sorry if my post came off like that. I guess what I’m trying to say is Pau has never shown any leadership qualities and at this stage of his career, either you are or you aren’t.

        • lakers72

          the only voice hes leading with is the “AHHHHHHH” when he gets outmuscled or throws a effortless pass

    • Brandon Leong

      IMO lakers do not need to waive him, they can just offer him less money during extension talks. I still feel more comfortable having a veteran at the C position and can’t really think of anyone else but Gasol at the moment. In the near future though, we definitely need a piece like Kevin Love *best position that fits MDAs system IMO* on the roster when we can.

    • RedEvil

      if he does all those things y would we trade him lmfao

  • Pedro

    No surprise there. He’s aging, he gets outmuscled pretty much everytime down low, he doesn’t play a lick of D, and can be a little Diva-ish himself going “WAAAH where’s my touches”.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yawn all these Pau Gasol trade rumors are so boring and pointless.

    • Cindi Venable

      Yet you’re still reading this…………….

  • Jim213

    A future 1st rounder can still be acquired but that’s about it for Pau. IMO, don’t believe he’ll resign with the Lakers thus it would serve inept FO good to try to acquire a solid player (not another all star caliber b/c it’s unlikely) that has value $$$ giving the team VALUE for next season to bargain to acquire another possible star player ex. K Love.

  • The Lakers Observer

    The Lakers as a Organization are fragile and weak the minute they here some backlash or critics they fold like a tent and give up.The Lakers team as a whole can’t handle pressure and they can’t handle losing or being outmatched.They all are a bunch of front runners and they ride the high but crumble and hide when the tough times start happening.

    The Lakers are letting the haters get the best of them and they are not strong enough mentally to block out the haters and the rumors and backlash they receive on the internet and in person.It’s time to grow some thick skin and start dealing with adversity much better than they have the last 3 seasons.Since Dallas Mavericks beat the hell out of the Lakers 4-0 in the 2011 Playoffs it has been all downhill since then.The Lakers need to play with passion and desire show genuine emotion.

    The Lakers need to not panic when someone says bad things about them or when they lose a game or get down by 8 or 10 points early during a game,the team needs to stand up and be tough and never quit until the final buzzer and get rid of any bad thoughts and self doubt use the haters and hateful comments as motivation to shut those haters up.Play with pride and show some incredible will to win and give it 100% effort.Grow some thick skin.Block out the comments.

    Lakers need to get tougher as a whole they have been way too soft for several years now.James Worthy recently called the Lakers out for being too soft.Man up and be tough.Once the Lakers use the i don’t care what everyone is saying mentality they will be a championship team with the right talent and coaching.

  • Ayi

    Oh ok.

  • Cali Jeff

    Pau unfortunately sets a bad tone on defense, his OLE’ defense sucks and he’s too scared to use up his fouls. I miss the days when guys were afraid of coming inside on us.

    • grouch

      That type of defense is when you need the likes of Lamar Odom and World Peace. 2010 was the last of those days.

  • antzer

    Lets take a look at Pau’s stat among Centers – points #3, rebounds #6, fg #21 (awful), ft #10, blocks #8, Double2x #4, assist #2,

    If we trade Pau, who are we going to replace him with? There isnt too much talent out there for a PF/C in the price range that we can afford.

    Pau isnt the player he used to be but next year he will be a good role player given playing with the right system and support. Lets hope he doesnt demand a hefty price tag.

    We should get a coach that utilize his strength instead of forcing him into a system!

    • Khale

      He scores a lot, but whatever he scores he gives it all up and then some on the other end with him not playing a lick of Defense. Every game is a damn parade to the paint by everyone on the other team. The lakers are among the top, perhaps no.1, in most pts allowed per game in the paint. Everyone is so blinded by his offense, they dont see that he contributes close to nothing on the other side of the ball.

      • bran

        8th in blocks tells me he’s doing a little more than you give him credit for. a good chunk of those easy buckets in the paint can be linked to terrible rotations and bad basic rebounding skills (like boxing out smh).

        that being said, pau has never been known for his d. but with better team d, he has shown that he can step up and fill a role.

  • nene71

    Trade the coach kobe needs to sit out until next season and nash ned to get the boot also the buss family should be a shame of them self driving this team down hill like this how can gasol give them 100 percent when you have to deal with trade rumors all the time

    • Lance

      It’s called being a professional and going out there and giving it your all whether you are being shopped around or because you are not getting your touches. It comes with the territory of being an NBA player. If that affects him too much, he should’ve been an accountant or something. If he’s still sore over being behind traded ( and eventually vetoed), he should get over it. Any GM would’ve made that deal for CP3.

      • Neme71

        Yes I understand what you are saying but it just gets old either trade him or let him play

    • jaii

      Because he is getting millions to play basketball…….

    • Laker for life

      I have been a Laker fan for MANY years and, yes we have a great deal of injuries that has stalled any chance of consistency and flow with the team, but anytime you have a 7fter playing the way Pau is right now it’s time to reexamine your decision ENTIRELY. Let’s face it Kobe, my boy is washed! He may have a few good games ahead of him, but his voice has been what’s kept Pau in LA this long. Kobe needs to back the Laker nation by telling it how it is!! Pau is not the player he once was and he will NEVER be the inside force the lakers need and are looking for now and in the future. He plays like his feet are cemented to the floor while on defense. He reaches for rebounds instead of going to get the damn ball like a REAL force does. He clumsy and to soft to play with ANY pick n roll team. We need a brute in the middle!! Kobe needs to help push for that or take his 48 million and just be quiet. Humiliation is not what the Lakers are use to, but will always be a topic while Pau is in the middle or running the team.

  • Terrell

    I’m watching the LAL/LAC Clipper game now and Pau isn’t even running hard to get back on Defense. Pathetic. Is it any wonder his trade value is down? I mean the only reason teams think about trading for him is that he’s an expiring contract, and not necessarily his game.

  • Sam Saab

    i have much love for Pau, but he seriously needs to stop taking long jump shots and stick to backin down in the post and dishing out when they double team him. Also everyone is just taking long jump shots. I’ve noticed especially wes, that even when defense runs past him when he pump fakes at the 3 hell just take a dribble and settle for a long jumper when he has a clear path to the hoop. Nobody is really driving and causing defensive breakdowns or fouls for free throws except marshall which i think is a great point gaurd and should stay a starter.

  • natedavis

    Lakers need to give away Dantoni this dude is garbage thinking that that elementary offense will win a title. You have to play D to win you can not give up120+ points a game and think you are going to win. We as fans need to be heard an find a way to get him out of that coaching seat that should of never been his. Name something that he had won asa head coach. I can’t remember him winning. He always places blame on someone else makes comments about the fans. Imo he is worthless

  • WJS

    Writing on the wall that they will let him go?? Did laker nation not hear when kupchack said they would like to keep him? Obviously it will have to be for a lot less money but he can still be serviceable for a couple more years

  • Josh

    For some reason every team’s big has a career night vs the Lakers it probably has to start with our center. Pau is soft and just uses his hands to play d.