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Lakers Trade Rumors: NBA.com gives 75% Chance of Pau Gasol Trade

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LA? No Way!?

The rumors have been flying nice and strong since the All-Star game ended on Sunday. With the March 15th deadline around the corner, teams are turning up their efforts to give their teams the best chance and going deep into the playoffs.

According to Sam Smith of NBA.com, the Lakers and Rockets are actively talking about a trade that would send Lakers two-time champion, Pau Gasol (check out Pau’s stats), to the Rockets for blue-collar power forward, Luis Scola and the hottest up-and-coming point guard of the season, Kyle Lowry.

Pau Gasol: He probably has the best chance of being traded among the current and former All-Star players. The Lakers are woefully short in the backcourt and with depth and athleticism. He was in that aborted preseason deal to the Rockets, and their interest is said to remain the most significant. The deal that’s been most speculated is Gasol for Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry. Chances of Gasol being dealt: 75 percent.

This deal has been on the table ever since the Chris Paul trade fiasco from earlier this year, so it’s no surprise that Smith is giving this a high chance.

Other predictions that might be of concern are:

  • Dwight Howard: 25% Chance of Being Traded
  • Deron Williams: 10% Chance of Being Traded
  • Rajon Rondo: 60% Chance of Being Traded
  • Michael Beasley: 60% Chance of Being Traded

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  • Cascongas

    Interesting… you get a hard-nosed-blue-collard guy in Scola to fill in the void left by Pau and finally we get a young quick-legit PG. I like it, although Pau will be missed, this team is in desperate need of a solid PG who can dish, penetrate, create and defend all of which Lowry addresses. Furthermore Scola’s numbers aren’t much off Pau’s, Gasol’s size, passing skills and high IQ will be missed other than that Scola is a tough son of a gun who will bring it every night! Now if we can somehow land DH12…

    • Pennystockbuba

      hate to say this but ur right

    • Betto

       Exactly what we need except for DH12, Lakers don’t need him.  He already has said he want’s to be the man in Lakers uniform not be 2nd in command, also said if he gets traded to the Lakers he wont sign an extension so no point sending either big man if he’s not gonna stick around for next season..

  • Anonymous

    Biggest problem is many of those star won’t sign a extension with the lakers, the best piece we get is from t-wolves, get JJ Barrea, Beasty and their first round pick for gasol.

  • Anonymous

    Gaosl + our #1 draft  for Derrik William, JJ Barrea and Beastly.

    • BBALL

      That would be a terrible trade

      • Kristine Keenan

        I agree that it would be a bad trade.  With all due respect to Scola and Lowry, Pau is a jewel, has been playing really well, wants to remain and Laker and is a fabulous guy–an asset to his team.  Viva Gasol!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jason3s Paul Jason Ama Bawalan

      beastly to team up with world peace = disaster..

  • Positive Thinker

    Lowry & Scola is a really good deal. Rather than Paul, Lakers get these 2 guys, plus a 1st round pick and a trade exception. Pretty decent recovery after Stern made history with the biggest misuse of power by pro league commissioner.  

  • J Taylor

    Don’t like the trade. Scola is 1 year younger and 2 steps back in terms of comparing to Gasol.
    Lowry has had 1 breakout season, but otherwise looks to be nothing more than a darn good PG, but far from Elite. You are trading an All Start with amazing intangibles (in the offense) for 2 above competent players, and not getting younger in the process.

    Pass…. Pau for Rondo…. ok.
    Otherwise, keep Pau, trade for Beasley and felton/sessons.

  • Jdm_albert1

    this is dumb 1st odom maybe pau next thing u knoe its gunna be kobe -_-

  • LAKESHOW43333

    …it probably won’t happen but i can always hope hahah

  • jim hunt

    this is embarrassing….what do players and gm’s always preach? “you don’t trade bigs for smalls”..you already gave away a legit 7 footer for a bag of peanuts and now you want to trade your best, and most reliable big for a flash in the pan PG and a hustle role player? this is franchise suicide….

  • answer3

    1. The Atlanta Hawks trade PG Kirk Hinrich to the Los Angeles Lakers for SG Darius Morris and a first-round pick (either the Lakers’ pick or Dallas’ pick from the Lamar Odom trade)

  • Ryanaldinho

    No way as a Rockets fan just no way! we dont want him we dont need him. Kyle Lowry is amazing he should have been an allstar over Steve Nash. Luis Scola is a way better offensive player than Pau Gasol have you seen his moves in the paint. But Pau destroys Scola on the defensive end. Keep the same team we are 21-14 and we have played the tough teams dont mess us up McCale! The only reason to do this trade is if the Rockets see Goran Dragic as a starting pg. Dragic,K.Mart,Gasol,Dalembert,Budinger looks good on paper but id stick with what we have

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dolph-Conciente/100002040664490 Dolph Conciente

     Why give up Pau Gasol to get Kyle Lowry when you could just give up a draft pick to get Augustin or Sessions?

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