Lakers Trade Rumors: gives 75% Chance of Pau Gasol Trade

Lakers Trade Rumors: gives 75% Chance of Pau Gasol Trade

LA? No Way!?

The rumors have been flying nice and strong since the All-Star game ended on Sunday. With the March 15th deadline around the corner, teams are turning up their efforts to give their teams the best chance and going deep into the playoffs.

According to Sam Smith of, the Lakers and Rockets are actively talking about a trade that would send Lakers two-time champion, Pau Gasol (check out Pau’s stats), to the Rockets for blue-collar power forward, Luis Scola and the hottest up-and-coming point guard of the season, Kyle Lowry.

Pau Gasol: He probably has the best chance of being traded among the current and former All-Star players. The Lakers are woefully short in the backcourt and with depth and athleticism. He was in that aborted preseason deal to the Rockets, and their interest is said to remain the most significant. The deal that’s been most speculated is Gasol for Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry. Chances of Gasol being dealt: 75 percent.

This deal has been on the table ever since the Chris Paul trade fiasco from earlier this year, so it’s no surprise that Smith is giving this a high chance.

Other predictions that might be of concern are:

  • Dwight Howard: 25% Chance of Being Traded
  • Deron Williams: 10% Chance of Being Traded
  • Rajon Rondo: 60% Chance of Being Traded
  • Michael Beasley: 60% Chance of Being Traded

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