Lakers Trade Rumors: Los Angeles A Possible Destination For Varejao?

Lakers Trade Rumors: Los Angeles A Possible Destination For Varejao?


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With the February 20 trade deadline approaching, the Los Angeles Lakers will be active in hopes of securing another first round draft pick in this year’s highly anticipated 2014 NBA Draft or reducing their luxury tax bill.

While Pau Gasol will be out for another week with a groin injury, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns have expressed interest in the four-time All-Star and his expiring contract. Although the Cavaliers ultimately decided to trade Andrew Bynum to the Chicago Bulls for Luol Deng, Basketball Insiders’ Lang Greene believes that the Lakers could be a possible destination for Anderson Varejao:

“While the Lakers have been trying to avoiding adding long-term money, the team will potentially have a void to fill at center during the offseason and Varejao is a decent option provided he remains healthy.”

When both teams talked earlier in the year, the Lakers asked about Varejao’s availability and were denied. With Cleveland recently firing GM Chris Grant, the team is expected to make major moves as they have fallen short of being a playoff contender this season.

With the Cavaliers looking to keep Kyrie Irving happy in Cleveland, they could eventually reignite conversations with the Lakers and Pau Gasol will certainly be the center of talks. For the Lakers, Varejao could provide a solid defensive presence they have lacked in the post, but the Cavaliers would need to include some assets to make the salaries matchup.

Despite a slow start to the season, Gasol turned it on in January as he averaged 20.8 points, 11.9 rebounds, and 3.9 assists.
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  • Mark Rigney

    Ugh – that’s the worst possible move. You don’t trade Pau for a spare that makes you mediocre. Take our lumps and get a great pick.

    • riannonqas321

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      • Joseph Apohen

        Hope he has either a lot of money or a mechanic, because when something goes wrong with the AMG look out!

  • Jim213

    Thinking about getting better? but these type of moves leave doubt. Team option (2014/2015) but the Cavs have no assets (1st rnd picks) for next season (bulls).

    • Mike

      Cavs have more picks.

      • Jim213

        Yes, 2nd rounders but only 1 first rounder (2014) which will end up being top #10 and won’t give up. Assets = more than 1 (no diss tho).

  • Jody

    I wouldn’t be happy taking Andy for $9M as he misses a lot of games. Why not target Taj Gibson instead? He’s on a cheaper deal, much better defender, better offensively now, younger and is always playing!
    Boozer is going to be a free agent this summer too so although is isn’t a great defender he could be a cheap pickup at PF if there are no other options. I would really go hard for Taj though as he is elite and could be available considering the bulls position currently.

    • marcus mims

      TAJ Gibson deals has like 5 more years on it

  • Pulltrigger

    I would pull the trigger on this trade if they also offer you ANY pick in this year’s draft. Sounds good to me. Otherwise, we wait and Pau opts out this summer and the Lakers get nothing. This is the best option now, and seems like our last chance to get someone of decent value. As far as Boozer is concerned, he is not as solid as he used to be. Kaman looks better than Boozer. Boozer is getting really old in bball years.

    • Chrmngblly

      Pau can’t “opt out”. He is unemployed, period. His contract is over. We will re-sign him to a totally new contract over the summer if he wants to come back. I think that’s what they will do, let him walk, get some offers and then we will match. Then he will have a reasonable salary and we could trade him next year this time.

      • Joseph Apohen

        Keep Pau. He has been productive when healthy, no bad knees, no plantar faciitis. He was never acquired for defense. His value is his intelligence, knowledge of the game, great moves, and the best big man passer. He has to stop whining to the refs though because his man blows by him and makes a layup at the other end. This is MDA’s job to talk to him about this bad habit.

  • Terrence

    Cleveland’s already tapped out after that Deng trade.

    • Mike

      Not true.

  • e3bonz

    Another trade rumor based on old news. Cleveland’s deal is over and the Suns have nothing to trade.

  • Thomas Holt

    Find out if Pau wants to stay and take a pay cut. If not then we gotta take what we can get instead of letting him walk…

    • e3bonz

      He already said he wanted to stay. His contract is up in July, and can be offered whatever the FO wants to spend.

    • Daryl Peek

      Pau will not commit to a pay cut. Not after all he’s been through. He’s not getting 19 mil anywhere he goes but he’s still a top 5 center in this league and deserves to be paid as such.

      • e3bonz

        You’re right he is a top 5 center, but we won’t know what the FO will offer, or what he will take, until the time comes.

        • Daryl Peek

          Agreed but that time wont come til after the trade deadline.

          • Chrmngblly

            Wrong, Daryl, Pau will commit to a pay cut, hopefully with the Lakers. Not even LBJ is making 19 million. Like with any other player, if somebody offers enough for Pau, the Lakers will pull the trigger, though. Most likely no one will and he has to test free agency when his contract is up in July. We will have the opportunity to match and maybe we will. Hopefully we will.

            I think Pau is a superior talent, too, but not $19M-worth. Sane people agree with me. What is Pau’s number? Less than $9M, but it depends on what happens with Nash and Kaman. I bet Nash retires or at least is “stretched”. (-What is the correct term? This is called something or other under the CBA-). Pau is an OLD superior talent.

            I would like to keep Pau for what the market will bear. Holy Cow! This is a totally new business concept for the Lakers. We do still have to have a center. I think the Lakers keep Pau if they can. It depends on Nash.

            Nash is bleeding us dry.

          • Daryl Peek

            I said he will not get 19 mil anywhere he goes so your LeBron comp was not needed. 9 mil is an insult to Pau and there’s no way he accepts that! Javale McGee makes more money than that. The FO paid Nash and we just have to deal with that. Nash is not bleeding anything. He’s doing what any injured employee would do in fighting to get healthy so he can get back to work.

            I’d love for Gasol to stay but times just up for him as a Laker it seems.

          • Chrmngblly

            I will have to put on my glasses before I read your posts in the future. Nonetheless, you agree with me that Pau is going to have to take a haircut—all we are haggling over, then, is how much of a haircut and how much of an insult that will be.

            The FO pays everyone but you never claim we should just be happy about everyone else’s bad contracts. There is no chance Nash could do anything positive for the Lakers at all before we have to wheel him off the floor on a gurney. He only figured into the Lakers plans in the first place, when it was imagined that he could somehow fill the role Chris Paul was to have had with D12. Otherwise, we would never have gone and gotten Nash to begin with.

            I love Nash. I love Pau. I love Kobe. Now that JB has the team salary structure all screwed up, we have no cap space, no draft picks and no chips to trade that are not on inflated contracts. How do we get competitive again? We have to tank—er, rebuild. I would like to have Pau at the right price and not break the cap.

            Just an aside, Daryl, don’t you think the CBA ought to have a “compensation” clause where a team that loses a free agent gets compensated in draft picks/cap relief so that it is not so catastrophic to lose an LBJ or a D12? It can’t be good for the league to have this sort of thing go on, even infrequently.

          • Daryl Peek

            Pau and Kobe’s contracts were before the CBA, that 49 mil rolled over. They did over pay for Nash but I tie none of that to performance simply because injury stumped that.

            There’s no need to cry over contracts that had been set in place. 9 mil is an absolute insult to Gasol. No way you low ball him like that. Again Pau is a top 5 center in the NBA and will be compensated as so.

          • Chrmngblly

            Maybe Pau will get paid like a top 5 center in the NBA. He just won’t get paid much more than $9M by the Lakers, is all. Pau’s pay depends on what happens with Nash, mostly. Besides, many think his knees are shot. The Lakers have a few problems to solve. I don’t know why your dignity gets offended when I tell you they are going to give Pau a haircut. You are not a virgin, Daryl, this shit happens.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m not offended I’m just saying 9 mil is offensive when you look around the league and see all the centers he’s better than getting more. The Laker FO will not low ball him like that. Again, I said he would not get 19 mil again but 9 mil is disrespectful.

            BTW, if shot knees gives you 17/10/4/1.5, it deserves way more than 9 mil a season. Howard and Hibbert the two best centers in the league are not doing that well all around.

          • Chrmngblly

            You sound offended to me. I would not be offended if they offered me $9Mill—and they should, btw, just for my advice…:-)

            They pay people for all kinds of reasons besides just points and rebounds, like Pau’s January 20 pt. average, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I want them to move heaven and earth to keep Pau. Really. The rest of the season will tell if he’s back or not, but if he is, thank God. He could be good for another three years, maybe more. Kobe and Pau love playing together. Regardless, we need to be under the cap by when, Daryl, September?

            Now what? What do we do with Nash and the big ransom we are paying for him? We need reliable, young legs at the point. Thank God for Marshall. How are we going to find a way to draft Exum, who I assume would be your favorite, too? Every game we win drags us farther away. We need to draft a good 1 or a 4.

            This is the big danger, getting stuck with a mediocre draft pick. We need to make any sacrifices or adjustments right now–or in Nash’s case by the end of the season to save cap space or trade for picks.

          • Daryl Peek

            We need to get under the luxury tax before seasons end likely at the trade deadline as salaries will be fully accounted for on the season by then. Gasol has nothing to do with that plight and should not be concerned with it. He and his agent are no different then Kobe and his looking for the best deal they can get. 9 mil is an insult given his level of production all around not just points and rebounds. If we can’t afford to keep him then he’s out as again a 9 mil offers is not good enough.

            Nash will be handled by the FO and his situation has no bearing on Gasol just like it didn’t with Kobe’s deal. Nash’s pay is what the FO felt was fair so hindsight feelings about it now are irrelevant.

            Exum is not my Favorite simply because I don’t put that much stock into an unproven amatuer. Don’t get me wrong, these kids have potential but what they’ve done in high school and one year of college does not guarantee success on the NBA level. The FO will draf a good player wherever we land in draft order.

            The plan to have free cap space is already in place so Nash, Kobe and whoever else matter not because they have accounted for all of that in the planning. No need to speculate or worry about what they already have a contingency plan of action for.

    • nlruizjr

      Pau wants to stay with the Lakers, I think he will play for 9mil., btw why can’t the Lakers offer a player (elite) a low play contract and make up the difference on a retirement plan ? is that out of the question. ?



    • Mike

      Wrong, they do have their first rounder.

  • Tony Tellez Diaz

    Sign Lance this off season then Kyrie & Love Later.. let everyone walk… Keep X, Young, Wes & Marshall

  • Tony Tellez Diaz

    Don’t waste money on Taj, Verajao etc

  • Master Basketballs

    Varejao owns compared to (current) Pau. . .If we aren’t going to re-sign him for cheap in the offseason then this is a great (and only) move

  • Mike

    Does everyone on here not know that cleveland traded garbage first rounders to Chicago? They still have their first rounder and Pau is not worth that.

  • quickster007

    The Lakers should let Pau walks along with his 19 millions. Try to sign Kevin Love to play power forward. I would let Sacre play the center spot. Hey, Deandre Jordan is no better. Let Nash walk and 9 millions of cap space is available. In 2016, when Kobe leaves hopefully, the Lakers can try to sign Kevin Durant at 22 millions a season. First, the Lakers need to draft Dante Exum to play point guard. Next, get rid of Dantoni. Hire George Karl or Kurt Rambis to be the next head coach.

  • Sti1lmatic

    We don’t need Verachoad. The Lakers want Kevin Love.

  • junior hernandez

    Am I the only one thinking the lakers should keep Gasol (yes, keep him), as long as he is willing to resign for a little bit of money? Maybe 3 years for 20mil? I mean you can’t tell me that Gasol is easily replaceable. Yes Kevin Love, or Aldridge would be great for LA but until then who? Noah? Boozer? Bosh? Varajao? No thanks! I would prefer Gasol at a decent contract that someone else that’s gonna want big money! Worst case cinerio TWolves will sign and trade Love for Gasol if Love says he wants out

  • honestly

    deng and varejao for pau… stop being a bunch of draft pick whores… isn’t it obvious that the cavs know that kyrie is leaving and are trying to keep their best draft pick?? Varejao and Deng are the kind of players that’s needed to make a contending team.. Pau for deng and varejao, I heard that the cavs migh trade deng b4 the deadline

  • Marty Susman

    This would be a STUPID move, this guy is not someone to build around & trading Gasol means getting “DRAFT PICKS” or future studs like Irving…Rather then get tis guy they would be better off just letting Gasol walk.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Hell no,don’t do this trade.Just say no to Andy.Lakers need a serious trade offer or just let Pau expire and sign a major stud with his huge expiring slot of cash flow.

  • LakersHeatBeef


  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Anderson fuckin Varejao? No thanks. He is a good rebounder but flops waaay too much

  • Ronald Velez

    LAL: Nerlens Noel
    Omeka Okafor

    PHI: Anthony Bennett
    Alex Len
    Archie Goodwin
    Alonzo Gee
    1st rd pck 2014
    Phx via (Ind)
    1st rd pck 2015
    Cavs via (Mem)

    PHX: Pau Gasol
    Evan Turner
    Tyler Zeller

    CLE: Thaddeus Young
    Gerald Green

    • Ronald Velez

      Now I have been criticized for proposing this trade before, but I do think that it’s a decent one. I’ve been told that certain teams would get ripped off, but I disagree. Lakers would get Emeka Okafor who has an expiring contract that is being paid by the league on an insurance policy so that’s great. They would also get Nerlens Noel would I personally love and would be a young defensive center for LA to build on. The Sixers would get Anthony Bennett who is the 1 pick who really hasn’t pan out well, but going to a new team with different coaching could help the kid. He is going to be a better player but he just needs to get in better shape and condition but according to his scouting video, the tools are there. The Sixers would also get Archie Goodwin and Alex Len who are good young prospects as well as 2 draft picks. The Sixers wouldn’t give up Nerlens but I’m sure they would be interested in looking at it if they can acquire 3 young prospects like Bennett, Goodwin, and Len, along with 2 picks.The Suns on the other hand, get two boarder line All Stars in Evan Turner and Pau Gasol, and a young prospect in Tyler Zeller. A move like this will only increase their playoff chances and improve their seeding. Even if Gasol and Turner don’t work out, the Suns can let them walk since they will have cap due to expiring contracts in Bledsoe, Pau, and Turner. They can keep Bledsoe and go after a good small forward and Greg Monroe. Some people felt that the Suns were giving up too much by letting Archie and Alex go but they are not especially for the talent that they are acquiring. They get 2 boarder line All Stars. It will be sad to let 2 prospects like Archie and Alex go but what people forget is that these 2 players are prospects and are not playing a lot because they are not better then the talent that the Suns are putting out on the floor right now. I’m not saying the Suns should or will get rid of them but the Suns weren’t expected to be this good so they have had a change of mind in terms of where their franchise is. Earlier in the year they were tanking to get a high draft pick but they have overachieved so they want to improve by acquiring veteran help. Archie is a great prospect but he’s lacking polish to his game especially with how young he is. The Suns aren’t going to wait that long for him to develop because they are in win mode. He can’t crack the rotation because of all the proven players that the Suns have. That’s why he is in the d league to work on his game. Just because he has a few breakout games in the d league doesn’t mean that he’s ready for the NBA level. The kid has talent but guys in the d league have poor shot selection and play horrible defense. Games are fast pace and have scores like 145-134. Lastly, the Cavs get Thaddeus Young who is a boarder line All Stat player who puts up solid numbers and Gerald Green who can help off the bench as a 6th man. I think overall all teams get better in some way.

  • AfricanDecendant

    The Lakers can’t afford to keep D’Antoni with his high injury risk system. This guy needs to be an NCAA coach. His system is an NBA player destroyer. They just paid Kobe $49M to risk having him injured again in this young mans run n gun system under D’Antoni. Phil Jackson kept players healthy and knew how to maneuver his rotations properly. D’Antoni just puts guys on the floor and says run n gun, go get em. They need a real NBA coach, send this guy to UCLA.